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To Frame and Blame Someone Else [5]

Dong Ling paused a second and looked at Concubine Qin who had distorted their faces from being so angry then continued: “Well the concubines were not officially wed by the Lord. Therefore the names on the lineage wouldn’t have the surname Xiao. So that can’t be described as being a family.”

“You cheap girl! There’s no s.p.a.ce for you to talk here!” Concubine Qin was stabbed by where it hurts, immediately she threw a slap towards Dong Ling.

She still thought that Huang Bei Yue and Dong Ling were those useless servants. But she didn’t know that Dong Ling knew martial arts from childhood. Zhang Gong Zhu had invited teachers over and taught her. In the past, she held it in to protect the young miss! Now she didn’t need to anymore!

Dong Ling raised her hand and caught Concubine Qin’s wrist tightly. This girl’s strength wasn’t small. She immediately grabbed Concubine Qin and she cried out for help!

Concubine Xue watched on the side happy with what’s going on. Seeing that Concubine Qin was being taught a lesson, she was happier than anyone else!

Xiang Yuan Cheng saw and was also shocked. Outside the door came Xiao Zhong Qi’s angry voice: “Stupid girl! How dare you cross the line!”

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