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Chapter 13 – Grandpa Fu’s plan

After that Shen QingLan sent Grandpa Fu back to his neighborhood gate.

“Girl, thank you, thank you so much. Today if it was not for you, this old man would surely lose face because of this shameful accident.” Grandpa Fu looked at Shen QingLan as his eyes was beaming with joy.

“Grandpa, you don’t have to be so polite. Anyway I also have to go back home now.” Shen QingLan said softly, but Grandpa Fu thought she was just being modest and didn’t think much of it.

Not until Shen QingLan also entered the gate with him, and the guard there didn’t stop her. So Grandpa Fu asked back at her.

“Girl, do you live here too?”

Shen QingLan nodded. “Grandpa, where do you live? I will send you right in front of your door.”

Grandpa Fu looked at Shen QingLan’s beautiful face. He didn’t remember that there was such a person among the junior who lived here. Was it the relative of the family who lived here?

“Girl, where do your family live?” Grandpa Fu didn’t get an answer for that rhetorical question.

Later he knew that Shen QingLan was the granddaughter of his old comrade who just reunited back with them.

As Grandpa Fu also lived in the same neighborhood, and Shen QingLan just got back to the family three years ago. So it was impossible for Grandpa Fu to be ignorant about it. It was just in those few years Grandpa Fu was in poor health, so he went to the south to recuperate and he just returned to the capital last week.

Knowing that Shen QingLan was his old comrade Shen’s granddaughter, Grandpa Fu had a little more love for Shen QingLan. But this also because he had a bit pity for her, when she was young he really loved this little girl.

Then, Grandpa Fu gradually discovered that Shen QingLan not only that her temper had surpa.s.sed her peers, her knowledge was also very profound, she really knew everything. Whether when she was playing chess with Grandpa Fu or talking about painting and calligraphy, she could respond it so easily. It was the same when discussing the current politics affair with her, she could also gave one or two of her own opinion. She was also behave herself very low-key and modest. And not only she was very warm and friendly with her elders, but she was also very respectful.

Shen QingLan was also very patient, even when Grandpa Fu was always nagging, she never got angry.

Grandpa Fu didn’t have granddaughter, it was just his only grandson. So the first time he met with Shen QingLan, his first impression of her was very good. The longer they interacted, the deeper he loved Shen QingLan.

At the beginning, Grandpa Fu didn’t even intended to think of Shen QingLan and Fu HengYi to become together. After all, Shen QingLan was just had her 18th birthday, and Fu HengYi was already in his late-twenties. Although he already couldn’t wait to hold his great-grandson.

Year after year, in the blink of an eye, three years had already pa.s.sed. His grandson was still busying himself with the troops. He didn’t feel concerned at all about his marriage. At that time, the young girl was already grown into a beautiful woman.

It was just that her temperament was become colder and colder. Grandpa Fu knew about the affairs in the Shen’s family, he couldn’t understand what Chu YunRong was thinking inside, but it was not his position to criticize her. And it made him wanting to pamper Shen QingLan more.

And so one day a year ago, when Grandpa Fu played chess with Shen QingLan. He didn’t know why, but he was reminded about his still unmarried grandson. As he was looking at Shen Qinglan, he started to contemplating the two of them together. Then an idea emerged from his mind, and since then things started getting out of hands, as he wanted more and more to support this idea.

Thus, Grandpa Fu abandoned his chess. He ran excitedly back to his room to call Grandpa Shen. He said his plan to him, but who would have thought when Grandpa Shen heard it he immediately hanged up the phone and even cursed at him to not be carried away by “his own wishful thinking”.

Then Shen QingLan was immediately called back home by her own grandpa, and for a few months she couldn’t meet with Grandpa Fu.

Grandpa Fu knew that his idea was a bit shameless. After all, the girl was still a flower bud and his own grandson was already an old meat. So in order not to make Grandpa Shen more irritated, he wouldn’t mention his plan in front of him.

Bur he was secretly scheming inside his heart. When his grandson returned back home, he would let him to interact with her first then he could get hold on her. So if the girl’s family was unwilling with them, even Grandpa Shen wouldn’t able to do anything about it.

But his wish that day wasn’t able be come true. Fu HengYi was particularly busy that year, he couldn’t even come back when it was New Year. And this time if it wasn’t because of his “illness”, this smelly boy would absolutely not be back.

Thinking of it made Grandpa Fu to put his own hands to his hips, and walked back to his own room. He hated his grandson for not be able to do what he expected.

But Fu HengYi didn’t pay any attention to his grandpa’s antics. This holiday wasn’t what he wanted. His troops were selecting a new people. So at this time was the most critical time, and him as its leader shouldn’t be absent from it. But when he heard his grandpa was seriously ill, he immediately returned back.

Originally he still didn’t know why his grandpa would deceive him to return back home, but it was most likely because of the youngest miss of the Shen’s family.

Thinking of the beautiful and unique but cold person made Fu Hengyi to raise a smile that he even didn’t notice it.

However, what he said to Shen QingLan was true. As he knew now that his grandpa was alright, he planed to return back to the army the day after tomorrow. He didn’t know when he will returned back here again.

When he thought about the troops, he thought about the its training that hadn’t been completed yet. As he was free now he decided to write the training plan now. So he headed straight to the study.

The poor Grandpa Fu was still waited for Fu HengYi to admit his mistake in his room.

But Grandpa Fu was left alone waiting for Fu HengYi, until he realized that his grandson wasn’t really planing to marry Shen QingLan.

How can this be, QingLan girl was the one he highly supported to be his grandson’s wife candidate. He really mustn’t let anyone else to grab hold of her. Don’t think that he didn’t knew it, that there was many other man who was l.u.s.t after QingLan girl. The last time he went to her school to find her, he saw a male student gave her a flower confession. Although Shen QingLan didn’t accept it, who knows if there would be another one. If this girl was charmed by others, and not his grandson, he really would wept until he died.

Thinking of this, there was a plan that came trough inside Grandpa Fu’s mind…

And so the next day, there was a rumour in the capital about Fu family choice of his grandson’s wife. When the rumour came out, it immediately exploded the entire capital and stirred up a the unmarried girls.

What kind of people was the Fu Family, it was a giants of wealthy and powerful family. All the girl in the capital wanted to marry into them.

Fu HengYi the outstanding heir of the Fu Family, was a 31 years-old major-general. This only reason was able to make all the girl to do anything to be able to marry with him. Not to mention his appearance was even more attractive than the average celebrity.

Just when this girl started to act, another rumour came out. It was said that the Fu Family had already chosen the candidate to be his grandson’s wife, this person was the girl from Shen Family. For a moment all of the girl’s heart in the capital was broken one by one because of this rumour. The selected girl from the Shen Family was already labeled by all the girl in the capital as a “Fox” because they knew the girl must be seduced the old Grandpa Fu.

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