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Chapter 372 “Face Slapping (4)”

“Go on, keep going!” Expressionless on his face, Zheng Qi coldly orders the girl to continue.

Towards this demand, Bai Zhi only smirked like there’s no possible consequences to her action: “Bai Yan committed three major sins. First, she beat her own parents, that’s the sin of unfilial piety! Secondly, she bullies her own sister, a crime of injustice! Three, she got pregnant before marriage and also went around seducing other men wherever she went! Such a sinful and dirty woman is unworthy of all that she has! What kind of Lord does your Holy Land actually have to make his own daughter follow such a person?”

It was my old pops who told me to learn from Bai Yan! What, does this Bai Zhi want to replace my old pops to lecture me now?

Then just when the mood got awkwardly dangerous, a soft and melodic voice suddenly chimed in and broke the tense atmosphere, thereby directly causing the three seniors to retract their murderous aura.

“Grand Shifu Shu Rong,” it was Bai Xiachen asking with his brilliant big eyes twinkling with light. “When are you going to return the snacks that you borrowed from me? It’s been a while already Grand Shifu Shu Rong.”

Though it was unintentional, but that misplaced question here definitely left the old senior in a bind. Freezing up in that old face, he starts blushing hard due to embarra.s.sment: “Now, now Xiachen, a child can’t be so stingy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find a wife in the future.”

Didn’t I only cheat a bottle from him half a year ago? Why is this little one so sharp in his memories?

Grand Shifu?

These words were like a heavy stick, mercilessly smashing down at the hearts of all. But more than the rest, Bai Zhi took it the hardest here. Nearly fainting away at the realization, she could barely keep her teethes from clacking due to how much they were quivering.

If this Bai Xiachen is addressing these three elders as grand shifu, then what is Bai Yan to them?

Of course, aside from the initial shock at the boy’s manner of speech towards the seniors, there were also another reaction and that was contempt. That’s right, contempt for the display of being a poor role model for the younger generation.

This old fella is already so old and an elder of the Holy Land too! Why would he borrow a child’s snack to begin with, and not return it after such a long time as well? That is not the doing of a proper elder of his age. Is he really a chief elder like he claims to be?

Snipping his lips to the side unwillingly, the Third Elder rebelliously states the truth: “It’s been half a year already, as if there would be any left?”

How can I leave such good stuff around? Not to mention these Dan pills were concocted by Yan Yan too, even money wouldn’t be able to buy them!

“Ahumph!” Coughing awkwardly to stop his second brother, it was Zheng Qi who’s the mature one here. Well, that was until this senior turned to face the little steambun with his evil smile: “Xiachen, since you already lend Old Three some Dan pills back then, do you think you can also lend me some too? Don’t worry, I won’t be as bad as your Third Grand Shifu and not return what I borrow, I will definitely do!”

Forget about getting revenge for their precious disciple, forget about punishing Lu Zifeng, forget all of that. By this point the three great elders of the Holy Land have already forgotten their initial purpose of coming today. Their heads only had one thing in mind and that was to scam the boy for some more pills that they so desired.

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Twitching in his mouth at being the subject of those mouth-watering eyes, Bai Xiao had a lot of trouble making himself clear: “Ahumph, I…. I hate them all when I was fighting Nangong Yi just now….”

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