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Translator: lilcupcakez

Ling Yang College [4]

Xiao Yuan Cheng’s forehead was filled with sweat. In his heart, he wanted to strangle his useless and ignorant daughter, Xiao Ling to death!

Stupid girl! She only knows how to cause him trouble!

Xiao Ling still had no idea how she was wrong. Huang Bei Yue was the ‘waste’ but why is it all of a sudden that everyone began to take her side?

First, it was Concubine Xue and Xiao Yun. Okay, fine! Just now His Royal Highness saved her, and Nan Yi country’s 9th prince as well. Even Xiao Yao w.a.n.g is taking her side!

How come a ‘waste’ has such good luck!

Xiao Ling clenched her teeth harshly. She can’t swallow down this breath!

In Xiao Yao w.a.n.g’s heart, he was very angry. All these years he had been traveling and haven’t returned. Occasionally he heard about the events in Princess Zhang’s Prefecture and knew that Huang Bei Yue is a weak and sick child. He thought that even if Huang Bei Yue was gentle and couldn’t practice martial arts, due to her status she would be able to live a carefree life.

However, today after returning to Nan Yi country, he had gradually heard about the news that Xiao Yuan Cheng’s many concubines were very overbearing. Even the concubines’ daughters would run rampant!

In this type of home, how was Bei Yue’s life like?

He thought that during today’s palace banquet, he might be able to see the child that he used to worry about. Just a while ago he saw that she was sick but her eyes were determined and her expression strong. Due to that, he felt a little better.

But right now Xiao Ling dared to humiliate her in front of an audience and called a ‘waste’, how could he not be angry?!

So she actually hasn’t been living well? So he’s the one who thought that everything was too simple!

Before he promised Princess Zhang to take care of her child but all these years he left the child among a group of monsters!

Looking towards Huang Bei Yue, his eyes were pained.

Due to the movement, it also brought the Emperor and the Empress’s attention over here.

The Emperor accompanied with Princess Ying Ye and His Royal Highness made their way here.

“What happened?” The Emperor walked closer, looking at Xiao Yuan Cheng who pushed his daughter to kneel on the ground. His expression shocked.

“Your majesty, it’s this minister that hasn’t taught his daughter well that she would talk against Xiao Yao w.a.n.g.” Xiao Yuan Cheng hurriedly explained.

He was mumbling to himself in his heart that he was quite unlucky today. If he knew what would have happened, he would never have brought Xiao Ling here. Not only did he offend Xiao Yao w.a.n.g, even the Emperor is unhappy!

Originally the Emperor was already unhappy with Xiao Yuan Cheng who was only a warrior. Now he dared to offend Xiao Yao w.a.n.g, the one person he respected the most. Immediately, he became upset.

Xiao Yao w.a.n.g didn’t continue to pursue. Instead, he opened his folded fan and restored the elegant smile.

“It’s not a big deal. Shocking the Emperor is this minister’s wrong.”

The Emperor also smiled: “Xiao Yao w.a.n.g’s free and easy temperament. Don’t bother with little matters. You won’t lower himself to argue with a child.”

“The Emperor is right.” Xiao Yao w.a.n.g looked at Huang Bei Yue, and smiled: “This minister has one offer that wishes the Emperor will accept.”

“Just go ahead and say, Xiao Yao w.a.n.g!” The Emperor exclaimed.

Xiao Yao w.a.n.g usually was indifferent to fame and fortune. He wanted to live a carefree life and therefore, this was the first time he seeks the Emperor. Obviously, the Emperor will accept his offer!

Xiao Yao w.a.n.g replied in monotone: “A few days later the Ling Yang College will begin the admissions a.s.sessment. This minister wants to recommend someone.”

“This is easy, this Emperor approves! Just don’t know whether this person knows martial arts or….” The Emperor hears and is a bit happy.

The people that Xiao Yao w.a.n.g recommend either have a strong strength or big background. Letting them into Ling Yang College, for Nan Yi country there will only be benefits, not harms.

Xiao Yao w.a.n.g slightly furrowed his eyebrows, smiling: “She’s just a normal person.”

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