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Chapter 869: Kill!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Augustus and Ceci stopped and turned around, glaring coldly at Laerin and the rest.

Laerin's gaze was calm before his eyes finally revealed a spirited glint. He said mildly, "The person you've secretly informed - have they arrived? That's good. I don't feel like searching for them one by one. Since they're here, come out."

Electric snakes twisted around Laerin's body constantly. These electric snakes were a manifestation of the natural order which was condensed to the extreme. Most ultimate existences could not do this at all.

Sirin and Hayrin stood behind Laerin. The three second-grade ultimate existences exuded a force that faintly caused countless life forms in the surrounding dimensions to shudder.

Even Augustus and Ceci changed their expressions as they hurriedly glanced back.


Suddenly, a roar ripped through the Void Zone. Laerin and the rest were quite flabbergasted.

Augustus and Ceci were pleased. "The Glory Lord is finally here!"

When they previously received news that Merlin had already returned to Glory City, they stopped here. Now that Merlin had arrived at last, they could rest easy.

Soon, an incomparably gigantic monster appeared in the s.p.a.cious Void Zone. Its colossal frame was much bigger than most dimensions.

"Slothful Beast?"

The eyes of Laerin and the rest shone. This was a Slothful Beast, only to be found through luck. First-grade ultimate existences were helpless against the Slothful Beast.

Only ultimate existences of the second-grade or higher could injure the Slothful Beast slightly but even then, the damage was limited. As for controlling the Slothful Beast, that was a fool's dream. Forget about them. Even a third-grade ultimate existence like the Great Light Honorable Lord was unable to control the Slothful Beast.

Nonetheless, there was a Slothful Beast present now. On its back stood a black-robed figure. From the looks of it, this person could steer the gigantic Slothful Beast.

"To be able to control and steer the Slothful Beast, how wonderful! If we can gain this method of control, won't our capabilities be greatly enhanced among the second-grade of ultimate existences?"

Laerin, Sirin, and Hayrin were all at the ultimate second-grade. They knew profoundly how scary the Slothful Beast was. Although second-grade ultimate existences could injure the Slothful Beast, it was too difficult to kill it. If they could obtain the method of controlling the Slothful Beast, in one leap, they would immediately become existences second only to the Great Light Honorable Lord.

All at once, they were incomparably covetous. Compared to searching for the Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension, they cared more about this method of commanding the Slothful Beast. After all, even if they had located the Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension, they would hand it over to the Great Light Honorable Lord's control. They would not gain any benefits. However, controlling a Slothful Beast was different. That would increase their strength tangibly!

"Just you? It looks like those two Light Envoys were killed by you? Just this Slothful Beast alone is insufficient for you to kill them. You're not even a mere ultimate existence yet. The Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension that those two mentioned must be real."

At a glance, Laerin could tell that Merlin was not even an ultimate existence, and thus unable to kill the two Light Envoys. No matter how puny those two were, they were still at the peak of the ultimate first-grade. In this rural region, no one was stronger than the two Light Envoys.

Nonetheless, they linked this to the person who was commanding the Slothful Beast and controlling the Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension. Luring those two Light Envoys into the dimension, in addition to controlling the Slothful Beast - the fearsome power that could erupt in the confinement dimension could have killed those two Light Envoys.

The more Laerin thought about it, the more this seemed likely. Still, he was not enraged. Those were merely two Light Envoys. If they could obtain the method of manipulating the Slothful Beast, so what if even more Light Envoys died?

"You dare to kill the Light Envoys of our Great Light Region - how brave! Oh well, we'll capture you first, then take our time to question you."

Laerin stuck first. He was even observing Sirin and Hayrin. There was only one Slothful Beast, which would augment his capability. Laerin would not allow anyone to compete for this.

Therefore, he used his strongest power in the first blow. All of the power of the natural order in his body exploded at once. Electric snakes swiftly gathered, turning into an enormous lightning serpent.


The lightning serpent transformed from the natural order stretched its jaws, hissing as it flew toward Merlin. Furthermore, as an ultimate existence, Laerin could wield the natural order of the Void Zone, incessantly amplifying the giant lightning serpent. Therefore, as the lightning serpent dashed forward wildly, its might became more terrifying. In the blink of an eye, it had exploded in size many times over with dreadful power. Who knew how much stronger it was than those two Curved Horn Creatures?

"It looks like you're Light Guardians, ultimate existences of the second-grade!"

Merlin stared at the lightning serpent of overbearing might. Compared to most ultimate existences who had controlled the power of the natural order, second-grade ultimate existences were much, much stronger. Furthermore, the power of the natural order was more concentrated. Each strand would contain unparalleled power, capable to easily wiping out innumerable dimensions.

Merlin drew in a deep breath, and shut his eyes lightly.


A thunderous crash sounded, weighing heavily on everyone's heart, too unpleasant to bear.

As for Merlin, he had now transformed into a giant golden light. The black robe he wore was somehow glistening with golden rays, emitting a majestic and terrifying force!

That deafening crash earlier was due to Merlin using his hand in a direct, ruthless grip. That giant lightning serpent seemed to possess consciousness, snarling ferociously, yet it was unable to escape from Merlin's golden grasp.


