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Chapter 1441 “Secret of the Amulet (4)”

“You betrayed me?!” Staring rigidly at the old figure gazing down at herself, Yun Ruo Xi splutters this out with vicious intent.

Winger was equally as stunned like the former. When he saw and recognized the person, he immediately showed a helpless smile along the mouth. “Uncle Dragon Flame, how come you are here?”

Shaking his old head in disappointment, the old goat looks like a saddened elder after discovering their young has failed in something: “From the first day you appear, I knew you were not quite right and was up to something. I reported this to the king and was ordered to follow you at all time. To think I was right and you were colluding with a outsider.”

Hanging his head in an apologetic manner, the bird man had no excuse: “I’m sorry Uncle Dragon Flame, she is my benefactor, I have no other choice.”

Even if she continued to grow crueler and crueler to him, he still couldn’t bring himself to abandon her, hence the reason he came out at the summoning.

“Benefactor? So that means she can treat you like garbage just because she saved your life? Smile if her mood pleases, then stomp on you if her mood is foul?” Donning a sarcastic grin at the mention, “No wait, from the way I see it this old hag can never be happy. You are a member of the Terraraptor Crow Clan, how can you degrade yourself as such? Imagine what your father would say if he learns of your current state? Maybe he would stuff you back into your mother’s belly and have you remade!”

Winger continues to shake his head in the old witch’s defense: “You don’t understand Uncle Dragon Flame. She… she is the light in my heart. It was she who saved me and brought warmth to my heart in that lonely darkness.”

No one knows what kind of place he lived in back then. It’s lonely, dark, and without light. More than once, he thought of committing suicide to end the torture. If not for that brief spec of light coming into his life, he would’ve long left this world due to decay.

“Yes, I don’t understand, but I have a sense of self-esteem! If you hadn’t shown the goodness that’s in your heart just now and refused to listen to this vile hag’s order, I wouldn’t have saved you either!”

“Uncle Dragon Flame…”

Cutting the other side off with a cold snap of his glare, the old goat wouldn’t hear any of it: “You scram over to the side, I’ll first deal with this woman then deal with you!”

He always knew Winger had some motive, just not this level of betrayal. Colluding with someone from the Celestial Palace was a crime worthy of death. Fortunately the lad didn’t lose the last ounce of his consciousness, otherwise he might’ve had to kill him with his own hands.

Murdering a friend’s child doesn’t sit well with the old goat’s heart at all.

Guilty along the face, Winger didn’t dare talk back and hung his head: “Uncle… can we not kill her? Consider it as my way of returning the debt.”

Instead of saying yes like a good elder, the old goat only smirked derisively: “You mean to spare her, someone that wants to murder the royal family? HA! Who do you think you are? Me and your father are only old friends, based on what can you ask of me to let her go?”

Winger had no way to counter that logic.

Yes, the old goat was only his father’s friend, based on what could he himself ask this of the elder? In fact, he now owes Dragon Flame for saving him from Yun Ruo Xi’s blade!

Snorting at that pathetic and speechless face, the elder returns his attention to the old witch to finish the deed. However, as soon as he did so, his eyes immediately fell upon the crescent shaped moon amulet along the neck.

That thing… How come it’s so familiar? It’s like I’ve seen it somewhere…

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