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Chapter 848 "Frame (5)"

The crowd at the moment was extremely quiet, so quiet that they could even hear a pin drop. These people would never doubt the disciples of the Holy Land, but the child was always polite as he said. On this point, the maternal hearts among them were won with ease.

After leaving this remark, Bai Xiachen turns away to return to his mother side, that face raising a happy go-lucky face. "I have already warned him Mother, but it doesn't look like he's heeding my words. So, you don't need to be polite to him…."

Rubbing her boy's head at that sensible sentence, Bai Yan returns her sight to one that's known as Liu Han: "I'll give you another chance, do you stand by your words?"

That roused a slight change in the young man's face, What does this woman mean?

But thinking back to how turbulent the Holy Land has been recently, the greediness came out on top in the end. Gritting his teeth: "I never lie!"

To be perfectly clear, this wasn't the first time Liu Han had taken bribes, that's been done more than once in the past. The fact that he was somehow fortunate enough to avoid the cleansing a while ago showed the good days are numbers. Therefore, plans must be made for the future and taking even more bribes was his answer….

“Alright, the chance has been given, it was you who didn't take it. Whatever happens afterward is your own choice…." Smiling darkly at this individual, Bai Yan didn't bother to hide the contempt she had in those eyes.

This immediately causes Liu Han to go dumb for a second. He didn't know why but a rippling effect was drumming at his heart, causing him to feel uncomfortably anxious.

“Liu Yan, a core disciple under Elder Qing Hong’s mentorship, and is responsible for the weapons a.s.signment for this test…. So are the weapons the reason I tried to bribe you before?"

The young man nods quickly: “Yes, you not only wanted me to a.s.sign you the best weapon, but also tamper with the other contestants' as well. Don't look down at me, I would never do such a thing to betray the Holy Land!"

Anyone who enters the Holy Land had already been stripped of their belongings at the entrance. Now if they are to use any tools or weapons, it would have to be a.s.signed to them from the authorities to ensure fairness.

It’s just that…. Bai Yan's sudden chuckle had left everyone wondering what's so funny at the moment. "And then you also said my strength is too poor, so even a G.o.dly artifact would be useless in my hands, is that right?"

It's true one's power must be from within and not from some tool crafted by another. For example, a novice could never wield the true strength of a G.o.dly artifact, while a veteran master could easily wipe the floor with an opponent if they so much as have a dagger.

Liu Han was now completely dumbfounded. He just realized something very off about the whole conversation. The main reason being the fact that this woman knew he's in charge of the weapons a.s.signment. Aside from those at the heart of the Holy Land, no one else should be able to know his duties unless they are involved with the event itself.

“Elder Qing Hong still hasn’t come yet? Go get him to come see me now!" Smirking menacingly now with that frosted gaze, Bai Yan's air suddenly intensified as she gave the command.

Aside from Chu Yi Yi acting as the aid, Zheng Qi also a.s.signed two core disciples to help with the menial tasks. So, imagine Bai Yan suddenly discovering this outlandish predicament where she's being framed by the one that's supposed to be helping her….

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