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Chapter 1235 "Ning Yu's Death (8)"

“Please, I beg of you, let me get over there…." By the end of it, Bai Ning's voice had devolved into a pleading mess as she gradually crumbled to the ground. She's desperately pushing against the blade with her hands to no avail.

Exactly then from out of the blue, a powerful gush of wind rolls over from the back, catching the lady's attention.

“Grandmother, is my mother here?" Bai Xiachen's face was cold and hard, causing those who peer into his red eye to flinch from inherent fear.

Slowly nodding: “Yes, she is."

Needing no more confirmation aside from that, Bai Xiachen's attention shifts towards the only obstacle in his way. Gradually, a thin layer of reddishly blood lit flame wraps around his fist. Despite the tiny spark of fire, the heat emitting off of it was incredibly intense that it felt like a burning meteorite to those nearby.


Thankfully G.o.dslayer had a better sense in the brain than those idiots out there in this world. Right before the punch could make contact, the sprite inside sensed the danger and instantly shrank back into its former size to reveal the much-wanted figure across the crack line.

Unfortunately, the situation wasn't what Bai Xiachen wanted to see though. Instead of standing there unharmed and well like he's always envisioned the lady to be, that rosy red dress had just crashed down from the air and slammed into the ground like a ragged doll.


Bai Ning’s heart literally stopped beating from the horrifying image. She could no longer control her emotions and rushed forward, tightly hugging her daughter's body like a frantic mother.

“Don't scare me Yan'er, it wasn't easy for me to remember everything, how can you leave me behind so soon?!"

Dragon Flame may not have reacted as strongly there, but he's also standing there in a dull state: "It can't be…. it looks so serious. She couldn't have died right?"

She couldn't have died right?"

Everything in the surrounding environment immediately became shut from Bai Xiachen's senses, leaving only the pounding heartbeat from his chest that indicated his own emotions.

My mother’s dead?

She's…. been killed?

A burst of air exploded out of the boy's body, shrouding him in a visible torrent of tyrannical wind with changing signs of it surging upwards.

Dragon Flame was the only one standing behind the family so he had the perfect view from his angle. Immediately, a look of horror overtook his eyes as he gulped.

This…. what the h.e.l.l is going on here?

Why is this little fella going through such a drastic change and in such short timing? He not only changed physically, his energy signature also changed.


“You…” Keeper Ling could barely believe the child that's confronting himself. It's menacing and frightening, just like a sinister monster from the depths of h.e.l.l itself.


Why does the little guy make me tremble just by looking at him?

Bai Xiachen didn't utter a single word in this case. With a light tap of his foot, he was already in front of the elder, his palm reaching out like he wants to clap him out of existence.

Of course, the little steambun's strength wasn't at that level yet, he only managed to send the Keeper flying back several meters from sheer brute force of his powers. Nevertheless, it's enough to leave the old goat in the background utterly dismayed from such strength.

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