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Chapter 308 “The Sky is Falling”

Lan Xiaoyun…


Ghastly white in his face, the king rushes to confirm what his son said: “Who did you just say? Lan Xiaoyun? The one from the Liu Huo Kingdom? Not Red Xiaoyun or some other Xiaoyun?”

“I wouldn’t be mistaken, it’s Lan Xiaoyun, daughter of Dong Ruolan,” Fu Ru Lin answers affirmatively.

It’s at this moment that the king felt like the very sky was falling before his very eyes. Staggering backwards like he’s about to tip over, he’s ever so thankfully that there’s a branch nearby for him to grip onto.

“Who else knows this?” He asks with that trembling voice of his.

That d.a.m.n wretched woman!

The man was literally hating himself right now because if hadn’t went soft back then, he would’ve expelled that Fu Bao Yun straight out of the Royal House and banned her from the palace for good!

“This…” Fu Ru Lin was stunned. Just as he was contemplating on how to answer his father right now, the third prince was interrupted by a old figure rushing over to their location.

“Master Wu Lin, is something of the matter that you would be in such a rush?” Pleased to have a change of face, Fu Tian Qi (king) was much better in his tone compared to before.

“Your Majesty, I’m here to report to you that Princess Bao Yun sought me out two days ago. I was told not to let you know, but after some thinking, I felt it was best you be informed regardless.”

Fu Bao Yun?

Why is it that woman again?

Hearing his heart sinking into the abyss, the king was almost too afraid to ask there: “She again, what did she do this time?”

He may be an alchemist, but he’s merely a second ranked one, the lowest of the low. Without the support of a powerful shifu (master) or organization to back him, Master Wu Lin here can only rely on the Royal House to maintain his study and work. As such, the threat from the princess was a major sore spot for him. He didn’t have the nerve to go against the woman, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want to inform the king as an act of self preservation.

“Fu Bao Yun, she-she knocked Dong Roulan into an unconscious state?” Trembling all over, the king was ready to faint at this point from how green and white his face was. But more than that, it was despair that’s the most dominant here in his eyes.

“Yes Your Majesty,” unaware of why the king looked so horrible, the old master here continues on with his explanation, “That day Her Highness was trying to force Lady Roulan into betrothing her daughter to the third prince, because she wouldn’t, the princess directly attacked the woman in a fit of rage.”


Left in daze and unable to think anymore, Fu Tian Qi only had Master Wu Lin’s words reverberating in his mind like an echoing effect.

Be beyond help and cannot wake again…..

Cannot wake again!!!

Looking up in astonishment from the ground, Master Wu Lin remains oblivious to what the king meant by that.

“Someone come! I’m going to the Dong House to ask for forgiveness!”

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