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Chapter 1382: Do Not Panic Everyone, That Was Just A Simple Maneuver

The players from the Black Dragon Guild were like bulldozers, advancing one step at a time. The few from Sanguine Alliance, on the other hand, were retreating as they fought. Soon, they were forced into a corner with their backs against the wall.

In the face of the overbearing Black Dragon Guild’s players, a feeling of desperation crept up in Sanguine Warflag’s heart. He unwillingly cried out, “No, this isn’t possible. How are we defeated so quickly?”

Upon seeing his Boss landing in such a state, Sanguine Stormbringer let out a regretful sigh.

Sanguine Stormbringer wasn’t looking down on Sanguine Warflag, but rather, he himself knew that he would be in the same state as Sanguine Warflag if he were in his shoes.

It was always clearer to see from the outside and everything Sanguine Warflag did was reasonably sound.

The Sanguine Alliance’s effortless victory in laying claim to Saga City was similar to when Li Zicheng, the leader of a peasant rebellion, fought his way into the capital. His effortless victory had left him conceited and blinded, resulting in his defeat in the end when Wu Sangui retaliated.

“No! We still have a chance!” Sanguine Stormbringer said, “As long as you do not die, the position of the City Lord is still not yet lost!”

“Not die?” Upon looking at the Black Dragon Guild players that were advancing closer and closer, Sanguine Warflag revealed a look of despair and said, “How is that possible…”

Before Sanguine Warflag could finish his sentence, Sanguine Stormbringer gave a look towards Sanguine Asura. Shortly after, Sanguine Asura charged towards Sanguine Warflag and collided with his body.


An explosion rang out as Sanguine Warflag was tossed down the city wall.

The physical bodies of the players in the game were superhuman, thus they wouldn’t die from falling down ten over metres in height. However, as thick-skinned as Sanguine Warflag was, he still lost one-third of his HP from tumbling down from that height.


Upon seeing Sanguine Warflag “jumping” down from the city walls, the members of the Black Dragon Guild were momentarily stunned.

Even though jumping down from a city wall wouldn’t lead to a player’s death, having the courage to do so was another question altogether.

Saga City’s city walls were ten over metres in height, which was equivalent to a five-storey building… Jumping down from such a height was similar to bungee jumping. Even though you knew you wouldn’t die from the fall, possessing the courage to take the leap was extremely admirable.

Furthermore, there wasn’t even a rope in this case.

“F*ck! Are you crazy…”

After recovering from his shock, Sanguine Warflag stood up and glared at Sanguine Asura, who was still atop the city walls, before starting to hurl vulgarities at him. At this moment, however, Sanguine Stormbringer sent a message over to him saying, “Head over to the City Lord’s Mansion, our brothers from Sanguine Alliance are waiting for you there!”

Upon reading this, Sanguine Warflag immediately turned around and made a run for the City Lord Mansion.

During a City War, there would be a marker above the City Lord’s head to signify that the player was the City Lord. Therefore, even though the Black Dragon Guild’s players didn’t recognise who Sanguine Warflag was, as long as they saw his character, they would be able to identify that he was the City Lord. Upon seeing Sanguine Warflag making a run for it, the Black Dragon Guild’s players started to panic.

They immediately turned around and tried to find a way down the city wall.

How could Sanguine Stormbringer and Sanguine Asura let the members of the Black Dragon Guild chase after Sanguine Warflag so easily? They glanced at each other, before nodding their heads and beginning their a.s.sault on the Black Dragon Guild’s members.

The two of them were the core experts of Sanguine Alliance and were not weak themselves.

Sanguine Asura cast [Ascending Heaven Shattering Earth], leaping into the air and landed in the midst of the Black Dragon Guild’s players, following up with [Tornado Slash], instantly splitting apart the Black Dragon Guild’s formation. Sanguine Stormbringer, on the other hand, constantly sent barrage after barrage of arrows from the back, executing a flawless combination with Sanguine Asura.

As powerful as the two of them were, they still only had two pairs of hands, and were unable to deal with so many enemies at the same time. After killing five or six of the Black Dragon Guild’s players, both of them perished under the combined a.s.sault from the Black Dragon Guild.

However, their sacrifices were not in vain. Just when the Black Dragon Guild’s players successfully slew the duo, Sanguine Warflag had successfully dashed out of the field of vision of the Black Dragon Guild’s players.

