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Chapter 484: The lady of Fog Isle (1)

Translated by: La0o9

Proofreader: Arya

Ye Fei Li then told Su Xue Er clearly about the current situation.

The magic and abilities only seen in legends have appeared in the human realm.

The weapons of Huang Quan had also begun to find their new masters.

Even human lifespan has become much longer due to cultivation.

Under that situation, it couldn’t be helped that there were some who happen to cultivate faster than others, becoming arrogant and full of themselves from wielding powers they didn’t have before.

A few began to form their own organizations, others refused to conform to the rules and laws of society and began to do things as they like.

In short, the order formed through thousand years of traditions was shaking and about to collapse from everyone’s individual strength suddenly growing.

After hearing everything, Su Xue Er still didn’t think too much of it.

She looked at Ye Fei Li and asked: “What is your relationship with Qing Shan?”

“He saved me from destruction and corruption, so I follow his guidance. I’m not really sure how to identify this relationship” Ye Fei Li thought for a bit and answered.

He waved behind himself.

An innocent-looking young girl appeared by his side.

“Come, greet your sister-in-name” Ye Fei Li said. (1)

“h.e.l.lo, sister-in-name” the young girl smiled amiably.

“h.e.l.lo” Su Xue Er accepted that way of referring to her as she observed the girl.

Then, she moved her hand slightly.

She threw out a grey card that scattered to become a thick grey mist in mid air, enveloping the girl.

The grey mist quickly shrunk to become a crystal ball.

The crystal ball then fell into Su Xue Er’s hand.

Su Xue Er squinted her eyes, staring at the crystal ball.

She told Ye Fei Li: “Do not be alarmed, it’s because she’s a soul that I can see what she went through”

Countless images appeared in Su Xue Er’s eyes before disappearing.

Wandering souls don’t have a solid body so they can’t stop the probing of a card user.

Everything that happened to this girl within the last 1 year appeared in Su Xue Er’s eyes.

“So something like that… happened”

Su Xue Er muttered.

Ye Fei Li asked: “Are you looking at her past?”

“Of course, I won’t arbitrarily trust any random stranger” Su Xue Er said bluntly.

But her att.i.tude towards Ye Fei Li was already much less distant.

From what she saw, this man was really quite close to Gu Qing Shan.

“What do you want me to do then? Help you?” Su Xue Er asked.

“Not help us”

Ye Fei Li continued: “Gu Qing Shan went through so much trouble to fuse the two worlds, so he probably doesn’t want everything to mess up and be this chaotic”

“The cultivation system and scriptures were also things that he established after a long hours of effort and experiments”

“Now that he’s not here, we just want you to chime in a little bit and help him take care of this world”

Su Xue Er went silent briefly.

I used to have a cultivation scripture that Gu Qing Shan gave me.

Unfortunately, I lost it.

I’ve already known most of what Gu Qing Shan had done lately from that weapon of Huang Quan.

Thinking back, Gu Qing Shan in fact did spend a lot of effort to save this world.

Everything here are the results of Gu Qing Shan’s blood and tears.

Thinking that, Su Xue Er nodded: “I can promise that”

Everyone’s attention focused on her.

Su Xue Er solemnly declared: “From now on, as one of the 9 Lords, I support the results of your discussion, and I hope that those villains are bound by law, no longer bringing trouble to this world”

Both the President and Monarch Varona had clear looks of joy in their eyes.

If the 9 Lords were willing to cooperate with the two most powerful countries in the world, then this world would very quickly return to the era of order and peace.

No matter how powerful the individual, they wouldn’t be able to go against these three large organizations.

The world’s order will be kept.

“Then our meeting has been concluded” the President joyfully said.

At this time, a screen was projected from everyone’s Holo-Brains.

The 9 Lords were sitting at a press conference.

A graceful female voice came.

[Two pivotal announcements are currently being broadcasted live]

[The Freedom Confederate’s 9 Lords have made out the following announcements:]

[From now on, all weapons of Huang Quan belong to the 9 Lords, those who willingly submit to them will receive compensation in Credits, those who resist will immediately be arrested]

[The second, in the same press conference, the 9 Lords had confirmed that 64 out of 100 top Combatants of the world are currently serving under the 9 Lords, as they declare the formation of the Grand Cultivation Alliance]

The voice from their Holo-Brain stopped.

