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Chapter 9 – Grandma Shen’s Last Wish.

Shen QingLan didn’t stay at home for too long. After finished eating, she went to the hospital with Grandpa Shen. Shen XiTong originally also wanted tagged along with them, but right before they left she got a call from the orchestra, and had no other choice but to meet with the orchestra.

When they arrived at the hospital, Grandma Shen just had woken up.

“Wife, we’re here.” Grandpa Shen looked at his wife who was on the bed, his voice was soft.

“Grandma.” Shen QingLan stepped forward and help her grandmother to adjust her sitting position, making her sat more comfortable.

“Lan Lan, you don’t have to always go to the hospital.” Grandma Shen held her granddaughter’s hand.

Shen QingLan smiled slightly. “Today is weekend, so I don’t have cla.s.s. If i don’t come to see you, i wouldn’t feel at ease.”

Grandma Shen looked at her lovingly. “Grandma is fine, your grandma will certainly live for a very long time. Because I want to see my little QingLan to get married and have a child.”

Shen QingLan put her grandma’s hand in her cheek, a very rare things her little granddaughter would do. “En, grandma surely would be healthy and live for a very long time.”

Grandpa Shen sat on the sofa at the side of the bed and looked at his wife’s withered face. His eyes filled with pain and sorrow. Although he was already prepared for this would come, but when this day finally arrived, the pain in his heart wasn’t even decrease for a bit.

All said that being husband and wife in the youth and companion in the old age. He and Grandma She had been through many hardships for decades, they never excessively angry or quarrel with each other. On the other hand, because Grandma Shen was genuinely a woman who came from a wealthy family, made other people hard to have quarrel with her. And also their marriage have always been very good, even if there was some differences, they always talked things throughly.

“Lan Lan, today Grandma wants to eat the sweet-scented Osmanthus cake of the ZhangJi that’s in east street. Can you help Grandma to buy some of it?” Grandma Shen stroked her granddaughter’s soft and long jet-black hair, and said softly.

Shen QingLan nodded. “Ok.” And she got up and walked out of the room.

As soon as the sound of her footsteps faded away, Grandma Shen looked away from the door and sighed deeply.

She suddenly covered her mouth and coughed severely. Seeing this Grandpa Shen hurriedly stepped forward and patted her on the back. “Wife what’s wrong? Where is it that hurting you? Let me call the doctor.”

As he said that and was going to press the bell on the side of the bed, Grandma Shen held his hand and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Seeing Grandma Shen did stop coughing, Grandpa Shen reluctantly did what she asked, and gave Grandma Shen some water.

Grandma Shen said slowly. “Old man, my days aren’t much.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Grandpa Shen was somewhat a little angry, but didn’t his wife to see it, afraid that she would be disheartened if she did.

But on the contrary Grandma Shen looked very calm, she grasped Grandpa Shen’s hand. Hers was awfully thin, this disease had tortured her and changed her whole body, till only remained bones.

“It’s my own body, I know it better than you. After live to this age, have a husband who loves and protects me dearly, a filial son, have a grandson and granddaughter both who also very good and obedient. I have everything I want in this life time, and I’m happy with my life. But old man, there something in my heart that I’m still worry about.”

Grandpa Shen’s eyes filled with so much pain and regret, he held his wife’s hand and tightened it. “Said it, let me help you.”

“My Lan Lan, this child has a cold temper, she was taken apart from our home when she was a child, and this days had been hard for her. All because we didn’t take care of her well, and let her to bear many blame, made her suffer with so much hardship. We let her down.”

“Wife, I know, I’ll love Lan’er properly and dearly, and give her everything she didn’t receive before.”

Grandma Shen shook her head. “What I’m most worried about isn’t this, LanLan and her mother’s relationship is bad. YunRong hasn’t been easy for her, but I can’t say anything, but in the end LanLan is still innocent. Seeing her like this, making me feel bad for her.”

Grandma Shen covered her chest, with eyes filled with clear pain and regret.

“My granddaughter is so good and so beautiful, she originally should have been a little princess who hold everything in her hands, but she is separated from us for more than 10 years. And now I’m running out of time, I just want to see my granddaughter to be happy, to be able to find the one who will truly love her, cherish her, and protect her for a lifetime.”

Tears fell down from Grandma Shen’s eyes, and fell on their intertwined hands. The warm liquid burns Grandpa Shen’s heart.

“Wife, rest a.s.sured, I’ll find someone who will loves, cherishes and protects her. Leave it to me.” Grandpa Shen looked at his wife and promised solemnly.

Outside the room, footsteps sounded softly. This time it truly went away, and the two people inside the room didn’t even notice it.

When Sheng QingLan came back, she didn’t see her grandma nor grandpa inside the room. When she asked the nurse, and knew that Grandpa Shen had pushed grandma to go downstairs.

She found the elderly in the garden. This time Grandpa Shen pushed his wife to take a walk, the sunset’s glow shone over their body, made a long figure of shadow behind them.

Grandpa Shen’s face was smiling, unknowingly to what Grandma Shen had said. On Grandma’s face there was a look of nostalgic.

Shen QingLan didn’t immediately go to them, but stood in some place far behind them. Quietly watching the two old people.

To hold hand together, and to grow old together, this sentence was easy to say but was very difficult to do.

In this world there were misunderstanding, temptation, death… there was too many factors that could lead a couple from growing old with each other. But from her Grandpa and Grandma, she could see how deep those words were.

Grandpa Shen didn’t push for a very long time, he stopped and sat down on some chairs nearby and held his wife’s hand. “Wife, I’m old, useless, can’t even push you.”

Grandma Shen smiled softly. “You are all white, how can you not be old? I still remember when I first saw you, you were still a young man. But in the blink of an eye, both of us are already old.”

When she mentioned his youth life, he shed away his usual seriousness and smiled. “I still remember, when you were young, you didn’t go to your peach tree to harvest it, but unexpectedly you climbed it up and caught me up there. Resulting me couldn’t climb back from it.”

Grandma Shen was feeling embarra.s.sed at Grandpa Shen’s old story, and angrily glanced at him. Even though the face was full with wrinkle and made it not to look as beautiful again. For Grandpa Shen as he was seeing this, made him looked at his wife angry face still looks cute and adorable.

“Old man, take me home. I don’t want to live in the hospital anymore.” Grandma Shen said suddenly.

When Grandpa Shen heard it, he immediately understood her wife’s words.

“I don’t know how long my body can last, but in my last day, I just want to be with you, the hospital is just too cold, i don’t want to stay anymore.”

Grandpa Shen was silent for a very long time, but he finally nodded and looked at his wife’s eyes.

“Grandpa, Grandma, you’re here. I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Shen QingLan came over at the right time.

Grandpa Shen told her of Grandma Shen’s decision. Shen QingLan could only glance at her grandpa and grandma, and agreed to it. It this was her grandma’s last wish, she chose to respect it.

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