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Chapter 729 "The Furious Bai Chang Feng (6)"

“I've said it before that I find her oddly familiar, to think she's Bai Ning's girl!" Jun Tian Yue had seen the younger version of Bai Ning during a visit, hence the reason why she still held an impression.

As for Yun Feng himself, the man never left the Misty Fairy House until that venture, nor did he interact with anyone from the other two powers. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so blind to his love's background or ident.i.ty.

“Lord Bai, are you really Yan'er's grandfather and Miss Ning's father?” Zhongnan grew ecstatic inside.

“You know where my daughter is?”

Clenching up in his guts, the old lord would dismiss the fault coming from these people if it means he could get the slightest hint of his daughter's whereabout. Well, excluding Muzhen of course, that one he's going to kill regardless….

“Back when Young Master Yun Feng and Miss Ning fell in love, it was I and my brother who was charged with bringing him back after we s.n.a.t.c.hed the mission away from Muzhen. Us brothers didn't like the idea but the G.o.ddess's will is to take him as her husband."


Bai Chang Feng's anger came boiling over again, These people dare to break up my daughter's marriage? unforgivable!

“Grandfather,” Bai Yan interjects, her brow furrowing. "He is my shifu so you mustn't scare him."

Sure enough, the last comment had a quelling effect on that temper. "Go on."

“Later…” Zhongnan casts a disgusted glance over to the one responsible, "The elder council locked the young lord away, refusing to let him leave the Misty Fairy House again. Muzhen claimed she wanted to know what sort of woman could cause him to be so fascinated so she went out to investigate. By the time she returned again, that b.i.t.c.h told everyone, spreading claims that Miss Ning is a unkept woman who likes to flirt around with other men."

These details are already known to the old lord due to the commotion from earlier, but unlike before, he now knows the one they're talking about was his own daughter. That means the needed requirement for him to explode has come and it could be seen in the thick layer of murderous aura slowly seeping out of his skin and onto the ground.

"And, she claims… her ladyship sold her body out for money and had run off with someone else after finding a wealthier man."

Of course, the specific words weren't so bland or kind back then, just that Zhongnan couldn't bring himself to say it out loud. He's afraid it would dirty his own mouth with those foul words.

“Hahaha!” The old lord bellows out a mocking laugh like a mad wolf, "My daughter, you people believed my precious daughter is someone who would sell her body out for money! Hahaha, my shining jewel, the young lady of my Medicine Sect, to think she would be trampled upon by ants like the bunch of you here! What a farce! What a laugh! Know this, all of you! My daughter Bai Ning can take any man that she wants, and they would crawl to her feet if they must just to get a glance at her beauty. Don't even think for a second any of you here are worthy of licking her feet!"

Letting his words sink in so none would have any delusions of what he meant, Bai Chang Feng then shifts his attention to the most important individual that's currently huddling at the corner of the room.

“You over there! You think the Misty Fairy House can save you? My Medicine Sect is also one of the three major powers in this world. Even for this filthy place that harmed my daughter, it's at best only on equal footing if not less!"

Pale in her complexion, Muzhen's whole existence was a shivering mess as she curled into a fetal position. I clearly checked the s.l.u.t's background. How could she suddenly go from an ordinary girl to the lady of the Medicine Sect? Why? WHY?!!

“Spill it, where is my daughter!” The old lord literally wanted to rip the woman apart and shred her to pieces, "Back then was it you who injured her? Is it you!"

Despite the frantic state she was in, Muzhen still had enough awareness to know if the truth comes to light then she's doomed for sure. The fact that those a.s.sa.s.sins were from her end must remain a secret, regardless of the torture or punishment.

“You say Bai Ning was injured?" the madam asks after catching on to that last bit of information.

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