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Chapter 955: Big Druid

When a pair of wings emerged behind Abel, he felt his body getting lighter. Despite being 5 meters tall, he no longer needed the tree of life for support. Instead, he began to float.

However, the transformation did not stop there. Each scale on him began to sparkle blue and finally turned into blue magic patterns.

He was wrapped in blue scales from head to tail. Other than his eyes, his entire body was protected by those scales. On his throat, there was an extra-large blue scale stranded with gold guarding this vulnerable area.

He felt blood pumping through his heart. Compared to his powerful bones and muscle, his weakest spot was his heart.

The transformation actually didn’t take long, but since Abel had his world stone ability ignited, he could sense very little detail.

When Abel completed the transformation, he sensed his druid soul began to change. He remembered from the legends that the soul of wizards changed when they became Law Defying wizards.

This alteration of the soul allowed a wizard to rely less on his body. In other words, the rank of his soul would be higher than his body.

Although he didn’t know this was the case with big druids as well, he felt like his Druid soul was doing exactly that at that moment.

Big Druid Conrad suddenly paused as his volcano spell. He turned to Abel in his blue dragon form and gasped, “A Dragon Druid!”

He couldn’t understand how a rank 18 druid could become a big druid in an instant.

But he was not mistaken. A dragon druid was a special branch of big druids. They were the rarest beings and were only doc.u.mented in legends. Still, he had only heard of druids becoming pseudo dragons, never giant dragons in one go.

A dragon Druid only had a chance of becoming a giant dragon after countless slow and painful training and methods to thicken their dragon blood, but Abel had done so just like that.

In reality, descendants of a dragon were not rare since the dragons had left many offspring on different continents, but their blood grew weaker with each generation.

Transforming into a giant dragon took a high concentration of dragon blood. Only the ones truly recognized by the dragons could do so.

However, Big Druid Conrad soon thought of the G.o.ddess and the tree of life. No matter how strange, nothing was impossible with their involvement.

Afterward, he began drawing his spells again. All Master Bennett needed was time. Their spirit grew. They still had a chance.

Abel could clearly sense the changes in his soul at his current rank, and it was getting solidified.

The tree of life had ignited the blue dragon’s transformation ability within him. At first, this was impossible for Abel’s rank 20 form, but the tree of life had supplied him with sufficient energy and repaired the damage he caused to his body by forcefully using this spell.

When Abel became a rank 20 wizard, his druid soul was also affected. Therefore, his priest and druid rank also caught on to rank 20.

It was the mutual a.s.sistant of the souls. Although the druid soul lacked the consciousness of the main soul, it had a machine-like intelligence. Therefore, it would not fight for dominance with the main soul, and both of them could help each other level up. At the end of the day, the Druid soul was still a part of his main soul.

After the dragon transformation spell was forcefully unleashed, he sensed his druid soul leveled up. His druid soul turned from a cloud-like state into a water-like state. With the tree of life’s support, he was safe.

It would be a huge joke for a being like the tree of life if it couldn’t even help a little druid level up.

The tree of life’s power did not lie in battle. It was the best support, and Abel was now enjoying its benefits.

Abel felt more and more attached to his surroundings through his soul. With each breath he took, the forces of nature rushed through his body. Of course, it was still in the control of the druid soul.

Since he was merged with the transformation necklace, he would not be afraid of anyone doubting his druid ident.i.ty in the face of any powerful beings.

However, he never expected to become a big druid so quickly, and he could feel his druid abilities dramatically change.

At least he no longer felt pressured as he watched the 5 big druids battling the 4 mad knights.

This meant he was now the rank of those figures in front of him. At the same time, he also knew his druid soul could sustain more powerful spells.

However, because this level up was a forced one, he still needed some time to understand and get a hold of the natural force.

Just when he thought he had completed the level up, his Druid soul began to affect his main soul, and changes also emerged from his main soul.

The tree of life had almost endless amounts of energy, and the transformation of his main soul needed just as much energy. Once again, the tree of life acted as support, and another level-up began.

Just like last time, Abel lost his consciousness and floated still in mid-air. Leveling up was the most vulnerable state a wizard could find himself in. He was completely defenseless, and Abel was leveling up on a battlefield just like that.

As changes began to take place in his main soul, the law of lightning and law of ice were ignited, and they began to react to the changes.

