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Chapter 20 – A man covered in blood

Yu XiaoXuan didn’t even notice the accident at all. She held close her wine, taking advantage of Shen QingLan’s unawareness, and got wine one after another.

After Shen QingLan finished handling the oily man, there were already 4 empty-gla.s.ses in front of Yu XiaoXuan.

Shen QingLan’s emotion, that always remained indifferent, couldn’t help but to turn darken. She already imagined the horror of this kid’s situation.

Seeing that Yu XiaoXuan was still trying to get her fifth gla.s.s, Shen QingLan quickly took away the gla.s.s that the bartender gave to her. The surrounding males were already restless, wanting to hit on them. They rarely saw such a beauty like them.

Seeing XiaoXuan’s unfocused eyes, QingLan immediately knew that this girl was already drunk. She took out a few money and put them at the countertop. QingLan then pulled XiaoXuan out of the bar.

As they went out, no one actually stopped them and they went out of the bar smoothly. Just as QingLan wanted to hail a taxi, she saw Yu XiaoXuan covering her mouth. She took her to the nearest tree, XiaoXuan bend down and started vomiting.

Shen QingLan slowly patted her back.

“Hey! How come there are two, no no, three of you QingLan?” After vomiting she looked at QingLan wobbly.

Seeing that XiaoXuan was going to fall down, QingLan quickly stepped forward and helped supporting her. Yu XiaoXuan shook her head. “Aiya, QingLan. Don’t shake me, you’re making me dizzy.”

“Ok ok, I’m not going to shake you. So stand still.” Shen QingLan supported her to prevent her from falling.

“Ok.” Yu XiaoXuan cutely stood straightly.

Fortunately here was a street full of bar, so there were so many taxi. Shen QingLan successfully hailed one, she then helped XiaoXuan to get in and told XiaoXuan’s home address to the driver.

“QingLan, i’m so happy today. I’ll sing a song for you.” She smiled and started to open her mouth again.

“Big river flows to the east ahh, the heavenly Big Dipper in the sky ahh……” A tone-deaf voice tore apart the quiet night. Now Shen QingLan believed if there was a bird right here right now, that bird would surely dropped hearing Yu XiaoXuan’s singing voice. Not to mention the driver was also gripping the steering wheel harder, afraid to slip because of her.
(The song YXX was singing is the song of Liu Huan (刘欢) – Hao Han Ge (好汉歌), it is ending theme song of Water Margin (1998))

They finally arrived at their destination after so much difficulty. When they were just got off the taxi the Uncle Driver hurriedly stepped on the accelerator to escape from them. Afraid of being called back by them.

The girl’s voice was truly terrible. He was afraid that he would get a nightmare when he sleep at night.

The gate was opened and Mother Yu was standing there. When Yu XiaoXuan saw her mother, her eyes shone brightly. She immediately threw her self at her mother. “Mom…”

Mother Yu fl.u.s.teredly caught her daughter. “Hey, how much wine you had drunk ahh?”

“Aunty, I’m sorry i didn’t look after XiaoXuan better.” Shen QingLan deeply apologized.

Mother Yu waved her hand, knowing that this wasn’t QingLan’s fault. She knew her daughter better. She was a small drunkard. When she saw alcohol her eyes would immediately shine up, but she didn’t know well her tolerance. Even if it wasn’t because her tolerance, the alcohol level must be pretty high. And once she was drunk, she loved to torment the person she was with. Looking at thin sweat that was covering Shen QingLan’s forehead, Mother Yu was afraid what her daughter had done must be not small.

“It wasn’t your fault, QingLan. And thank you for sending this girl back. This girl must be caused you so much trouble.”

“How, how can I be a trouble, right QingLan?” Yu XiaXuan leaned against her mother’s chest.

“Ok, ok, you’re not a trouble. But i’m mad ok…” Mother Yu said helplessly.

“Aunty, let me help you to send her back to her room for you.”

