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Chapter 307 “Are You Sure it’s Lan Xiaoyun? (4)”

Using the next little while, the king went over everything with his father regarding the things the shadow guard reported to him. At the last part, the king also added in a little extra: “Over the years I’ve intentionally distanced myself from the Dong family because of Bao Yun, but now that things are like this, I intend to start using Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) to build up the bond between both sides.”

The man may be cowardly and useless, but he’s still the only son of the Dong House so the king wasn’t wrong to a.s.sume his plan would be favorable. However, that was only true until Fu Bao Yun knocked Dong Ruolan into a comatose state. If only he had paid a little more attention in recent day, then surely the king would’ve known what’s going on during this period.

The elder’s expression was very heavy at this moment: “Dong Ruolan is Bai Yan’s aunt so I want you to temper your sister’s att.i.tude before it’s too late.”

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“Father, do you think my words are going to be of use? With her character, Bao Yun would definitely think it’s just me deceiving her and twist it into her own form. Why bother wasting words with her?”

Just thinking of the impending future of his sister wandering around in front of him again, the king would want to vomit due to the nauseating sight. He really didn’t like the woman.

The elder faintly nods in understanding: “Then first please Dong Ruo Qin and leave your sister alone. I heard Dong Ruolan is very fond of her younger brother. As long as that man speaks on our behalf then surely Bai Yan would be more susceptible to   working with us.”

“Yes Father, I will take my leave first then. I still have some more work I need to finish before the day ends.”

After giving his report to the former king, Fu Tian Qi immediately left for the mountain base under the guidance of the old eunuch.


Unbeknownst to the king, his third son was already waiting there for him. Stalking back and forth, this one famed for his dastardly ways was very eager to get inside only to be stopped by the royal guards at the mountain path.

“Your Highness, under the order of the king, none is allowed inside including you.”

Hitting a wall against that blatant refusal, Fu Ru Lin can only meekly return his steps back to the foot of the hill. His appearance clearly restless right up to the point where his eyes caught sight of that bright yellowish figure.

“Father!” This sudden outcry causes the king to halt instantly.

“What are you doing here?” Fu Tian Qi was stern in his voice while he interrogated his son.

“Father, I am here to discuss the matter of me taking a new concubine. You promised me that I will only need to wait a few days, but I couldn’t wait anymore, that’s why I’m here.” Fu Ru Lin eagerly waltz up to his father like a dog wagging their tail.

Going livid with anger, the king was aghast by his son’s outrageous demand: “When did I promise you a new concubine? Furthermore, isn’t your home filled with wives already?”

Stunned by this, the third prince rushes to answer: “But… but this is what Aunt Bao Yun told me. She said I only need to wait a few days and then Father you will grant me what I want.”

Fu Bao Yun sure planned things out well with her wishful thinking. She wants to force Lan Xiaoyun into marrying her nephew the third prince, but out fear her brother the king would refuse, she instead tried to force Dong Ruolan into making the request with her father-in-law. If Old Lord Dong comes before the king and asks, surely things would work out perfectly and everyone will be happy!

Of course, the abhorrent woman’s plan didn’t work out as planned. Not only did she knock Dong Ruolan unconscious, her nephew himself was dumb enough to come spoil everything before the king too!

“Fu Bao Yun? Her again? Who did she promise you?” The king was literally gnashing his teeth by this point.

“It’s the granddaughter of the Dong family, Lan Xiaoyun.”

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