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Chapter 159 "Take the Fall (1)"

“Little Rice.” Stroking the tiger cub's head, Bai Xiachen was filled with innocence in his eyes as he spoke, "Remember when Mother told us not to talk with aunties in their menopause stage? She said their tempers are very erratic due to old age. I didn't believe it at first, but now I do."

The princess didn't quite understand what menopause meant, but she did catch the old part very clearly.

Did this little twerp just call me an old auntie?

“What are you all still waiting for?” Sixth Princess roared, "Hurry and catch this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d for me!"

Despite the command, the guards that came with her were all hesitant because it's no secret this little ancestor was Di Cang's son. Where would they find the gals to touch him?

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"Princess," one of the men slowly inched forward and shyly spoke. "Lord Cang had openly recognized his status. If we knab him and the king learns of this, perhaps…"

“How dare you!” Snapping, the princess directly slaps the guard across the face and became all twisted in her expression: "Don't forget who your master is! Fine, if none of you will move then I will do it myself. Let's see if this thing will keep being presumptuous in front of me!"

If it was in the past, the sixth princess would never dare go against Di Cang. But now, her heart has been filled with jealousy, thus causing her to lose all senses of reasoning.

If anyone were to see those eyes in the girl, they might even mistake it as someone having their entire family killed.

“And here I was wondering how good Bai Yan's son was, turns out its nothing but a brat that doesn't know his manners! I really don't know why Lord Cang would allow a wild child like you to be his son!"

Pinching his lips to the side unhappily, Bai Xiachen just knew it's his old man's fault.

"Auntie wants to marry my father?" Giggling with a sinister light in his eyes: "Then I'm not wrong to call you auntie then. It can't be that you want me to call you sister now do you?"


Slightly taken aback here, the princess somehow couldn't understand why the laugh from the little guy was so evil. It's almost like a little devil.

In her momentary trance, Bai Xiachen had already came in front of the girl. With one stretch and one push, the baby boy had managed to force the princess back several steps.

“AH!” Nearly tipping over, the girl was infuriated and wanted to catch the twerp: "I'm going to kill you!"

But just as the princess was about to make contact, Bai Xiachen makes a strange maneuver and bypa.s.ses the girl's hand, leaving her stumbling over completely in front. With her hair a total mess, the girl was truly a crazed animal in her appearance now.

d.a.m.n it!

How can I, an earth rank martialist, lose to a brat that's barely weened from her mother's milk?


This won't do!

I must teach this runt a lesson, or I can never hold up my face again!

“What is happening here? Who is making a ruckus outside?" A fierce voice suddenly broke through the chaotic mess.

As a pack of soldiers rushed out of the Cang Manor to investigate, the leading soldier immediately recognized the innocent boy and the raving princess. In that instant, the man almost couldn't comprehend the information.

“Young…. Lord, Sixth Princess, what are you all doing here?"

His master had already admitted Bai Xiachen's ident.i.ty. Although the matter still hasn't been registered in the books yet, but it's pretty much set in stone.

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