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Chapter 158 “Bai Xaichen is too Cunning”

I said I will wait for you~

Closing her eyes with this sentence reverberating in the mind, Bai Yan was filled with turmoil: “But I don’t like you.”

“No matter, you will sooner or later fall in love with me.” The man’s arrogance and self-conceited voice was more than enough to make her want to punch that face.

She’s seen a narcissist before, but never to this degree. How can he be so certain that I will fall in love with him?


At the same time not far away from the Cang Manor, a certain little head had just popped out of an alleyway.

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“Little Master, do you really want to do this?” Little Rice’s

heart was trembling incessantly, “This… can I keep out of this?”

“No!” Patting the tiger cub’s head, “Did you forget how that baddie bullied Mother?”

Now Little Rice really wanted to cry, But that baddie is your father. What’s more, you even gave him permission to make more sisters with your mother!

Likely able to guess what’s on his friend’s mind, Bai Xiachen quickly explains himself: “That’s just my excuse back there, otherwise how can I leave the mansion?”

“And…” Pausing for a moment, “You saw it too. I couldn’t beat that baddie, nor can I allow him to keep hara.s.sing my mother. That’s why I’m taking this risk.”

“I thought you don’t hate him as much…” Aggrieved in his face, Little Rice protests.

His young master here was

was Di Cang’s son so nothing will happen even if he does something wrong, but that immunity didn’t apply to Little Rice himself.

Tied in his response, Bai Xiachen was clearly swaying back and forth here: “I don’t hate him as much, that’s true, but he is still bullying Mother! I may want a sister, but if I had to choose between a sister or mother, I pick my mother.”

No matter what, anyone who bullies his mother are all baddies.

“But……” Little Rice wanted to say more but found himself unable to when Bai Xiachen suddenly covered his mouth.

“Don’t say anymore. We’re starting now.” In a sneaky manner, the boy slowly advanced towards the targeted estate.

Unfortunately for him though, due to Bai Xiachen’s constant focus

constant focus on his surroundings, he seems to have forgotten to look in front. Before he knew it, he had b.u.mped face first into a stranger.

While the baby boy only stumbled backwards a few steps, the victim here was rather unfortunate and directly took to the ground after losing her balance.

“You…” The maiden who fell wanted to yell out at the one responsible, but when she saw it was Bai Xiachen himself, that young delicate face immediately erupted with anger: “It’s you!”

Blinking in confusion, the little steam bun replied: “Auntie, do you know me?”

“Who are you calling auntie?” The young girl roared as soon as she regained her composure: “I’m an unmarried princess in her prime, how dare you call me auntie?!”

Princess? She’s a auntie?!”

Princess? She’s a princess of the kingdom?

“Hurry and scram!” The sixth princess was clearly enraged by the kid’s att.i.tude.

She had never expected to encounter Bai Yan’s child here today. Originally she only intended to sneak a peek before leaving because Di Cang’s terrifying aura had completely seeped into her bones.

“Auntie, I don’t know how to scram. Why don’t you show me how to do it first?” Pink in the cheek, Bai Xiachen’s gaze was so innocent and true that none can find fault in them.

“Shut up!” Seriously annoyed by the fact that the little thing would constantly call herself “auntie” left and right, the princess couldn’t take it anymore: “If you call me auntie again then watch me rip out that mouth of yours!”

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