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Regular Chapter (3/3)


Chapter 19 – Trust and estrangement

After Fu HengYi left, Shen QingLan’s life was back to normal. As the final exam had already finished, it meant that summer vacation had started. Shen QingLan already moved back from the school dorm. As no one knew how much left Grandma Shen’s day was. Shen QingLan wanted to spent more of her time accompanying the elderly who had given her so much love and care.

It was only two days after Shen XiTong’s accident. Shen JunYu was already back from his business trip abroad. He just left the family for a week but such a thing still could happen.

“LanLan, are you hurt anywhere?” Shen JunYu carefully looked at her up and down.

Shen QingLan shook her head. “I’m fine.” The person who did hurt herself was now living in the hospital.

“It’s good if you’re alright.” After he finished speaking he rubbed Shen QingLan’s head. “Brother believes that you’re not the one who pushed Shen XiTong.”

Shen QingLan looked at his expression, she let Shen JunYu’s hand to rub on her head. “You will just believe that it is not my fault? If by any chance i did something so vicious like that, that i really hated Shen XiTong. Therefore in the heat of moment i pushed her down, what if it was really happened?”

Didn’t her mother also think so? Shen QingLan asked in a sarcasm way inside her mind.

“LanLan, brother knows you won’t.” Shen JunYu’s expression was gentle and soft, he always loved and wanted to pamper this little sister of his. “Although you didn’t live with us since your childhood, but brother always know that our LanLan is a good girl. You wouldn’t do something like this.”

Shen QingLan gazed at Shen JunYu’s gentle eyes. From the moment she returned to this family, her older brother was awfully fond of her. She thought that they only did this kind of stuff just because they owed her, and this was just some kind of compensation for her. Now she felt that she was a little bit shallow at that time.

“I’m not that good as a person.” Shen QingLan’s voice was soft and clear, but a trace of emotion. But Shen JunYu couldn’t even notice the deep meaning of it.

If one day, you knew what kind of things i had done, will you still believe so easily that I’m a good person?

“Stupid, even if you’re not such a good person, you’ll always be my little sister, the Shen Family’s daughter.” Shen JunYu noticed a slight estrangement feeling coming from Shen QingLan. Then he smiled.

From the very first day when Shen QingLan returned to the family, Shen JunYu knew that she remained wary of everyone in the family, she even might wary of himself. He didn’t know what happened to this younger sister of his when she was a child that made her to be this conscious about others.

She was accepted that she was part of this family, but she still couldn’t completely blend in, except for the grandpa and grandma.

But she would always put her heart in a distance on anyone else, it felt like she was a stranger who lived in this house.

All of this making Shen JunYu felt sorry and helpless.

And because all of this reasons, Shen JunYu knew better that Shen QingLan wouldn’t push Shen XiTong just because she felt jealous of the love his mother gave for Shen XiTong.

But that Shen XiTong…

Something dark flashed into Shen JunYu’s eyes.

“QingLan, this wine is pretty good, you try it.” Yu XiaoXuan pushed a cup of liquid in front of Shen QingLan.

Shen QingLan took a sip, there was a faint wine taste mixed with fruity aroma, a hint of sweetness, to sum it up the was pretty good.

At this time, the two of them were sitting on a bar the one Yu XiaoXuan had been talking about for weeks.

“This wine was a bit strong, you should drink less.” Shen QingLan looked at Yu XiaoXuan who had already finished a cup but already got another one, but Shen QingLan grabbed it first.

Yu XiaoXuan smiled happily and waved her hand back and forth. “Not happening, i’m a good drinker. You forgot that the last time i had a drink with the group next to our room, i’m the last man standing.”

Yu XiaoXuan said triumphantly. Shen QingLan gazed at her, she didn’t have a heart to tell her that someone got drunk in the end and sang a song in the middle of the night even attracted the attention of Dorm Caretaker. And after the event they still remember that accident.

“QingLan, I promise that I will not get drunk tonight. So let me have another drink, just a cup.” Yu XiaoXuan raised her index finger and looked at Shen QingLan pitifully.

Shen QingLan reluctantly let go of her hand from the gla.s.s, Yu XiaoXuan quickly took the gla.s.s and took a sip of it, revealing a satisfied expression.

The two of them were both adorable and beautiful. Naturally the both attracted many attention of the people in the bar since they step inside. But Shen QingLan’s indifferent expression made them stayed far away from the two. All of them kind of had the wait-and-see att.i.tude.

At this time, after seeing one of them already had two drink, someone finally unable to hold back. A man with oily face came forward to them with a gla.s.s of wine, then he sat down besides Shen QingLan. There was a flirty smile on his face.

“You girls look like a student, do you come here for the first time?”

Shen QingLan knew that someone was approaching her, but because this was a public s.p.a.ce so she couldn’t stop him from sitting besides her.

She just took a sip of her drink, ignoring the oily man besides her.

The oily man didn’t mind her att.i.tude, as a beauty it was her privilege.

“It’s the first time i saw you girls here. I feel like that we’re fated to meet with each other. So today, everything you girls want you can order it, it’ll be on older brother.” The oily man waved his hand.

This kind of thing was very common to happen in bar, everyone smiled with mutual understanding.

“Oh? Anything i want?” Shen QingLan finally lifted her eyelids and glanced at the oily man. The glance didn’t have the usual coldness and indifferent feeling in it, it was actually filled with amorous gaze, and it looked straight into the oily man who nodded. “Well… of course.”

After receiving a positive answer, Shen QingLan raised her hand at the bartender and said, “Give me two bottles of 82 years of Lafite.”

When Shen QingLan finished speaking, the bartender awkwardly looked at the oily man. The oily man was a frequent visitor here. He came here regularly since he opened the bar. About whether or not he had so much money, the bartender didn’t know it completely. But he still understood that he didn’t have that much money, not to mention two bottles of the 82 years old of Lafite Wine, even a cup of it this man couldn’t possibly afford it.

“You see this handsome guy here. Didn’t you hear what he was saying? He had said that today he will for everything that i want to order.” Shen QingLan’s voice was clear and soft, but it suddenly awaken the oily man’s consciousness.

His face was blue, he still didn’t understand that he was being played. When he saw the bartender turned around to het the wine, he quickly raised his voice. “Wait.” If the wine was ordered he absolutely would be skin alive by his mother at home. He liked to invite beautiful women to have a drink with him, in order to get good impression from them. Whatever the beauty wanted he didn’t care as long as they didn’t mind having a deep interaction with him.

“What’s wrong, are you unwilling to do it now? So man’s word truly couldn’t be trusted now.” Shen QingLan said while glance slightly at the oily man, her eyes filled with disdain.

The oily man’s face became more ugly, but he couldn’t easily admitting that he was really regretting his words. He tried his best not to get angry. But he was stunned by the cold gaze Shen QingLan gave. It looked like he was in front of a tall snowy mountain, cold and killing.

In an instant he felt like being poured down with a basin of cold water. His head couldn’t help but to looked away from her, his legs were trembling and stumbled himself to stand up then left the bar.

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