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Chapter 653 "Fake G.o.ddess (1)"

Within a luxurious mansion, a loud beast like roar rocks suddenly rocks the place, sending everyone inside into a state of urgency.

“Chief, the young lord's condition is acting up again…" Among the crowd of people gathered presently here was an old man wearing a linen colored robe: "I suggest we go seek out Bai Chang Feng, the leader of the Medicine Sect. Perhaps he would have a cure for the young lord's condition."

The one called Chief and current lord of the Misty Fairy only wrinkled his temple before eventually issuing out a sigh of frustration: "I've already went to him not long after his birthday. Sadly, after I listed all the symptoms of my son to him, I was told he couldn't do anything to help and didn't know of any cure."

An uproar promptly burst out among the crowd, If Bai Chang Feng couldn't do it then who else in this world could? It can't be… the young lord is going to have to spend the rest of his life like this?

“However, Bai Chang Feng did leave me a message…" The chief of the Misty Fairy House allows his high standing gaze to loom over the group, signaling he's quite serious in what he's about to say next. "A sickness of the heart must be cured using the cause. I remember my son Yun Feng met a girl after leaving home back then? Pity, fate likes to toy with the males of the Misty Fairy House. Because we are unable to choose our own marriages here, I could only task some of you to bring him back. After that, Yun Feng has been in this state ever since…."

“Now, according to the instructions I got, as long as we find that woman then the demon in Yun Feng's heart will unravel." The chief's hand had clutched into a tight ball by then, "Elder Muzhen, you were one of the main people I sent out that year to bring back my son. Do you know where that woman went or who she is?"

The female known as Elder Muzhen was a woman who maintained her appearance very well. In fact, due to that young-looking face, its very hard to detect the traces of aging there if not for the long strands of white hair exposing her true seniority. One could easily mistake her for a fair maiden like all the rest.

Slightly lowering those eyes to hide the flicker of darkness in there, the female elder stepped forward and spoke: "Reporting to Chief, that woman is not worthy of being a member of our Fairy Misty House. If she does come then she would surely stir up a wave of trouble for everyone!"

“Why is that the case?” the chief's expression turned heavy and grim.

Back then years ago when his son got into a fling with the unknown girl, he himself couldn't leave due to a certain matter at hand. Therefore, whether it be the girl's face or her family background, he knew nothing aside from words of mouth. Now to be informed of this unfortunate news by Muzhen, the idea that emerged in his head just now was again strained.

But if Yu Feng can be healed and returned to his old self, what does it matter?

Likely able to see the hesitant and struggling indecision within the chief, the objective female elder promptly sneered in a shady manner: "Chief, that girl is nothing more than a daughter of an average family. If not for that face, she could never have seduced the young lord."

“Yun Feng wouldn't be such a superficial person…” The chief's face now grew ugly at having his son being called out for being superficial.

I refuse to believe my son is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who only knows how to take in one's look.

“Of course that's not the case Chief. That woman isn't only born proficient in seducing the opposite s.e.x, she's also highly skilled with musical instruments and understands how to string men along, hence the reason for the young lord's fall for her…" Muzhen's heart immediately grew venomous and could be heard in the undertone of that voice, "Furthermore, the girl isn't a chaste woman either. When I went to retrieve the young lord that year, I personally saw her hooking up with multiple males!"

The chief's heart promptly sank at the last bit: "It's one thing to be born ordinary, but to think she would be like that as well…."

In truth this father never wanted to do what he did back then even if the girl was so terrible. However, if he didn't then the Misty Fairy House would surely offend that "Person", by then none would be facing a favorable fate.

“Chief, I also want to add, the main reason that girl left on her own is because… a secular family of the main world tempted her with gold and treasure. And since the young lord never revealed his background or influence, the girl chose to go her separate ways after failing to resist the temptation."

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