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Chapter 73 "The Queen Dowager's Summon (1)"

Next day, the early morning light of the sun had just sifted through the windowsill when a loud ruckus suddenly broke the serenity of the room from the outside.

Wrinkling her brow at the commotion, Bai Yan gradually opened her sleepy eyes to find the nesting boy in her arms already gone. Just that….

The temperature still lingering on the bed sheet proves he was still here not long ago.



Rudely barging through the door, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) appeared to be in quite the good mood based on how cheeky and gloating her face was.

“What happened?”

Seeing her cousin like this, Bai Yan can already guess something must have happened while she was asleep.

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“Cousin, do you remember you had my father go find cousin at the Bai House after dinner?" A gleeful smile escapes the girl, "Last night my father had a falling out with that Bai Zheng Xiang! The b.a.s.t.a.r.d tried to stop him from seeing Bai Xiao, but my father forced his way inside regardless."


p.r.i.c.king her brow, Bai Yan became a little confused here: “How is this considered a good thing?”

“Of course this isn't it. What I want to say is another thing." A cunning and sinister light beams out of the girl's eye, "When my father and his people forced their way into the inner quarter of the manor, they saw Yu Rong going crazy! It's like she's possessed, constantly scratching her hand, and most importantly, she started to strip dance in front of the public!"

Sinking in her complexion, Bai Yan can already guess it's her son's doing. Nevertheless, she had to admit, it's beautifully done!

“Cousin, are you not happy? At the time many people saw Yu Rong’s nude body.” Though the girl's face was flushing at her own statement, the excitement in those eyes cannot be hidden. "If I had known Yu Rong would start strip dancing then I would've had my father bring more people over to the Bai House."

Thinking of the torture faced by her cruel stepmother, Bai Yan's lip inexplicably formed a smirk.

“The pain she inflicted on me years ago will be repaid one step at a time, and it will be I who will do it!"

Tilting her head, Lan Xiaoyun blinks and blinks with confusion… Why does her cousin here look like she knows who's responsible?


All of a sudden, the young girl recalled a certain detail her father mentioned to her this morning. It's said that the Bai House was in the middle of searching for a fox last night, which coincided with the fox they encountered on the road yesterday….

Instantly, her eyes sparkled with realization: "Cousin, can it be, you…."

Stretching her arms like someone that's just awoke, Bai Yan interrupts the girl's questioning: "I'm going to wash up so why don't you go outside for now."

“No!” Lan Xiaoyun became all mopey, “I haven’t even finished what I wanted to say yet and you already want to drive me out.

"There's more?"

“It's like this. Grandfather tasked me to inform you that the palace has sent for you. Her Highness the Queen Dowager is seeking your audience today, but since you were still asleep earlier, he wouldn't let me disturb you."


Bai Yan went quiet at the information she got.

Her impression of the Queen Dowager wasn't deep, but she did learn that the relationship between her mother and the old queen was so good that she wanted Lanyue to marry into the palace. However, due to her mother rejecting the idea, the outcome was the Queen Dowager taking Lanyue as her G.o.ddaughter instead.

In fact, when the old Bai Yan was still young, she had often visited the old queen in the palace with her mother. But ever since Lanyue pa.s.sed away, the young orphaned girl would seldom step out of the Bai estate, hence the reason why their former good relationship became so alienated.

"You go tell our grandfather that I will be entering the palace in a bit."

Now that she's returned, it's unavoidable that she would make a visit to the palace.

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