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Regular Chapter (3/3)


Chapter 16 – Does it hurt?

Grandpa Shen looked at his granddaughter’s red and swollen cheek, although she didn’t care about it but he did and he could only sigh a long breath.

“Song Sao, bring some ice.” Fu HengYi finally said.

Song Sao was no stranger towards Fu HengYi, and knowing the relationship between the two she immediately went to the kitchen to get some ice.

“I’m really alright grandpa. You go accompany grandma, she should have heard the commotion. So you should go back and explain it to her. I will not meet her looking like this, so she don’t have to worry about me.”

Thinking of his wife, Grandpa Shen was also a little bit worried. He carefully looked at his granddaughter’s face. “About today’s Grandpa believes that it has nothing to do with you. I know clearly what kind of child you are. So grandpa truly believes in you.”

Shen QingLan’s heart was warming.

“Grandpa Shen, you should look after Grandma Shen first. Let me help look after QingLan.”

Grandpa Shen didn’t know what to say, because he actually didn’t oppose to what Fu HengYi had said. Shen QingLan, on the other hand, slightly raised her brows.

“Come on, I’ll help you out.” Seeing Grandpa Shen had gone away, Fu HengYi started to talk.

“I only injured my face, not my feet.” Shen QingLan’s face remained expressionless.

“Are you sure you still can go?” Fu HengYi took a serious look at her feet.

Shen QingLan blinked her beautiful eyes, she didn’t expect him to notice that she had injured her foot. Because she hadn’t raised her guard against Shen XiTong, that she would pull her down along with her. Although she had steadied herself hurriedly so she wouldn’t go down with her, but she was really caught off guard and so her foot was got twisted. As she didn’t want to show her weakness in front of Fu HengYi, she lifted her foot and tried to walk downstairs by herself. Just when she stepped out her foot, she wrinkled her brows slightly. But she smoothed it out in an instant, and started to walk down the stairs again.

Fu HengYi who was standing next to her, as he watched her expression changing then she still act nonchalantly, it made him somewhat angry.

He picked up and carried Shen QingLan then walked towards the living room in big strides. Shen QingLan unconsciously wrapped her hands around his neck. Making the two people was so close together that made Shen QingLan could even faintly smell the scent on his body, which was like white jasmine smell that was in one of the exclusive shower gel.

Fu HengYi could feel QingLan’s breath on his neck, tickling him, and somehow he couldn’t help but to tighten his hold on her a little more.

Fu HengYi then put Shen QingLan down on a sofa, his movement somewhat a bit crude. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, there was just a hint of indescribable anger inside his eyes when he saw the girl didn’t treat her body seriously.

Fu HengYi crouched down in front of Shen QingLan, regardless of her prevention he still grabbed her right foot and lifted her trousers up. He immediately exposed her swollen ankle that was as big as a steam bun.

Fu HengYi wrinkled his brows deeply, his eyes was staring straight at Shen QingLan. “Does it hurt?”

Shen QingLan couldn’t help but rolled her eyes inside her mind, she wasn’t a robot how could it not hurt her. But this pain compared to what she had experienced in her life before, it seemed so insignificant, because she… for a long time had used to feel such a pain.

Looking at Shen QingLan’s pale and indifferent face, Fu HengYi’s face couldn’t help but to become darken. He pressed his finger slightly in the place where her ankle was red and swollen. Shen QingLan’s face finally changed and showed a painful expression.

Fu HengYi retracted his hand with satisfaction, there was a hint of a smile on his eyes. Shen QingLan clenched her teeth. He was absurd ahh, he actually like to bully a wounded person.

Fortunately Song Sao finally came over. Fu HengYi took over the ice bag that she had brought, he gave one to Shen QingLan and kept one on him then placed them on Shen QingLan’s swollen ankle.

The sudden coldness made Shen QingLan’s body shivering and her long shapely brows slightly wrinkled.

Song Sao looked at Fu HengYi’s movement and there was a smile inside her eyes. Among the three children in the Shen Family it can be said that her favorite was Shen QingLan.

Although Shen QingLan had always been cold, but towards a certain person she treated them warmly. It gave off others a feeling of coldness if they didn’t know her clearly. But Song Sao had served the Shen Family for a long time, she had been working here since Shen QingLan’s father generation, so what kind of characteristic that the three children had, she knew it clearly.

You should not only look at Shen QingLan cold appearance outside, in fact her heart was the softest one.

“You’re just a girl, there is no need to act so strong.” Fu HengYi gently said.

Shen QingLan raised her brows when looking at him. In fact today’s accident was happened because of him. In the past few days there was a rumour that had spread over the capital. Of course she knew what it was, after all there was a small chatter-box beside her, Yu XiaoXuan.

If Yu XiaoXuan knew the rumour, of course she would know it too as well.

Shen QingLan didn’t really care about the Fu Family’s choice of their granddaughter-in-law that everyone had talked about. It was only because of grandpa had mentioned unintentionally last night, making her had a bit more interest towards the main hero of the rumour.

Fu HengYi’s appearance was far more superior than any other beautiful man Shen QingLan had ever seen before. In her memory there was only a handful of people who could compare equally to Fu HengYi. Han Yi, who she had met the other day, counted as one, her brother also counted as one. Once there was also another person… but it was a pity that the person was already…

Thinking of that person, Shen QingLan somehow became lost in her thought. How long ago since those things had happened. It seemed that she hadn’t been recalling those people in such a long time. Those years seemed to be buried by the river of time.

Shen QingLan lost in her thought for only a moment. She quickly returned back and composed herself again. Her gaze fell on the man who seemed very serious in applying some ice on her ankle.

Fu HengYi was crouching down on the ground, he bowed his head slightly. Shen QingLan looked down to see him, from her point-of-view she could only saw his hair.

Probably because he was a soldier he had short crew cut hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle was actually very hard to maintain, if one didn’t carefully take care of it, it would make them look unsophisticated. But it still didn’t affect his appearance, one could see his hair root clearly. Its looked very strong. It was said that a person who had a strong hair, his temperament would also very strong.

Although when he took off his military uniform it seemed that he also unloaded his fierceness air around his body. Right away made the person’s eyes to look even more gentle. Who would think that such a gentle and warm looking person would be the army youngest major-general.

As Shen QingLan was still thinking wildly about the man, she didn’t even notice that the man had lifted his head.

Their eyes made a contact towards each other, Fu HengYi’s eyes looked serene and very deep, as deep as a sea, one couldn’t see the end of it. Yet it emitted a mysterious vibe that attracted people to explore it more.

Shen QingLan unconsciously blinked her eyes, couldn’t help to curse silently inside her heart. This man was bad for her heart.

“I didn’t have any relationship with Shen XiTong, her words was totally untrue.”Fu HengYi suddenly spoke up.

Shen QingLan looked at him, feeling a bit indescribable. Why did he have to explain his relationship with Shen XiTong to her?

Then she recalled what Shen XiTong had said to her before. “I also didn’t know that you like Fu HengYi, if so i wouldn’t rob him from you.”

“Shen XiTong had said that i was the one who had pushed her down the stairs, even my mother believed her. Do you also think like that?” Shen QingLan said softly, her voice was clear and melodious.

Although Shen XiTong never really said that she was pushed down by her, but what she had said clearly implicating that she did.

“I believe that you didn’t do it.” Fu HengYi firmly said.

Shen QingLan raised her brows. “Why?”

“Because you won’t bother with her.”

Translator Note:

Now we see a little glimpse of SQL past before returning to the family.

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