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Chapter 12 – Three years ago.

Fu HengYi helplessly said. “Grandpa, she is only twenty-one years old.”

“You’re already 31, and I’m your grandpa already 88 this year. Your poor parent was died early, leaving this old man alone, and your father and your mother left you to me to raise you alone into this big, am I not good? So now i just want to see you married and have children before i die, and also let me hold some healthy and chubby great-grandson, is my request too much? Is it?!”

Grandpa Fu said it filled with emotion, for a moment his hands clasped together in his chest, a moment later he covered his face with his hands and wept, but he didn’t forget to glance at Fu HengYi’s from the crack between his hands.

Fu HengYi looked at Grandpa Fu’s 108th performance with blank expression on his face, and felt very helpless.

After a long time, Fu HengYi finally spoke with zero enthusiastic. “I will not consider her, but I’m willing to accept the blind date that you arranged.”

Grandpa Fu immediately stopped crying, he put down his hands and looked at his grandson. “What did you just say?”

Fu HengYi was baffled. In the past, the old man was busy forcing him to attend the blind date that he arranged. Now when he agreed it to, what was wrong with his expression?

“I said that I’m willing to accept the blind dates, which ever woman you chose you can arrange the blind date.” Fu HengYi repeated what he said.

“What did you say? When did grandpa want to arrange a blind date for you?” Grandpa Fu immediately exploded, he even said some vulgar words that he rarely spoken.

“Aren’t you worry to hurry holding your great-grandson?”

“I’m worry to immediately hugging a great-grandson, but this great-grandson must some from QingLan girl’s belly.”

“Grandpa.” Fu HengYi interrupted Grandpa Fu’s words, and frowned his brows. “I already said that she’s only 21, and I’m used to her as a younger sister.”

Grandpa Fu was furious and glared at his grandson. It was as if he was talking to an enemy. “What brothers and sisters, you should stop giving your grandpa the same old reasons. I tell you, my grandson’s wife can only be QingLan girl. If you change it with others, I will not recognise it or i will be d.a.m.ned.”

After Grandpa Fu finished saying it. He flung his sleeves and took a big stride. Making it clear that he was truly angry.

Fu HengYi rooted on his place, there was a solemn expression on his face. He couldn’t understand it, he only hadn’t come home for a few years, so why his grandpa cared so much about this youngest miss of the Shen Family.

And as for why Grandpa Fu could possibly care so much about Shen QingLan it was regarding to the matter that happened 3 years ago.

When Grandpa Fu retired from the military, he wanted to begin enjoy his later years. But his Family wasn’t so flourishing, he only got 1 son and 1 daughter. His son was Fu JingZhi, Fu HengYi’s father. Over 20 years ago he and his wife had died while on mission. His daughter, Fu JingTing, and her husband were both diplomat, so they were abroad for all year around. And his only grandson was also in the army, so he couldn’t come home every years. So as he was alone in the big Fu’s house, he eventually became really bored.

When Grandpa Fu was young he was a playful and amusing youngster. But after he went to the army his temper grown a lot. And now after he was retired his temper went back to the one before the went to the army.

One day three years ago, Grandpa Fu with his bodyguard went out to the town, in the name to experience the popular things that happened there. But the truth was he only wanted to go out to play.

As he had a special ident.i.ty, when he went out, even when he did it very low-key, he always brought a few of his bodyguard around.

But this time he when he went out he didn’t pay any attention to his guards, and then Grandpa Fu accidentally got separated with his guards. And because he usually didn’t bring his wallet on his own and he didn’t even have a mobile phone, so it was easy to say that he was penniless.

At first Grandpa Fu want to take taxi back to the courtyard, and there he would call someone to bring him money to pay for it. But Grandpa Fu was a proud person, if his old fellow knew he had done this they obviously would mock him. So he couldn’t afford to lose his face.

It was already near time for lunch, Grandpa Fu touched his empty stomach, and decided to go to nearby a restaurant to eat first. While waiting for his guards came back to him.

Grandpa Fu’s expectation hadn’t been wrong, his guards really came back to find him. But just as he went inside to the restaurant, his guards searched everywhere in the vicinity near it to try to find him. His guards were so anxious, because if had lost this senior official he obviously had to bear the blame of it.

And so, Grandpa Fu and his guards perfectly missed each other.

Grandpa Fu was a person who wouldn’t treat himself badly. Although he was penniless, he still order a few dishes from the restaurant menu.

After he was full, he waited for his guards to find him, but the waiters there were giving him a glance from time to time. They were afraid he would run away without paying. Grandpa Fu’s face became a little bit worried.

If only he could remember his guards cell phone number, so he could borrow some phone from here to call them, but as he didn’t know it he couldn’t do it.

And so Grandpa Fu tweaked his ears and scratched his cheeks, for a moment he didn’t know what to do. At that time the person who was sitting besides Grandpa Fu’s table was Shen QingLan, stood up and went towards the counter to settle the bills, she also helped paying Grandpa Fu’s bill.

At first Grandpa Fu didn’t know it, and so when the waiter came over and handed him 2 paper money, pointed at Shen QingLan’s departing back and said. “Just now that miss already paid the bills, and this is the money change she said to give it to you, please accept it.”

What said to be the change was actually much more than that. So Grandpa Fu looked at the direction that was pointed by the waiter, he saw a thin back.

Grandpa Fu immediately got up and chased the person, he even forgot to take the money that the waiter had handed to him.

As Shen QingLan didn’t walk fast, so Grandpa Fu was able to come over quickly.

“Girl, girl, wait for me.”

Shen QingLan faintly heard someone calling her from behind and so she stopped.

Grandpa Fu came around while panting, after all he was old. His body was already 80 years old, how could he possibly compared it with youngster.

“Girl, you walk too fast this old man almost can’t keep up.” Grandpa Fu muttered to himself.

Shen QingLan recognized him, this grandpa was the one she met at the restaurant just now. He probably didn’t have the money to pay the bill, as he sat there with an anxious expression. So QingLan paid it for him.

“Grandpa, do you need anything else?” Shen QingLan said it softly, her voice was clear and melodious, it was so pleasant to hear it.

Grandpa Fu didn’t expect that this girl was so young. It looked like she was only seventeen or eighteen years old, but her manner was so calm and unfl.u.s.tered. It was as if it couldn’t keep up with her own age. “Girl, thank you so much for just a moment ago.”

Grandpa Fu’s face was slightly redden.

“It was just a slight effort, you don’t have to take it seriously.”

“Umm, Girl, can you help me go back to my house? But you don’t have to help me if you’re busy.” Grandpa Fu thickened his face and started to ask.

Grandpa Fu was a person who mind about his face. It was his first time to ask for help from this girl who he never met before.

“What’s wrong?” Shen QingLan wasn’t one who liked to meddle in other people business. But she always had respect for other, even more, from this grandpa, as she finally could look after her own grandpa.

“This old man was separated from my own family, and also don’t have money. Girl, can you help me to return back home?”

Shen QingLan thought for a moment, she already didn’t have anything else to do now, so she nodded and asked. “Okay, where do you live grandpa?”

Listening to the address that was given by Grandpa Fu, Shen QingLan’s eyes flashed slightly.

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