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Chapter 442 "Till End Do Us Part (1)"

Nibbling at the woman's ear, Di Cang naturally wouldn't miss the signaling glances between the sneaky pair, “We will talk about our problem after I am done!"

Swirling his head around, the man's gaze swiftly fell upon the insignificant ants down below himself, or more specifically, to w.a.n.g Deyi who was gulping at that intimidating existence.

“Father, save me, I don’t want to die…” The scoundrel makes a plea to the grandpa, fearing he would be the first to suffer that wrath.

In response, the family chief of this w.a.n.g House only closed his eyes, allowing his body to tremble slightly due to the unsettling sensation coursing through his veins, "Miss Bai Yan, I choose the first option of driving my sons out of the household!"

Being expelled is better than death!

“When did I ever promise something like that?” It was then the domineering and dark voice casts its shadow over the people, "You think a single word is enough to settle things after attacking my wife and child?"

“This… what does Sir want then?" Showing a bitter smile, the old grandpa steels his own nerve to ask.

“Apologize to my wife by kneeling on the ground!" Unyielding and unmerciful, Di Cang's voice was bone chillingly cold.

“I won't suffer such humiliation! Kill me if you like!”

w.a.n.g Deyi was really angry, I've already been expelled from home, now these people still want to humiliate me?

But pompous words don't equate to his own courage. Following that proclamation, a loud and deafening roar had come down from above, sending the scoundrel shuddering with horror at the realization.

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“I know my wrong, please have mercy on me Miss."

This literally left everyone flabbergasted as their jaws dropped, What happen to the death over humiliation? It was just one roar, that's enough to make him pee his pants?

Then again, it was an understandable reaction after their eyes fell upon that thick ma.s.s of flocking birds in the sky. Instead of showing contempt, only sympathy remains for the w.a.n.g brothers who made a true fool of themselves today.

“I have already apologized. Can I leave now?” Not even brave enough to raise his head when asking, w.a.n.g Deyi only had the look of a coward as he shivered uncontrollably.

What sort of sin did I ever do to encounter these two monsters?

“When did I say you can leave just because you apologized?" Raising a bloodthirsty grin, Di Cang begins toying with the fool according to his will.

Ignoring the kneeling man down below, Di Cang returns his gaze over to Bai Yan for the answer: "What do you want to do with him?"

“Hmm, have them leave the w.a.n.g House entirely with their close members. If I were to ever learn of their return…. Then I will personally cut off their legs!" A flash of light flickers within the woman's iris, showing she meant it.

“Okay,” in light of that frown, Di Cang didn't raise an objection and only sneered at the contemptable man, "Scram then!"

Like being granted amnesty, w.a.n.g Deyi wasted no time in pulling his daughter up from the ground before fleeing out of this place.

Although the ident.i.ty of being part of the w.a.n.g family was very important to him, but that's nothing in comparison to his own life. Therefore, the scoundrel didn't want to spend another minute here out of fear for the woman changing her mind in the last second.

Just you wait, one day I will return everything you did to me today!

Not forgetting to cast a departing glance back over, this was the last thought w.a.n.g Deyi had in his mind when disappearing from view.

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