Su Xue Er was stunned.

At this moment, her mother, Madame Su had just stood up.

Madame Su was speaking on behalf of the Su family.

[The formation of the Grand Cultivation Alliance represents authority that exceeds borders and countries. From today onward, the 9 Lords will bear the responsibility and duty for leading this world forward]

[The 9 Lords will create a const.i.tution that will better fit the new world’s order]

Su Xue Er silently watched all this happen.

Everyone else in the room said nothing and remained silent.

They all know the relationship between Su Xue Er and Gu Qing Shan, so they knew it wasn’t the place to say anything else.

Su Xue Er bit her lip and silently turned off her Holo-Brain.

“Your name was… Ye Fei Li?” Su Xue Er abruptly asked.

“That’s right, I’m Ye Fei Li”

“Gu Qing Shan had always treated you like a dear brother, and you know that as well, yes?”

“Of course, he has taken care of me a lot, this I engrave deeply in my heart”

“Very well”

Su Xue Er solemnly took out a glittering blood-red card.

“Take it, this is a card I happened upon when I was pa.s.sing through Devil Town, it will be useful for you”

Ye Fei Li waved his hands to refuse: “There’s no need for that, I haven’t done anything yet, I can’t possibly take your things”

“Take it, I will treat you the same way that Qing Shan does, consider it my meeting gift to you” Su Xue Er said.

She said nothing else and lightly flung the card forward.

It was flying towards Ye Fei Li.

Ye Fei Li could only catch it.

The card suddenly disappeared in his hand.

Ye Fei Li was surprised as he looked at his hand and searched all over himself.

There was nothing.

Where did the card go?

“Ye Fei Li, protect this place, if Gu Qing Shan returns, please tell me immediately”

Saying so, Su Xue Er walked out of the mansion.

From moments unknown, she had already grasped a scepter in hand.

The door was already open.

Su Xue Er left.

“Where are you going?” Ye Fei Li loudly shouted from behind.

Su Xue Er didn’t bother to stop or turn around, only replying: “I need to protect this world in his place”

Zhang Ying Hao who has been sitting still since a while ago suddenly stood up and chased after her.

“What is it?” Liao Xing also walked up and asked.

“She is Gu Qing Shan’s girl, if she went against the 9 Lords alone and something happens to her, it won’t be easy for us to say anything to Qing Shan” Zhang Ying Hao hurriedly explained.

“No way, there’s still us” Ye Fei Li also chased after Zhang Ying Hao.

“Go, the entire Confederate, all its citizens and military that aren’t aristocrats will be your support” the President said.

The Holo-Brain in his hand lit up, signaling that Impartial G.o.ddess had connected.

Monarch Varona also took out her Holo-Brain to connect to Iron Shroud.

The weapons of Huang Quan also followed after Zhang Ying Hao and Ye Fei Li.

They all went outside.

Only to see that Su Xue Er was standing on the empty field by the mansion, raising the scepter in her hand.

“What is she doing?” Ye Fei Li asked.

“I’m not sure, but I can sense that it’s not good” Zhang Ying Hao replied.

Su Xue Er was chanting something.

She then stabbed the scepter into the ground.


Dust was kicked up as intense wind started to gather around.

A majestic and loud voice resounded from the void of s.p.a.ce.

[Master of Law and Punishment, heir to the Infinite Worlds Blood River, owner of the white robe and scepter, esteemed lady of Fog Isle, I heed your call]

The dust settled.

A monster donned in thick armor slowly descended.

The monster’s body was as large as the mountain itself, with two large horns on its head and a pair of wings clad in grey mist on its back.

“It’s good that you’ve come” Su Xue Er said.

The monster opened his eyes to show a pair of vertical irises, kneeling down on one knee as he faced the mountain.

It asked very politely: “Milady, would you like to summon the army to ma.s.sacre all living beings in this world?”


(1) sister-in-name: The original word means “sister-in-law” or “wife of my good brother”, but it doesn’t make sense in this context since Ye Fei Li and Gu Qing Shan aren’t blood brothers. The word is also used quite a bit more loosely since CN have a long tradition of sworn brothers and sister – not actually born from the same mother and father but have a close relationship that resembles such, a good example of sworn brothers are Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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