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Chapter 646: Reporting a.s.sets (Part One)

What did it mean to be a professional?

That would be to appear in front of the boss in the shortest possible time when he needed you to. Not to mention the flight from the M Nation to Huaxia, even if it was from h.e.l.l to heaven, he would be obligated to fly there or it would be an embarra.s.sment to his profession!

Lin Chuxue made the call at noon and saw Stenson appear in front of her early the next morning.

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue didn't live with the Ye Family because Xu Cheng didn't want to take Lin Chuxue to meet those elderly people yet, so they stayed in one of Aunt Lan's villas in Yanjing.

Stenson rang the doorbell and the maid came over to open the door for him.

After Stenson went inside, he saw Xu Cheng sitting alone on the lobby sofa, and he quickly leaned over. “Boss, you see I don't even have to adjust this jet lag to fly over here. Seeing how dedicated I am, how about an increase in salary to 10 million for me.”

Xu Cheng: “Don't think that I didn't know that you're cooperating with the four gangs on my behalf. They don't give you enough? I'm afraid your extra investment income alone is more than your salary.”

Stenson smiled awkwardly. “That's a little embarra.s.sing now that you've found out.”

“Don't give me the benefit of the doubt. Do a good job and I won't treat you badly,” Xu Cheng said.

Stenson nodded. “Of course, even if you drive me away now, I won't leave. Even if Madam called me over this time to feed me poison or something, I'm ready for it.”

Having said that, the sound of Lin Chuxue approaching in her heels came from the second-floor staircase.

Stenson sat up in a straight manner because the boss said that his direct superior would be the madam, and the boss's money will presumably be directly managed by her in the future, so he had to look a bit professional.

Lin Chuxue was surprised to see Stenson sitting in the lobby.

“A professional manager sure is competent,” Lin Chuxue complimented him with a smile.

Stenson said with a righteous face, “Madam, I have to live up to the salary I get, and frankly the ones who are more capable than me are more eager than I am, and those who are more eager than me aren't more capable than I am. To be honest, my greatest strength isn't money management, but my visionary ability for life planning and for investing.”

“Uh huh?” Lin Chuxue nodded, feeling like this guy could really bluff. “Such as?”

Stenson: “When the boss came to interview me, for example, he didn't make any verbal promises, nor did he tell me anything about salary, requirements, or even what to do. But I still obliged and followed my boss because I knew that he wasn't an ordinary person at first glance, and I wasn't wrong, which is the biggest advantage that many of my peers don't have!”

This not only showed his own capability, but also very successfully brownosed his boss Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng chuckled. “Are you sure it wasn't because your peers all spurned you at that time, and you chose me out of desperation when you didn't have the money to get married or buy a house?”

Stenson coughed. “Boss, I'm not going to tell you much. Let's just say that you're amazing, you're the closest to the most awesome person I've ever met in my life, and you're so cool. For someone above average like you, you chose me out of everybody else, so doesn't that say something about me? You know what those four gangs are saying now? What kind of boss brings out what kind of subordinates.”

This wave of reverse flattery was very effective since Xu Cheng was now too happy to scold him any further.

Lin Chuxue laughed. “Okay, you're just afraid that I called you here to fire you. Don't worry, as long as you do your job properly, I won't fire you.”

Stenson let out a sigh of relief. “I'm relieved then.”

Lin Chuxue coughed, although she was anxious on the inside, her man was so calm that she had to act a little more elegant and dignified. Therefore, she thought for a while before asking Stenson, “Let me test you. Report to me all of Xu Cheng's a.s.sets without missing anything. If you try to hide or miss anything, then I will fire you.”

Stenson nodded and said righteously, “No problem at all. Can we start now, Madam?”

Lin Chuxue lifted her cup of tea that was handed over by the maid and blew very elegantly on the hot surface as she nodded. “Okay.”

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