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Chapter 177 "Stealing the Dan Pill? (6)"

"Brother, what happened here?" Yu Rong hurriedly asked when she saw the angry appearance of her elder brother.

“You still have the nerve to ask me!” Trembling in his body due to the intensity of his rage, "Look at what sort of good son your Bai family has produced. He actually stole a Dan pill from the family and gave it to an outsider. Out of kindness, I advised him not to waste it yet he didn't listen!"

Yu Rong knows full well what sort of situation her family was under right now so how can they get a Dan pill?

Nevertheless, this fact didn't change the conviction that swiftly ran through her eyes: "So the missing Dan pill was taken by you. Bai Xiao, hurry and return it this instant."

Likewise, Bai Zheng Xiang also puts on a pained expression: “Son, I honestly never thought you would be such a person. By stealing this Dan pill from the family, we now owe money to so many people because we had to repay your mother's dowry! Now you even gave it to an outsider, how you can be so unfilial?"

First of all, Bai Zheng Xiang didn't care where Bai Xiao got these Dan pills from. In his view, it's a waste for the boy regardless. Furthermore, the infant in Yu Rong's stomach was in urgent need of such medicine to help boost the baby!

By now the street was full of pedestrians gathering to watch the show.

If it was only Yu Rong here making the claim, not many of them would believe it due to her previous actions. However, even Bai Zheng Xiang – the boy's own father – was making such a claim, giving great credit to the claim.

So, for a time, everyone’s was looking towards the boy with contempt.

Noticing the fingers pointing at himself, Bai Xiao only sneered as his response: "You say I stole from the family. Then let me ask you, why sort of Dan pill did you lose?"

“Ehh…” Unable to answer right away, Bai Zheng Xiang was cut off again by the boy's cold frosty voice.

“Is it a second grade spirit pill?” Raising a provocative smile, the boy sarcastically asked.

Lighting up in her eyes at the name, Yu Rong quickly responded: "That's right, it's a second grade spirit pill. These pills were meant to be for Zhi to help her make a breakthrough. To think they were stolen by you."

“Apart from spirit pill, what else is there? If you can state the names, then I will confess to stealing the stuff." Still cold in his tone, Bai Xiao continues to ask in an almost interrogating voice.

Now Yu Rong was stunned, Is there more aside from the spirit pill?


That's impossible!

It's already not easy for the boy to get such a pill, how can he have more?

Now Yu Fei was starting to get anxious because he knew exactly where this was going. But just as he wanted to speak out to stop his sister, a heavy force suddenly pressed down against him and stopped his maneuver.

Not noticing the desperate wink from her brother, Yu Rong sneered and continued on with her lie: "Don't tell me you are also intent on stealing some other pill? Enough, hurry and hand over the spirit pill in your possession!"

That did it, Bai Xiao could no longer keep it in and broke out laughing.

Sure enough, the eyes from the surrounding people were also looking towards Yu Rong with surprise.

However, this deceitful woman was so into her own lie that she was oblivious to her surrounding: "I've treated you like my own son since you were young. If you had wanted it then you should've told me. Why resort to stealing? I'm not a stingy person, just return what you stole and I will give you one to satisfy your greed." She proudly lifts her chin like someone looking down at an ant.

Now that everything was out, Yu Fei can finally talk again. Not waiting another second, he rushes over to whisper into her sister's ear: "Sister, the pill in Bai Xiao's possession isn't a spirit pill, it's the medicinal healing type…"

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