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Chapter 27 "Fourth Grade Dan Pill (2)"

Old Lord Lan remains unmoved like he didn't even hear the maid's announcement, however, the corner of his eyes were clearly swimming towards the doorway.

Under the sun's brilliance, the picturesque figure of Bai Yan soon fell into their eyes. Although the her back then never once stepped into the Lan House, Lan Yu still had the opportunity to see this niece of his on several occasions.

The Bai Yan back then was very little with a timid personality, and more often than not, she would hide behind Bai Xiao without venturing out in the open. But now, the woman standing there was still very slim with one clear difference though: confidence! Not an ounce of cowardice could be found in the girl's aura.

Lan Yu lamented a sigh over his niece's extreme change. He honestly never expected someone could be so different after six years.

“Humph!” Old Lord Lan swept his gaze over to Bai Yan and grumpily said, “who told you to bring this girl? I don’t want to see her!”

In response, the old madam slyly rebuked her husband: "If so then I guess we should take our leave. This way our granddaughter here won't have to listen to your screaming!"

At that, she swings around and pulls on Bai Yan to go with her: "My dear, let us go and not care about this old man!"

“YOU…” Gasping at the audacity of his wife, Old Lord Lan broke out into a severe cough after losing his composure.

As usual, Lan Yu quickly ran over to sooth the old man's back.

"Huh-huh-huh, fine! Since you are back then what point is there to drive her away, otherwise the world will say this old man is inhuman! I will let her stay out of reluctance." With great difficulty, the old grandpa finally blurts this out with his flushed face.

This old head, seriously, don't he even know he only wants a pathway off the stage? Old Madam Lan starts questioning his husband's mental state.

"My dear, this grandfather of yours is so dishonest. Just now when he learned of your return he immediately called Granny Sun to retrieve you. But now that you are here, he goes and put on this face. Talk about asking for a scolding." Old Madam Lan happily explains this to Bai Yan, making sure the girl doesn't take it the wrong way and leaving Old Lord Lan in an embarra.s.sing situation.

“Uncle, can I see what sort of sickness grandfather has?” Bai Yan turns to Lan Yu and asks.

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Lapsing out for a moment, the man didn't think much of it and simply nodded at the request: "If you wish then please go ahead my dear. We already ran out of ideas for your grandfather's illness…"

Not delaying after getting the consent, Bai Yan was already up against the bed to give the old grandpa a rough checkup, thus giving her a close idea of the issue.

“Grandfather’s body is deteriorating and his organs are slowly dying. If he doesn't get treatment soon then he won't be able to last more than a few years."

Tensing up in his heart, Lan Yu makes a bittersweet smile: "Its indeed as you say. When I brought some alchemists over to check on father, they all made similar claims and said only a fourth grade Biorestoration Dan pill can save him. However, where are we supposed to find such a precious medicine right now. Even the royal family only has a few in their vault…"

Many years ago the Lan family might have been able to afford such a pill, but after they expended everything to help ama.s.s Lan Yue's dowry with those third grade pills, they are now broke. A fourth grade pill may only have a one word difference, buy the asking price was heaven and earth compared to a lower quality third grade pill. Furthermore, there aren't that many alchemists capable of creating a fourth grade Dan pill in this kingdom to begin with.

Note: the pill grading system is better as they move up in the ranking. So 1 is lowest and 10 is highest and etc.

First looking at her uncle Lan Yu, then back at her grandmother Old Madam Lan, Bai Yan shyly scratches her nose in embarra.s.sment: "As it so happens I have in my possession a Biorestoration Dan pill, but because it was made by my shifu during one of his practice sessions, the effects are only general. Nevertheless, it should be enough to help grandfather here."

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