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Chapter 846 "Frame (3)"

Slightly narrowing in his eyes, a flash of coldness flickers in the man's iris: "I have a way to make that woman lose her reputation and standing. Once that's done, it will be easy to expel her from the Holy Land. By then she won't be able compete with you anymore!"

Nothing but a woman, I can easily deal with her since I'm a disciple here. No one will be able to displease my little cousin here…


In no time at all, three days had come and went just like that. For those coming to attend, they are now gathered at the venue awaiting the start of the test.

Among those standing out the most had to be Huo Yun due to the large entourage she gathered around herself. She exuded the air of proudness, yet cold and distant like a figure of superior status. Nevertheless, the façade on the outside could never hide the impatience on that face.

“Miss!” Suddenly, the maid to the lady's side speaks up, "That woman is coming."

Shooting her attention over to the indicated direction, Huo Yun could see the mentioned woman and two adorable looking children.

Under the glistening ray of the afternoon sun, the woman was gorgeous and mesmerizing in that rosy red dress, a true fit. Meanwhile the little boy holding the left hand wasn't so bad either. Donning a purple robe of n.o.ble air, it's hard to imagine why such a small child could produce such strong momentum. As to the young missy that's holding the right hand, she's sweet and pretty to look at. Anyone seeing this picture would simply want to be melt away by that cuteness.

“This woman is finally here!” Darkening in the face until its somewhat menacing, “Do you remember what I told you before?”

The maid nodded hurriedly: “Of course milady, I remember everything very clearly."

“Good!” Huo Yun sneers, "Cousin is right, this woman deserves to have her reputation ruined!"

Just as Bai Yan was in the middle of leading her two little kids up to the main stage to oversee the test, a sudden sarcastic voice had caught her ear.

“Some people are really shameless nowadays. Even though they are without true skill or ability, they still want to partic.i.p.ate in the test! And to think they would try to bribe the judge's people just so they can be selected. How can such people be so dumb to think the members of the Holy Land are that easy to be bribed?"

Bai Yan's forehead immediately furrowed up as she came to a stop. Loosening her grip around the two kids hand, she swings around to lock eyes with the owner of that voice - the maid.

“Just now… are you talking about me?"

The maid scoffs, clearly unfazed by the attention: “Am I wrong? I personally saw you trying to bribe a disciple earlier. Where do you think we are? How can a member of the Holy Land be bribed by the likes of you?"

“Xiao Ling!” Not giving Bai Yan a chance to speak, Huo Yun pretends to cut her own maid off by asking for more details: "What do you mean by those words?"

The maid that's known as Xiao Ling complied just like planned: "Milady, it's like this…. Earlier when I was out getting something for you, I saw this woman trying to bribe one of the Holy Land's disciple and even tried to use her own body to temp the poor guy. Of course, I picked up the reasoning is so she can be selected during the test. I truly can't stand for such filth and refuse to let someone so low to be in the same event as you milady, that's why I'm exposing her before the public."

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