Normally the changes of the soul would only happen after a wizard had ignited the power of law, but Abel’s situation was too special. It was almost impossible to recreate a situation where a wizard with 2 souls had leveled up because his other soul had leveled up.

There were 2 steps to becoming a law-defying wizard. The first was to draw out all the patterns of law and form a full set of law in the soul, which Abel had already done Abel perfectly.

He not only had a law of lightning but a law of ice as well. The reason he waited to ignite the law of ice was that he wanted the law of lightning to be his dominant one.

However, he could no longer choose. Both of those laws were ignited simultaneously.

Normally this was a suicidal move as the ignition was the second step of becoming a law-defying wizard. During this step, the power of law would try to swallow the body. If a wizard could sustain it, they would successfully become a law-defying wizard, but if they failed, the power of law would shatter along with the wizard core, causing the wizard to die.

Therefore it was an extremely dangerous step, and trying to ignite 2 laws at once would double the risk.

As his soul continued to change, Lightning elements and ice elements emerged on his body and began their crazy corrosion.

The difference between a law-defying wizard lied in their soul, not the body. Although it could strengthen the body a little, it was unnoticeable.

Therefore the damage the level up could bring to the body was catastrophic, and it was only the beginning.

When the ice element emerged, Abel’s skin and muscles were immediately damaged. As the ice element continued, the damage would reach his bones.

If he couldn’t sustain it, his entire body freeze, and his organs would fall apart.

If used mainly fire, his internals would start to burn, and at the end, he would turn into a pile of ash.

The lightning element was just the same. Therefore a law-defying wizard level up needed large amounts of preparation, like leveling up potions to counteract those damage, for example.

Recovery potions were useless because all the potions needed to be taken in before they leveled up. Since leveling up was always unpredictable, the effects of recovery potions would fade long before a caster actually leveled up.

Normally potions that increased success rates and element counteracting potions were longer-lasting, so many of them were made for law-defying wizards level up.

Despite that, the success rate was still very low for most wizards. Therefore, the organization behind that wizard sacrificed many resources, and the wizard himself would need to take a huge risk to level up.

However, Abel was leveling up without any preparation. This was a huge risk on its own, and he ignited 2 law patterns at once on top of that.

If he had a choice, he wouldn’t have done so. He just wanted the law of lightning at the end of the day.

However, the form he was in played a huge role. Even though he was only the length of a young dragon, he was a true blue dragon, the weakest giant dragon besides a baby dragon. Therefore, despite the elements continuing to corrode his body, his life force remained stable.

Besides, he also got the tree of life as support. Large amounts of life force gushed in him, and he would recover as soon he was damaged.

“What is happening? Why are there frozen wounds on Master Bennett’s body? This is not something becoming a big druid should happen!” Big Druid Conrad thought to himself as he saw the change in Abel.

The battle was near its climax, and it was entirely dependent on Big Druid Lendo using the Light healing potion. They were gambling with their life. Although the 4 big druids at the back would be attacked by aura from time to time, they didn’t inflict that much damage.

This was why Big Druid Conrad could pay attention to Abel.

The ice element came from Abel’s blue dragon transformation, but where did the lightning come from?

Big Druid Conrad was confused, but he soon shifted his attention back to the battle. After all, the tree of life was mysterious, and using it as an explanation for every unexplainable matter was quite logical.

Abel didn’t know what was going on. The level up of a law-defying wizard needed mana, but the life force of the tree of life had completely made up for that.

He sensed his wizard core slowly liquified and merged with his water-like soul. His wizard core had stayed with him ever since he became a wizard, and now it had finally merged with his soul.

He slowly regained his consciousness, and he could truly sense the power of his soul. However, he still had a final step, and that’s where a huge problem arrived.

Both the skill sets he inherited from the Lightning clan and the Blizzard clan needed him to draw out a rank 21 wizard pattern on his soul with his power of the will, which was then replenished by the power of law until a full set of law emerged from the pattern he drew.

With 2 powers of law ignited simultaneously and only one wizard pattern, what should he do?

At that moment, no one could help him. He had gotten more than any other wizard could hope for with 2 sets of inheritance.

But he was facing his soul. He could get himself killed if he was not careful. He didn’t want to take any more risks.

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