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Merlin turned around and saw that it was the slightly chubby Wizard Ryllis.

"Wizard Ryllis."

Merlin flashed a smile. He did not know many people in the Dark Magic Region, only a few. Ryllis had gone through the mission in Donglin City with him, so they knew each other quite well.

"Are you really choosing a First-level spell?"

After Wizard Ryllis saw the 'