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Chapter 11 – What are you doing with him?

Fu HengYi naturally knew that Grandma Shen was discharged from the hospital. After all, he had went to the Shen Family’s house during the day time, but at that time Shen QingLan wasn’t there.

“Young master Fu… is there anything else that you need from me today?” Seeing Fu HengYi didn’t reply to her words before for a long time, and Shen QingLan didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate on his riddle so she directly asked him.

Fu HengYi’s eyes flashed with a touch of embarra.s.sment, but his face remained calm and composed. “You are JunYu’s sister, and you just came back after so many years, and we never seen each other since then. Because I will return to the army in a few days, so i think before i leave i want to invite you first to have dinner together.”

Shen QingLan obviously didn’t believe his reasons, but she wasn’t a nosy person, if Fu HengYi didn’t want to say his real intention, she wouldn’t continue to ask him.

Coincidentally, after the two of them were done eating and just came out of the restaurant, they ran into Han Yi who was with a graceful woman, in a red dress, looking liked enchanting and exquisite woman, and she was holding Han Yi’s hand, it made them to look very intimate.

“You guys…” Han Yi looked at Fu HengYi who was together with Shen QingLan. He was very startled, when did the two of them get together?

Just a few days ago, someone vowed that he wouldn’t eat a young gra.s.s, it was still vivid in his mind. It was just a few days ago ahh, now the young gra.s.s was pulled into his own nest.

Shen QingLan’s face remained calm, she seemed that everything else in the world couldn’t even bother her.

“Keep those thoughts inside your mind.” Fun HengYi’s tone of voislce was very cold, just at one glance at his friend, He knew what Han Yi was thinking about.

Han Yi. “QingLan-meimei, we’ve met before. But maybe you don’t know me, because i hadn’t introduced my self before, my name is Han Yi, I’m a very good friend of Fu HengYi and even your brother.”

Han Yi reached out his hand and a gentleman’s smile on his face. His peach blossom eyes didn’t have a glimpse of teasing. Even if he called her “QingLan-meimei”, it was came out without a trace of teasing.
Shen QingLan reached out her hand and shook it with his. “Mr. Han.”

Fu HengYi looked at their hands, and he slightly frowned his brows but immediately loosened them.

Han Yi raised his brows, this Shen family’s young lady was really an iceberg beauty. Even in this kind of situation, she still could remain calm and composed. Oh no, he was being ignored.

While Big Young Master Han was curious about it, but he also felt somewhat discouraged. Could it be that his charm was falling?

“We still have things to do, so we’re going first.” Fu HengYi pulled Shen QingLan’s wrist and went straight out of the restaurant.

Han Yi raised his brows and looked at the backs of the two departing-people.

“Where will you go now, will you stay at the dorm or back to the Shen’s house?” Fu HengYi asked.

“Back home.” Shen QingLan answered it as simple and clear as ever.

Fu HengYi’s car stopped right in front of the Shen’s house gate but he didn’t get off.

“Thank You.” Shen QingLan said softly and reached out to unlock her seat belt.

“Wait.” Fu HengYi stopped her. “Do you save my number?”

Shen QingLan looked at him suspiciously.

“So you can call me if something happen. After all, i also consider you as my little sister.” Fu HengYi explained it.


This time Fu HengYi didn’t stop her, he watched her walking into the courtyard of Shen’s house. Only then he finally drove to his own house.

“QingLan.” A sweet female voice sounded out behind her.

Shen QingLan stopped and turned around. She saw Shen XiTong coming from behind her, and her face was looking weird. “Just now you’re back with Fu HengYi.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Shen QingLan answered simply.

“How come you were back with him?” Shen XiTong asked, secretly clenched her hands.

Shen QingLan looked at Shen XiTong up and down, she always knew that the person that Shen XiTong liked was Fu HengYi.

“Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Shen QingLan.” Shen XiTong was angry, it related to the man she loved, how could she not be nervous? After knowing Fu HengYi for so many years she knew that he wasn’t close to female, and she never saw him with one before. This was the first time she saw it, and the person he was with turned out to be Shen QingLan, the person who started to take away all off the things that suppose to be for her.

Before she completely understood the relationship between Shen QingLan and Fu HengYi, Shen XiTong couldn’t feel relieved.

“What is your relationship with him, why would he even send you back home?” Shen XiTong whispered, she wasn’t dare to speak loudly, afraid of being noticed by the people inside the house.

“No matter what relationship i have with him, It has nothing to do with you.” Shen QingLan said softly, her words completely changed Shen XiTong’s face on the spot.

“Shen QingLan, i warn you. No matter what you are thinking of him, this person isn’t one that you can think of. You better leave him to me and distance yourself a bit.” Shen XiTong approached Shen QingLan, she whispered a warning in her ear.

But Shen QingLan wasn’t one who was afraid of Shen XiTong’s warning. She looked at Shen XiTong, just like watching a clown who was there to entertain her. “Shen XiTong, Do you remember what was your ident.i.ty again here? Hmm?” Her words raised up with the coldness that came out.

The two people literally was like drawn daggers towards each other.

“What are the two of you doing here?” Chu YungRong’s voice came from the door, and made Shen XiTong immediately shocked. She quickly recovered her gentle expression i an instant and looked towards the villa’s door.

“I just went out for a walk and saw my sister was coming back home. I haven’t seen my sister for so long as i have been busy these days, so i want to talk to my sister for a while.” Shen XiTong smiled and looked at Shen QingLan with a gaze of a good elder sister.

“The yard is dark, if there is something you need to talk about, you better come in quickly.” Chu YunRong didn’t doubt Shen XiTong’s words. “It is already June, it is still a bit cold at night, so don’t catch a cold. Especially you TongTong, you are going to perform soon, if you catch a cold you will be in trouble.”

Chu YunRong nagged at her.

Shen XiTong smiled and stepped forward, holding onto Chu YunRong’s arm. She put her head on her shoulder, and acted spoiled. “Mom, I’m in a good health, so i wouldn’t catch a cold easily.” The mother and daughter looked very close.

While Shen XiTong talked with Chu YunRong she didn’t forget to give Shen QingLan a provocative look.

Chu YunRong saw her other daughter was still standing in the yard, just as she wanted to called to her to ger inside, Shen XiTong cut off and said. “Mom, my custom evening dress for the performance is here. You need to help me, if it’s suitable for me or not.”

As Chu YunRong was pulled by Shen XiTong, she instantly forgot about Shen QingLan, who was still standing in the yard, and just kept following Shen XiTong into the house.


When Fu HengYi entered the door of the Fu’s house, he saw Grandpa Fu with his hands on his hip and walked around near the door. He occasionally casted a look towards the gate. When he saw Fu HengYi, his eyes immediately lit up, but became dissatisfied in an instant.

“Smelly boy, why are you coming back so early?”

Fu HengYi looked at him with a strange face. “It’s already 9:00 pm, is it still early?”

Early, but why not in the morning. Grandpa Fu was looking forward that his grandson wasn’t coming back for the whole night, so he could soon holding his great-grandson.

“Didn’t you go having dinner with QingLan girl?”

“I come back after i had finished it.”

Grandpa Fu was staring angrily at him, as if Fu HengYi had done something that couldn’t be done.

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