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Chapter 836 “Return to the Holy Land (4)”

“Xiachen, Dragony, let's go.” One hand holding her son, the other holding the missy, Bai Yan was all smiles on the face as she led them to the doorway.

“But Mother, where are we going?” Blinking his big innocent eyes, the little steambun tilts his head as he eyed his mother.

“We're going to your father…” she answers readily. “Now that the crisis with the Demon Realm is over, I want to go back to the Holy Land for a trip.”

“Back to the Holy Land?” “The kid's eye began to sparkle, “Does that mean we're going to see G.o.dfather and Sister Yi Yi? I really miss them.”

Knocking on the boy's forehead with her knuckle, Bai Yan uses a doting yet stern voice to lecture him: “How many times have I told you not to call your G.o.dfather's sister that way. If you call her Sister Yi Yi then it would demote her by a generation.”

Covering his head with both hands, Bai Xiachen sounded pitiful and wronged: “But… Sister Yi Yi won't let me call her auntie, otherwise she won't make fire with me….”

Quickly realizing the mistake he did there, the little steambun hurries to backpedal on his own words: “You've heard me wrong Mother, I didn't say anything about fire… I just….”

“No need to explain!” she huffs at her own boy, “I had a.s.sumed it was Yi Yi who was a bad influence on you as a child, but to think my own son is bad to the bone when it comes to being an arsonist! Very well, I'm sure your grandshifus will have plenty of things to say to you when they learn its your own idea to burn down the treasury vaults!”

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“Mother…” Making a scared and aggrieved face, the kid pulls at his own mother's sleeve as a form of pleading: “Please don't tell them, I know I'm wrong.”

“Hmm…” caressing her own chin, “I'll decide based on my mood.”

That said, Bai Yan didn't delay the trip any longer and walked for the outside while donning that cheerful smile of hers.


Inside the throne hall, Di Cang continues to stare down at the uneasy looking subjects of his. Due to that overwhelming aura that's enveloping them all, most had long been drenched in sweat purely out of reflex and not because they are worried for their lives.

Then suddenly, a ray of shining hope has come to save them from the uncomfortable situation. Gorgeous in her rosy red dress, the demon king didn't need any form of urging to fly over to sweep this woman into his embrace.

“How come you're here? Didn't I tell you to rest at the Demon Mountain while I finish up here?” Gentle as ever in his tone, Di Cang never ceases to amaze his subordinates on how quickly his att.i.tude could change when presented with their queen.

“Actually, I've come to tell you something. I need to go back to the Holy Land for a while.”

“…..” Clearly unwilling based on the initial frown, the great demon king nevertheless relented and raised a brilliant smirk like he's thought of something devious. “Okay, I will accompany you.”

“No need,” shaking her head, Bai Yan blankly refuses the offer. “I'll be back real quick, you don't need to deliberately come with me. I'm sure there's still a lot of things for you to take care of here.”

In that moment, Bai Yan's brain unconsciously recalled back to the message the Lord of the Holy Land left her prior to her initial departure.

And now….. she and Di Cang's strength has become too far apart. In order to keep up with him, Bai Yan must improve if she wishes to fight alongside him in the future. And to achieve that, the only solution would be to return to the Holy Land!

“Are you afraid I would fight with Chu Yi Feng?” The man's voice sounded all sour and jealous.

Di Cang understands very well that person holds an unusual position within his wife's heart. Mainly for the fact that Chu Yi Feng was there during Bai Yan's hardest period while he himself remains out of the picture. That fact remains a threat and he didn't like it.

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