With a loud cry, the golden light grew blinding, and pure energy exploded instantly. The power of the natural order in the lightning serpent was smashed and scattered. Upon encountering the golden light, it rapidly melted like snow under a blazing sun.

"What? This… This is…"

Laerin's face changed quickly as he watched the giant golden light. He could not be more shocked than he already was. Even though he was a second-grade ultimate existence, he was still stunned.

"The Vestigial Tribe's ultimate weapon, rumored to be their peak power, an unrivaled weapon that could match the ancient Thirty-six Emperors - the Golden Ray Armor!"

"So the legends were true…"

Sirin and Hayrin were second-grade ultimate existences as well. When they spotted Merlin's Golden Ray Armor, they immediately recognized that this was the Vestigial Tribe's legendary Golden Ray Armor.

Although the Golden Ray Armor was so few it could be counted on one hand, the Great Light Honorable Lord had controlled two of the Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension and gained many of their treasures.

Although they had not obtained any of the Vestigial Tribe's three mighty armors, they had received detailed data about those armors. Naturally, as an unrivaled weapon that could contend against the ancient Thirty-six Emperors, the Golden Ray Armor was most prioritized by the Great Light Honorable Lord.

Although it was said that the Golden Ray Armor could not be utilized without the Vestigial Tribe's Brain of Life, the Great Light Honorable Lord was not concerned, still searching everywhere for the armor.

His main objective in looking for the Vestigial Tribe's confinement dimension was to obtain the Golden Ray Armor. In the end, the Vestigial Tribe was destroyed by the Thirty-six Emperors. If the Golden Ray Armor existed, it was surely placed in a confinement dimension.

Laerin and the rest were somewhat speechless. They did not think that the Golden Ray Armor the Great Light Honorable Lord had been dreaming of would show up here. Moreover, it was more astounding that someone could use the Golden Ray Armor.

"You're the Vestigial Tribe? No, the Vestigial Tribe's body has a unique composition. Anyone with the Vestigial Tribe's blood couldn't gain any power from the Void Zone. Although your power isn't that strong, it's close to an ultimate existence. You can't be from the Vestigial Tribe. However, if not, how can you use the Golden Ray Armor?"

Laerin was completely perplexed but Hayrin and Sirin behind him had turned mad with desire. Merlin was not the Vestigial Tribe but could activate the Golden Ray Armor. If they could get it, would they still need to obey the Great Light Honorable Lord's orders?

They could even use the Golden Ray Armor to kill the Great Light Honorable Lord in one blow, becoming the new ruler of the Great Light Region!

Therefore, Hayrin and Sirin did not give Merlin a chance to recover his breath, striking instantly. It was a full-force attack. The Void Zone's power of the natural order was intense to the extreme, slightly even more fearsome than the origin of the natural order which Flarite had attracted.

Nonetheless, they were blinded by greed, forgetting that Merlin had the Golden Ray Armor. How could they compare to him?

"Gravitational field!"

Invisible energy fluctuations emerged from Merlin, enveloping Laerin and the rest. Their bodies instantly turned sluggish as if there was endless pressure coming from all sides.

Nonetheless, the gravitational field could only affect them slightly. Merlin knew that without unleashing the annihilation function, he could not handle the three of them.

Therefore, the golden giant waved both hands. An unseen energy that made everyone trembled swiftly extended outward.

"Annihilation function!"

Back then, the Atlan Dimension Core had been largely consumed to activate the annihilation function once. This used up too much energy but this was because Merlin was simply relying on a program to control the Golden Ray Armor, thus unable to unleash its full power.

Otherwise, the true strength of the Golden Ray Armor was on par with the Thirty-six Emperors. The annihilation function was meant for existences like the Thirty-six Emperors. Even they would have to avoid it.

If the Golden Ray Armor was at full power, just the gravitational field could easily crush second-grade ultimate existences. As for third-grade ultimate existences, the Golden Ray Armor would not need to resort to annihilation either.

However, Merlin was not truly from the Vestigial Tribe and did not have the Brain of Life. He could not wield the full power of the Golden Ray Armor, so he could only unleash its most frightening power - the annihilation function!

The overwhelming annihilation function spread soundlessly toward Laerin and the rest. Everything that it touched - any form of energy was disintegrated, including Sirin and Hayrin's strongest attack. Even the natural order which filled the s.p.a.ce, after encountering the annihilation function, was silently broken down and dispersed.

At this point, those three had sensed the unseen hazard. How could they not understand? The true threat was Merlin who looked as if he was not an ultimate existence. He was the one who had killed the two Light Envoys.

Currently, even these three formidable Light Guardians, second-grade ultimate existences, were faced with the death threat!

"Sizzle sizzle sizzle."

Three soft hisses - the power of the natural order covering the three Light Guardians could not halt the annihilation function at all. In an instant, they were reduced to ashes without even time to plead for their lives.

"Don't let their treasures go to waste!"

Merlin reached out and grabbed their rings just in time. He inspected with his Mind Power. As expected, they contained treasures such as the Aurora warship. Merlin had acted in time, not letting the annihilation function destroy these treasures.

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