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Chapter 253 "Self Opinionated (2)"

“I only vaguely overheard what my father was saying," the excitement in the prince's voice cannot be hidden, "Father was telling the generals that the Demon Beast Sect is here to look for the destined child from the animal worship incident. Isn't that proof enough that they are here to look for our son?"

A gush of ecstasy filled Bai Ruo’s heart. She could hardly believe the truth because it came too suddenly. "Are you sure? Are you sure they have confirmed our son is the one they seek?"

Complacent in his face, Nangong Yi proudly knocks his head high: "Who else can it be if they are coming to our kingdom. Aside from our son, who else would have such ability? And besides, the fact that our son can control the animals of this world is widely known. They can't be so stupid as to not know that can they?"

Now Bai Ruo wasn't so sure anymore after hearing her husband's explanation.

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It's been five years since the news went out so why come now? What's more, the whole rumor was my entire doing….

"I understand Husband, I will have our son ready for when the people of the Demon Beast Sect arrives," her voice was meltingly soft, very suitable for the image she created.

No matter what she will not let anyone destroy her son's future, and anyone who tries will be removed. The first will be her supposed confidant who helped her spread those lies!

“Mother,” raising his fat oily face, Nangong Lin asked with a voice unique to a child, "What is a Demon Beast Sect? Are they very powerful?"

Coming back to her sense at the question, Bai Ruo answers with a heart-warming smile: "Of course my son."

“Then what about the Flower Brothel?”

“Of course the Demon Beast Sect is stronger,” she gently rubs the little bully's head like a proper mother.

“And, they will certainly take you into their sect after recognizing your ability to control the animals. By then you will surely become the disciple of the sect leader. As long as you don't go provoking the three major powers then you will be unequal in this world!"

Going bright in his eyes, the fat bully asks with excitement in his voice: "Then does that mean I can pick on that Bai Xiachen?'

“Of course you can. With the Demon Beast Sect behind you, he won't even dare to sit unless you tell him to."

So what if that b.a.s.t.a.r.d child has Di Cang backing him? It's not necessarily the case that the Demon Beast Sect would lose to that man.

“Mother, I’m going to be a disciple of the sect leader!" Jumping up excitedly, the fat kid was flushing in his cheeks: "I like to see how Bai Xiachen will pick on me again."

The comment from her child only made this woman smile even brighter. Bai Ruo can already see it, see Bai Yan kneeling in front of her pleading for mercy.

“Husband, I need to make a trip back to my maiden home."

This sudden request leaves Nangong Yi wrinkling in his brow: "Why do you want to go back for? I rather you not to avoid being infected with their bad behavior."

“But if I don’t go back soon I fear my father will beat my mother to death at this rate." Putting on her swindling face of pitifulness, she's no longer smile: "Besides, a parent is still a parent. No matter how wrong they are, I cannot abandon them."

Looking at Bai Ruo's tearful look, Nangong Yi instantly crumbled: "Very well. However, you must return within an hour."

That's right. My wife is so kind and gentle, how can I bear to turn her into a heartless person?

“Thank you Husband," showing a glorious smile, "I will never do anything to tarnish your name, nor will I let our child be a shame to the royal family."

With this a.s.surance from his woman, Nangong Yi's somewhat strained forehead was now at ease: "Go quickly and return to me soon."

“Yes my love.”


Since that day on the street where they made a fool of themselves, the entire Bai House had been covered in a cloud of gloom.

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