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Chapter 80

Provocation from the Strong [4]

She seems to glance at her under the cloak, but she didn’t speak.

Huang Bei Yue looked at Dong Ling with satisfaction. That’s right, just like that, just deal with it coldly.

“Congratulations to Your Majesty to have the help of an expert. Our Nan Yi Country will definitely rule the world in the future. Long live the Emperor!”

The numerous government officials stood up to toast. The Emperor is jubilant, raising the wine cup and drank it all in one mouthful. Then he made the palace maid to fill it up again, turning his body to Dong Ling.

“Being able to get your help, We are deeply honored. This cup I will drink in respect for you.”

Dong Ling stood up. The hand under the cloak held up the wine cup, using the sleeve to cover the face and drinking it in one gulp. The group of officials immediately praised.

“Good! Xi Tian Daren

has a good capacity for liquor ah!”

Just drinking one cup and she has a good capacity for liquor? These official’s ability to flatter other people is quite good ah!

They repeat flattering comments continuously, making the expressions of the experts who are sitting on the other side very ugly!

Xiao Qi Yuan stroke his beard and coldly humphed. The person next to him said: “Venerable Xiao, I heard that you recently went cultivating in seclusion. Presumably, you already have reached the realm of an eight-star summoner. Why don’t you go up and try this Xi Tian, test her skills?”

Xiao Qi Yuan is an old fox, how can he be tricked so easily. He immediately stroke his beard and laughed: “This old man is already old, why argue with the younger generation?”

The power of this Xi Tian, it has spread throughout Lin Huai City. With the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, which is a super spirit beast, and

and the ability to kill a rank 11 red spider spirit beast in one shot, this kind of strength, he doesn’t dare to go and look for trouble.

“Humph! Is Venerable Xiao afraid? That kind of small children, her reputation being spread around like a G.o.d, making you old foxes afraid!”

The other one has a ruddy complexion, around sixty years old. Yet he looks thirty. He coldly humphed.

By mastering their summoning ability to a certain realm/state, one is able to maintain their youthful appearances forever.

This man’s appearance and age have such a huge disparity, one must know that he almost reaches nine-star high level.

“If brother Si Ma has such confidence then you can go up and try.” Xiao Qi Yuan said happily.

Nonconformity gets punished. When he cultivates, he doesn’t only cultivate his skills, he also cultivates his mind.

This Minister of War, Si Ma is indeed one of Nan Yi country’s very best experts. His strength is

strength is only second to the Crown Prince’s teacher. It’s a pity that his character is too impulsive, unable to calm himself.

Moreover, this person is particularly proud and arrogant. He believes that he’s the best in the world, not putting a lot of experts in his eyes.

This Xi Tian who came out of nowhere recently is very popular. Being in the limelight, even the Emperor personally set up the feast just to win her over. How can Si Ma, the Minister of War, be content with that?

“Humph! This old man will go and test her out. Minister of War, Si Ma picked up the wine jug, took a big sip, crudely wiped his mouth clean, smashed the jug and stood up.

His action is aggressive, immediately drawing the attention of others. Even the Emperor who was happy turned to look at him.

“What’s the matter Minister Si Ma?” The Emperor asked with a smile.

This Minister of War, Gui of War, Gui Yan is one of his most capable experts. So it’s only natural for him to treat the expert in an amicable manner. Even though he would occasionally have some disrespectful actions, the Emperor could not bother about it.

Nowadays, the strong is always right.

Minister of War, Gui Yan walked up, holding his two large hands in a fist, roughly said: “Your majesty, today’s palace banquet is a happy occasion, this minister wants to liven things up!”

“Oh?” Hearing that these arrogant summoners want to liven things up in the banquet, the Emperor immediately beaming with joy: “Minister Si Ma, how do you want to liven things up?”

Minister of War, Si Ma pointed his large hands pointed at Dong Ling, said: “I want to challenge her!”

TLN: 司马归燕 – I just want to make sure so 司马 is a t.i.tle, “Minister of War”. And 归燕 is the name, Gui Yan. So it’s Minister of War, Gui Yan?

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