The Yu’s house was a two-leveled house, and Yu XiaoXuan’s room was in the second floor. Seeing how drunk she was, it could be said that it would be pretty hard to send her back to her room.

Mother Yu certainly didn’t refuse it.

“I’m sorry for troubling you QingLan.”

“Don’t be so polite Aunty.”

“Mom, i’m so happy today. I love you so much.” Yu XiaoXuan said sweetly while rubbing her head on her mother’s neck, acting spoiled.

“Mom also loves you, so be obedient and stand still.” Mother Yu’s voice sounded soft and gentle, spoiling her more.

Yu XiaoXuan obediently stood still.

It was a really hard task to send XiaoXuan back to her room. Shen QingLan and Mother Yu was covered in sweats, Yu XiaoXuan the drunkard just simply pa.s.sed out.

“QingLan, it’s already late. It’s dangerous for you to go back alone. Just stay the night here.” Mother Yu offered.

Shen QingLan shook her head gently. “No, it’s okay Aunty. My friend is already waiting for me outside. He will send me back home.”

When Mother Yu heard someone would send QingLan back home, she no longer prevented her. “Well, just be more careful on your way home. Come here again next time to eat, Aunty will make the honey ribs that you like so much.”

“Ok then.”

Shen QingLan didn’t let Mother Yu to send her out. She walked out of the house alone.

No one was waiting outside of the house for QingLan. She just said it to rea.s.sure Mother Yu so she could return back home.

Yu’s house was located in a high-end residential area in Beijing. There were only many private car in the vicinity, so it was hard to hail a taxi.

Tonight’s weather was pretty good. It erased the heat from the day time, and permeated the night with coldness.

Shen QingLan decided to go for a walk first.

She walked slowly, her expression looked very relax. She had returned to this city for 6 years. Her memory before leaving this city before was very poor, the memory of this city had been forgotten since long ago.

A lot of new memory of the people in her live now were flashing in her eyes. Grandpa, grandma, father, brother, mother, Shen XiTong, Grandpa Fu, Yu XiaoXuan and Fu HengYi.

Although it was a summer night, the air was still chilling. On the cold and quiet street, there was only Shen QingLan’s lonely figure. The streetlight made her shadow to look very long.

Suddenly she heard a sound of someone fighting. It seemed to be coming from the back of the small alley.

Shen QingLan stopped walking and stood at near the mouth of the alley while trying to avoid the light of the streetlight on her. She could see clearly the some people who was fighting a man, or it could be said as a group of people was beating a man.

The man was already injured so badly, he was bleeding everywhere. Because his face was full of blood, QingLan couldn’t see his appearance clearly. But although this man was injured, he could still defend himself. Everytime he threw a punch, it always beat down one person of the group. Eventhough, he also added new injuries to his body.

Shen QingLan stood quietly, staring at everything that happened in front of her. Still neither walking away nor helping the man.

“Police are coming, run quickly.” Suddenly police’s siren rang loudly in the dark night. It sounded a bit far but still approaching them. Immediate awaken the group of people who were fighting.

“The police are coming, let’s run quickly.” One of them shouted in panic and fled with all of his group.

Soon, there was only the man left in the alley who was covered in blood. He sat while leaning on the wall, and gasping for air.

The group of people who fled didn’t notice that they only heard the sound of the police car. They didn’t actually saw the police. Even after they escaped, there was no police car approaching them.

After a while, QingLan finally walked into the alley. She stood in front of the man and looked down at him.

He was badly injured, gasping for air, and his wounds were still bleeding. He noticed that someone was approaching. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at Shen QingLan. His gaze was ruthless.

But seeing QingLan’s figure, he suddenly loosened up. He reached out his hand towards her, trying to pull her. Yet it only hanged down pitifully, because he had no strength left. And he finally fainted.

Shen QingLan could clearly see the words he was trying to say at the end – save me.

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