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Chapter 1173: A Quest With ‘No Difficulty’

After speaking, w.a.n.g Yu walked to Leon and asked, “Your Honour, Leon, I killed your greatest enemy for you, shouldn’t you show some appreciation too?”

If w.a.n.g Yu guessed correctly, since his quest was mainly in these two temples, Hermit’s notes should be in here.

Saint Alice had been killed by w.a.n.g Yu but did not drop a single thing so obviously, Hermit’s notebook was with Leon. Hence, it was logical for w.a.n.g Yu to demand a reward from Leon.

However, w.a.n.g Yu seemed to have underestimated an NPC’s shamelessness.

These guys would find ways to reduce rewards even after players completed quests, much less in a situation like w.a.n.g Yu’s.

“Appreciation?” Upon hearing what w.a.n.g Yu said, Leon gave a burst of cold laughter and said, “I did not ask you to kill her; why should I reward you? Did you accept a quest from me?”

Indeed, it was a game so if he did not accept a quest, the reward system would not be activated so Leon’s logic was not wrong.

Leon not only did not reward w.a.n.g Yu, he even asked w.a.n.g Yu, “You are seeking shelter in my temple from the Cross troops looking for you so shouldn’t you show me some appreciation?”


w.a.n.g Yu was speechless by Leon’s reb.u.t.tal.

He had never seen someone so shameless. It was fine that Leon did not want to reward him but instead, Leon even demanded a reward from w.a.n.g Yu. How despicable could he be.

However, since w.a.n.g Yu wanted a reward from Leon, he had his own intention. After being rejected, w.a.n.g Yu smiled and asked, “Then may I know if you have a quest for me?”

Leon looked at the box with Saint Alice’s head then shamelessly smiled and said, “There was one but now, there isn’t anymore. Sorry that you made a futile trip.”

“Hehe!” w.a.n.g Yu chuckled then said as he inched closer to Leon, “Not necessarily so. I still have a quest to do.”

With every word, w.a.n.g Yu stepped closer and before he finished his words, he was already right in front of Leon. Without a word, he lifted his leg and kicked Leon.

As mentioned, Leon was injured all over just like Saint Alice and did not have saved energy in a cross so Leon could not even stand.

w.a.n.g Yu’s kick directly kicked Leon onto the ground.

“F*ck! What are you doing?”

Seeing how w.a.n.g Yu suddenly attacked Leon, Shroom Devil King yelled.

“Rubbish, obviously I’m killing him!”

w.a.n.g Yu said naturally.

“Why?” Shroom Devil King was puzzled as she did not know why w.a.n.g Yu had to do this.

w.a.n.g Yu kicked Leon around as he said demandingly, “Because he did not reward me.”


Hearing his words, Shroom Devil King almost spat blood.

Fine, this excuse was reasonable.

d.a.m.n it, just now because Saint Alice did not reward him, he killed her, and now, when Leon did not reward him, he began to attack Leon.

How violent was this player who killed anything he liked just because of a disagreement.

It was no wonder Feng Yun Realm and the rest see him as a jinx… d.a.m.n it, this guy really had no humanity.

At this thought, Shroom Devil King trembled then quickly took a few steps away from w.a.n.g Yu.

Can’t afford to offend him, definitely not.

Of course, w.a.n.g Yu attacked Leon because he had a quest to kill Leon.

Although Saint Alice faked a strong front and refused to reward him, rewards were not completely up to the NPC who gave the quest… Or else, was there any meaning to doing the quest?

Since Leon said he originally had a quest, obviously the final quest reward was with him.

That also meant that this quest had two ways to be completed.

One, receive the quest from Leon then use the cross to gain entry and kill Saint Alice before returning to claim the reward.

Two, receive the quest from Saint Alice and use her head to gain entry here then kill Leon, allowing the reward to drop.

Anyways, based on the freedom in <>, both methods could work, just that their difficulty levels were different.

Leon was now pretty weak but a level 200 BOSS’ HP was insane. With more than hundreds of millions of HP, it did take w.a.n.g Yu a long time to turn Leon into white light and get his reward.

“Pa ta!”

After Leon died, a dirty notebook fell onto the ground.

w.a.n.g Yu picked it up then glanced at it. It was indeed the “Hermit’s Lost Notebook”.

“That’s it?”

After picking up the notebook, w.a.n.g Yu did not feel a sense of accomplishment, instead, he felt a tinge of guilt.

Logically speaking, job skill quests were not difficult but as a martial artist, regardless of whether it was a job change or awakening, w.a.n.g Yu always had it tougher than other people.

However, this time around, w.a.n.g Yu killed two weakened BOSS and although the monsters in the G.o.d of Devils Fortress were of high level, it was still simpler than before.

Just as w.a.n.g Yu was feeling puzzled, the system showed another notification.

“You b*stard!”

Seeing the system notification, w.a.n.g Yu paused for a moment then scolded.

d.a.m.n it, it is no wonder this quest seemed so simple. So this was where the difficulty laid…

Even the game designer might not know how many monsters there were in the G.o.d of Devils Fortress. Just the Light Faction troops alone, w.a.n.g Yu could barely survive. Now that both troops had hatred on w.a.n.g Yu, he would probably become a street rat.

“Quickly go! Hurry!”

After realising what was going on, w.a.n.g Yu pulled Shroom Devil King and ran out of the temple.

After all, the Dark faction troops needed time to organise themselves so since there were only the Light Faction monsters outside, they still had a chance of survival. If they waited, even w.a.n.g Yu would find it difficult to break free in such a situation.

However, when w.a.n.g Yu and Shroom Devil King reached the Dark Temple door, the two of them were stunned.

As they were in the Dark Temple for too long, the Light troops after w.a.n.g Yu had finished gathering there and were tightly surrounding the temple in layers.

Looking over, wherever their eyes laid, it was a sea of white with no end. The Dark monsters who were fighting the Light troops also turned their heads the moment w.a.n.g Yu stepped out and turned to attack him.

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