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Chapter 22: More People?

Zhou Tianyin stared fixedly at the G.o.dly Tomb Flower. Heiban stared at the G.o.dly Tomb Flower, Ju Men also stared at the G.o.dly Tomb Flower!

Everybody thought that Ying Sheng was about to take the G.o.dly Tomb Flower, yet circ.u.mstances changed unexpectedly. Suddenly, a long whip opened Ying Sheng's hand, then a huge stream of air abruptly sent the G.o.dly Tomb Flower into the skies. Following that, w.a.n.g Xiong also strangely appeared before everyone holding a little tiger.

"w.a.n.g Xiong? How can it be you?" Ying Sheng howled in disbelief.

"What? You haven't escaped? Why haven't you escaped?" Ju Men saw the little tiger and immediately became alarmed.

In order to incapacitate Heiban, Ju Men had Ju Shou take the little tiger away while he brought the rest of the demonic tigers to obstruct Hei Ban. No matter what happened, at least, the little tiger would go out.

How come it's back again? Then had everything that he'd done come to naught?

"Pill tiger?" In fact, Hei Ban became ecstatic.

"Haha haha, the pill tiger has returned. All disciples of the G.o.dly Tomb Sect, come back to me, return to G.o.dly Tomb Palace Hall!" Hei Ban roared loudly.


Hei Ban's voice instantly reverberated all around G.o.dly Tomb Mountain.

In the surrounding areas, all of the elders who're looking for the little tiger as well as disciples were immediately startled as they looked towards the mountaintop in astonishment. After that, they quickly rushed towards the mountaintop.

Not only Hei Ban, Ying Sheng also saw the little tiger. Originally angered, in the next second, he turned ecstatic.

Not long ago, he suffered at w.a.n.g Xiong's hand. That's because w.a.n.g Xiong controlled the winds. That was w.a.n.gfield Xiong's home field. But now, they're within the Gravity Domain, where he is G.o.d. This is his home field.

G.o.dly Tomb Flower, pill tiger, and that saint ranked whip are all his. Even w.a.n.g Xiong is about to die here!

Ying Sheng trembled with excitement for a moment.

w.a.n.g Xiong also saw everything around him clearly, how everybody stared longingly at the little tiger in his bosom. w.a.n.g Xiong smiled a bit coldly.

"Little thing, it seems that spending the last two days underground was beneficial. The fragrance from your body has surprisingly been purified by the G.o.dly Tomb Flower. They haven't smelled it!" w.a.n.g Xiong spoke with a light smile.

"Bang!" w.a.n.g Xiong fell on the ground.

At the same time, the whip in his hand brandished.

Immediately, he brought the G.o.dly Tomb Flower towards himself.

"Impudent!" Hei Ban's eyes glared as he bellowed.

"This is the Gravity Domain supported by four tortoises?" w.a.n.g Xiong's eyes flashed in surprise.

At the same time, he saw Hei Ban outside and everything became clear to him. He laughed coldly as he spoke towards Hei BAn. "Impudent? Hei Ban, you deceived and exterminated your master, that ought to be impudent, right?"

"You!" Hei Ban's complexion changed.

Hei Ban was stirred into anger, but Ying Sheng wasn't, because Ying Sheng dominated the Gravity Domain. Even if w.a.n.g Xiong had taken the G.o.dly Tomb Flower, so what. Wouldn't everything become his anyway?

Ying Sheng was only worried that Zhou Tianyin had been watching everything carefully, so he needed to be careful of when he made his move. Ying Sheng knew that Zhou Tianyin could only operate her heaven's eye for the period of time it took to burn a stick of incense. It's noon now, the appointed time he and Zhou Tianyin had agreed upon previously.

After an incense's time, he'll make his move. As far as what the G.o.dly Tomb Sect disciples will see, so what? They're the enemy. How could the enemy's words be trustworthy? Once w.a.n.g Xiong dies, Father will have an excuse to handle everything.


w.a.n.g Xiong had taken hold of the G.o.dly Tomb Flower.

