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Chapter 1167 "Familiarity (2)"

“Is that her?”

But besides her, who else can look so similar…

Somewhat pale in her complexion, Bai Yan stood there for a long while before revealing a bittersweet smile.

“Whether it’s her or not, I must find her again! As long as she’s still in this Celestial Realm then we are bound to meet again!"

That's right, we both have a vendetta against the Celestial Palace, the chance is there….


Hidden between mountains and forests, a quaint looking cottage has been built atop of the clearing here. It's a nice setup, difficult to find due to the covering terrain and shielding barrier, a perfect hiding spot from those who's out to get you.'

This, was the place the lady in blue arrived at after departing from the battle. Flicking her dress to remove the dust from the surface, she slowly walked towards the cottage with familiar strides where she was promptly welcomed by a young girl around seventeen to eighteen years of age.

“Auntie Ning, you’re finally back, did those old fossils from the Celestial Palace make trouble for you?"

Drawing a soft smile at the lively young la.s.s, "Don't worry, those people aren't my opponent. Oh yes, don't tell your father I'm back yet."

“Oh?” Responding with a well-behaved voice, the young girl intimately hooks her arm around Bai Ning's to confirm compliance.

“Auntie Ning, my father loves you very much, and I like you very much, why don't you want to marry my father?”

A quiver shook the lady's body, causing her to form a slight frown on that beautiful yet helpless face.

“Some things can't be forced, and you are not young anymore. If you are so free to fret about us, why don't you fret about your own marriage arrangements. I'm sure he will like to get a son-in-law any day now."

Blushing at being called out, the young girl shyly lowers her head: "What are you saying Auntie Ning, I don't want to marry, I only want to stay with you and Father for the rest of my life."

Bai Ning smiled at that, dropping the subject when she noticed the man that's coming out of the cottage. This person was quite handsome, wearing a brownish robe with an air of calm.

“Yu'er, I have something to discuss with your Auntie Ning, you go back inside first."

“Okay.” Ning Yu mischievously stuck out her tongue when letting go of the lady's arm, but that's not before making a hand gesture to her old man as support before leaving.

For a while the atmosphere in the front yard seemed solemn and strange until the woman herself decides to break the awkward silence.

“Brother Yuan, is something the matter?"

Ning Yuan deeply locks eye with the woman, his voice hoa.r.s.e and full of emotion when speaking: "Ning'er, we have known each other for so many years, you should understand…. Why must you be so reluctant to accept me?"

Taken aback by the open confession, Bai Ning had to take a moment to respond with a proper answer that won't hurt the other side: "I always feel like I'm forgetting something…. It's as if someone is waiting for me, like I lost something important. I'm sorry Brother Yuan, I know you care about me, but I can't accept you the way I am now." After saying that, she brushes past the man in order to leave. However, a big hand immediately reached over from behind to cling onto hers.

Getting cold in the face now: “Let go!”

Because this tone has never been used before, Ning Yuan promptly released his grip with rigid surprise.

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