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Chapter 609 "Di Cang's Departure (3)"

They only knew the princess was an unpredictable fickle of a girl, but they never expected her to be capable of such cruelty like her older brother the king. Sure, Long Chang Tian may not be dead from this ordeal, but as a consequence of his survival, he would likely be chained to the bed for the rest of his life.


Beyond the palace.

After carefully checking her surroundings and making sure its safe to come out, Zhang Ruyi then had the courage to step back into her place of stay.

“Mother.” The first to greet the dragon mistress was Long Xiaoya, the second daughter who eagerly wanted news of the coronation's outcome: "What happened at the palace? Did the king take in a lot of women? Did the queen cause a ruckus and halted the ceremony? I knew that woman couldn't be any good!"

The more she spoke, the more dastardly this maiden became to the point where those cheeks were a flush red.

“Maybe, the king will even discard this queen. By then I will have a chance…."

In light of her mouth moving up and down, wanting to tell the truth, Zhang Ruyi just didn't have the heart to break her daughter's heart.

“Xiaoya, pack your things, we are leaving here now."

The girl was stunned by her mother's order and quickly lost that initial excitement. "Mother, why are we rushing to leave when Father hasn't returned yet?"

“This…” Gnashing her teeth, Zhang Ruyi shows off a resentful look: “The little fool is now soaring in the sky. He only needs her so why would he need us anymore. Hurry and go pack your bags."

But before the pair could make it any further out of this place, a series of footsteps were already rushing over. Next thing they knew, a group of heavily armed guards have aligned outside the doorway and the surrounding structure.

“What are you all doing?!” Long Xiaoya became enraged by the act, “My father is the current chief of the dragon family, who allowed you to be so impudent before us?"

Dragon Chief?

The leading captain of these soldiers openly sneered with a cynical tone: "It was His Majesty who tasked us to escort you two back to the palace."

Long Xiaoya's eyes lit up: "It's the king who ordered you to escort us? That means the king has feelings for me? I can! I will! I will go to the king right away!"

While the oblivious girl continues with her antic, Zhang Ruyi on the other side was already losing all life from that face.

“HaHa!” The guards broke out into a laughing fit over that sudden outburst, "As if His Majesty would need your company when he's so madly in love with the queen."

The last bit of that sentence was sharp like the needles, piercing straight into Long Xiaoya's heart until it hurts immeasurably. Didn’t that woman have a fit and cause the king to abandon her?

“So what if they are madly in love? The king still took in a lot of women into his harem." Unwilling to lose, the crazy girl tries to fire back using that mocking tone of hers.

Without surprise, that d.a.m.ning remark only propelled Zhang Ruyi into a distraught state. She wanted so dearly to cover up that big mouth of her daughter, but despite the multiple attempts to do so, she could not….

“Perhaps Miss Xiaoya is still unaware since you couldn't attend the queen's coronation." A flash of contempt beams out of the guard captain's eye: "Our king has openly said it before everyone today. In this life he will only have the queen as his wife, there will be no other! One love for one life, that's the promise Sire made to Her Highness."

Due to how shocking and explosive that was, Long Xiaoya ended up stumbling backwards with a terrible fright: "What did you say?"

One love for one life?

How ridiculous!

How could Sire only take one woman for this life?

“Oh, His Majesty also made a warning to those who's coveting after the queen's position. Those that do can walk into the harem from the front, but they will only come back out lying down as a dead person!"


Unable to withstand this level of shock, the dragon girl finally crumbled to the floor and fell into despair.

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