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Chapter 847 "Frame (4)"

This story has been rehea.r.s.ed by these two countless times already, naturally they wouldn't mess it up. Couple this with their distasteful expression, everyone around quickly fell victim to their words.

“What?!” Huo Yun looked shocked on the face as she cupped her mouth like she's just heard the most incredible thing. Slightly shaky in her body to add weight, those eyes are unabatingly disgusted, "You… how could you do such a thing. Your sect must be ashamed of you!"

Many among the crowd had started to exclaim as well. In that instant, just about everyone near Bai Yan's location had pushed backwards like she's some sort of scourge and would taint them as well just by being close.

Dragony didn't take this well at all when watching their negative outlook. Almost beat red from the unabated anger she felt, the little missy was ready to lash out and tear off the maid's mouth when a hand reached over to stop her.

“Prince…” Looking aggrieved in the face, the young lady didn't forget to shoot a vicious glare over to the maid while speaking.

Unlike his friend here, Bai Xiachen didn't get fl.u.s.tered at all. In fact, his foxy eyes were looking rather amused like he's scheming a plan of his own. "Don't be so impulsive Dragony, just wait and watch."

These people want to frame Mother? They should've confirmed what sort of background we have first!

“You just said I bribed a disciple? Then I like to ask where that individual is. Why don't you call him out to attest to your story?" Donning a shallow smile, Bai Yan's face locks eyes with Huo Yun despite the maid being the one that's calling out.

Too dumb to realize her own doom was coming, the ignorant lady actually signaled her own maid to step forward! "Sir Liu, can you please come out to testify? Such a woman should not be allowed to tarnish the sanct.i.ty of the Holy Land."

In that moment, a young man donning a charismatic smile had come walking down from the main stage. “Originally I didn't want to say more in this matter, after all, it's too disgraceful for everyone that's involved." The man known as Liu Han steps out to speak in a righteous way that left many unable to doubt those words, "But… since this maid has the courage to step forward for justice, I of course will also come out to testify!"

Slowly but surely, Liu Han's eyes had fallen upon Bai Yan's face where he began to openly frown: "Lady, I know you are not talented and is anxious to be selected, but I, Liu Han, am not going to do something so underhanded by selling out my own conscience! I like to ask you to leave of your own volition less I get someone to do so in your stead!" There's hardly any smile left on the surface, in fact its now stern and angry.

“This uncle.” Out of nowhere a milky and childish voice cuts in, causing the already frowning Liu Han to look down where his eyes discovered the little steambun at the front.

“Uncle, did your mother not teach you lying is bad and will make your future miserable!"

Liu Han’s face promptly changed for the worse. Turning ugly: "No wonder the mother has that kind of virtue, this child is so rude. I guess what they say is true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

The little steambun didn't get angry though, only deepening his smile like a cunning fox. “Uncle, I'm only giving you a kind reminder that bad people will get a miserable fate if they lie. If one is not lying then naturally the idea wouldn't apply to them. What are you being so afraid of?" Though smiling brightly on that face, it's somehow scary and frightening, "Also, you are vilifying my mother while in front of a young child, yet I still remain polite and call you an uncle, so who is the uneducated one here?"

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