He carefully examined the strange smell emitted by the huge flower. The upper half of the flower was pure white while the lower half was pitch-black. It could purify Yin demonic energy into pure vital essence.

"G.o.dly Tomb Flower, I can see it again!" Excitement flashed in w.a.n.g Xiong's eyes.

In his previous life, w.a.n.g Xiong also merely saw it once. Even though he'd used the Heaven Suppressing Yin Demon formation many times, he'd never birthed a G.o.dly Tomb Flower. The appearance of this kind of flower was practically the Will of Heaven and was even more rare.

"When I encountered it last time, I didn't treasure it. Only when all of the Yin and Yang energy inside of you blended then dissipated did I understand your value. Heh! This time, I won't repeat the same mistake!" Resolution flashed in w.a.n.g Xiong's eyes.

"Marquis, should we seize it?" A subordinate general asked softly.

Ying Sheng didn't take notice of him, and instead looked towards w.a.n.g Xiong as he chided him. "w.a.n.g Xiong, this G.o.dly Tomb Flower belongs to Tianyin!"

Ying Sheng knew that Zhou Tianyin is watching through her heaven's eye. He currently berated w.a.n.g Xiong to earn goodwill with her.

At the base of Placid Cloud Mountain.

Zhou Tianyin observed w.a.n.g Xiong's arrival in astonishment. Just as before, she displayed an expression of amazement.

Only when Ying Sheng spoke did the crowd of people regain their wits.

"Elder Sister, why did the Marquis of Ten Thousand Victories berate w.a.n.g Xiong? Is it even possible for that w.a.n.g Xiong to cheat him out of the G.o.dly Tomb Flower? Didn't he enter G.o.dly Tomb Mountain to pick the G.o.dly Tomb Flower for you?" Zhou Chi spoke with an att.i.tude of a matter of course.

Zhou Tianyin was also quite puzzled.

She immediately controlled her heaven's eye to emit a ray of G.o.dly light.

"Hum!" The G.o.dly light carried sound as a huge breath which charged straight inside the Gravity Domain.

"w.a.n.g Xiong, thank you for helping me pick the G.o.dly Tomb Flower. Zhou Tianyin here can't thank you enough. I hope the two of you can make harmony a priority and sincerely cooperate to quickly get out of the trap!" Zhou Tianyin's voice suddenly transmitted.

Ju Men and Hei Ban's complexions sunk.

Ying Sheng actually exposed a trace of a soft smile. "Tianyin, don't worry, the G.o.dly Tomb Flower has already been picked on your behalf. As long as w.a.n.g Xiong cooperate with me, I'll ensure his safety!" The meaning concealed in Ying Sheng's words was simple. If w.a.n.g Xiong, doesn't cooperate with me, then even his death can't atone for his crimes.

Zhou Tianyin was a bit taciturn and didn't know what to say for a moment, because Zhou Tianyin could discern the murderous intent Ying Sheng had against w.a.n.g Xiong. However, she's outside of the G.o.dly Tomb mountain range, which is beyond her influence. She also didn't know…….

While Zhou Tianyin was filled with anxiety, w.a.n.g Xiong's eyebrows actually furrowed slightly. "Who says I picked the G.o.dly Tomb Flower for you?"

"Huh?" Ying Sheng and Zhou Tianyin's group of people all stared blankly.

"w.a.n.g Xiong, what're you saying?" Zhou Tianyin's voice was filled with doubt.

Didn't w.a.n.g Xiong enter the G.o.dly Tomb mountain range in order to show off before her? Wasn't it so that he could pick the flower for her? However, what did he mean just now?

"I entered G.o.dly Tomb mountain to pick the flower without borrowing a smidgeon of power from you. On the contrary, I was nearly killed outside of Wind Valley. You should stop thinking about the G.o.dly Tomb Flower. It's mine, something that I obtained myself!" w.a.n.g Xiong spoke coldly as he held onto the G.o.dly Tomb Flower.

He's not giving Zhou Tianyin the flower?

Zhou Chi, Fourth Prince, and w.a.n.g Zhong were all stunned.

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