The j.a.panese players started becoming desperate. Seeing that they had lost sight of Sanguine Warflag’s figure, the bunch from Black Dragon Guild gritted their teeth, before leaping down the city walls, one after another, and running in the direction which they had last seen him.

However, the moment they got Sanguine Warflag back in their sights, he had already successfully entered the City Lord Mansion.

Within the City Lord Mansion, Sanguine Stormbringer, who had died some time ago and resurrected at the resurrection point, had long ago organised the remaining Sanguine Alliance players within Saga City. They were no longer in the messy predicament that they were previously in, and had pulled up a formation in front of the City Lord Mansion gate.

The moment Sanguine Warflag entered the mansion, under Sanguine Stormbringer’s command, the Tanks situated at the front row, took a step forward, sealing off the main gate of the City Lord Mansion.

Seeing that their target had narrowly escaped from their grasp, the players from Black Dragon Guild were infuriated. Without a second thought, they instantly went into formation and charged at the Sanguine Alliance players.

The reason why this group of elites were named the “Black Dragon’s Fangs” was because they were the strongest elites within the Black Dragon Guild.

As thrifty as the Black Dragon Guild was in their spendings, with regards to the core strength of their guild, they wouldn’t be stingy in their spendings. This group of players all adorned a full body of rare equipment and were extremely overbearing.

Things were much worse on Sanguine Alliance’s side. After all, they were the ones that managed to get into the city walls, how good could they be?

At this moment, all of the experts within Sanguine Alliance were all stuck outside of the city walls, and those within were the inferior ones. There were even some amongst them who had yet to be Awakened. Thus, the only ones that could be considered as experts were only Sanguine Warflag, Sanguine Stormbringer and Sanguine Asura.

Given his status, Sanguine Warflag wasn’t able to contribute to the fight at all and their strongest fighting force was absent as well. With such a shabby formation, how could they possibly hope to withstand this attack from the elites of Black Dragon Guild?

Under the ruthless onslaught from the Black Dragon’s Fangs, Sanguine Alliance’s defense started falling apart. If it were not for Sanguine Strombringer’s commands, the enemy would have long broken through their defense line.

Just when the Sanguine Alliance’s formation was about to be broken through by the players from the Black Dragon Guild, a black circle suddenly appeared in the backlines of the Black Dragon Guild’s players. Shortly after, a ray of black light erupted into the sky from it.


The Black Dragon Guild’s players were fully concentrated on attacking Sanguine Alliance’s formation, and thus did not notice the circle underneath their feet. Thus, they were all trapped within the circle formed from [Dark Barrier].


At the same time, the sound of thunder could be heard in the skies above them. Shortly after, rays after rays of lightning struck down on the players from Black Dragon Guild, with numerous rays of white light appearing as each ray came down.

[Thunder Cloud Storm]!!

This sudden a.s.sault had left the players from Black Dragon Guild and Sanguine Alliance both stunned. All of them simultaneously looked towards the area behind the Black Dragon Guild’s players, only to find a group of players standing there.

When the Sanguine Alliance players saw the group of sloppy individuals, they immediately burst out into emotional cries of joy.

That’s right, it was the strongest guild in Twilight City, the number one battle team in the entire nation, and their ray of hope, Quan Zhen Sect!

In contrast to the cries of excitement from the players from Sanguine Alliance, the people from Black Dragon Guild were scared silly.

Under the buff of thunder attribute abilities, the damage of Ming Du’s thunder attribute abilities had reached its peak. It was hard to find another player that could outcla.s.s him in terms of damage output. With this single ability, one-third of the Black Dragon Guild’s players were eliminated, and this one-third even included some extremely thick Tanks.

Such a high damage output was rarely seen even in China’s professional league, much less amongst these j.a.panese players.

Upon seeing the frightened looks on the Black Dragon Guild’s players’ faces, Fearless cheekily smiled as he walked to the front of the group and said, “There’s no need to panic everyone. That was just a simple maneuver!”

After saying his piece, Fearless glanced at Boson, by his side, and said, “Translate!”


Boson glared at Fearless, before reluctantly translating whatever Fearless had said and relaying it over to the Black Dragon Guild’s players. After hearing it, they revealed an even greater look of fear and shock.

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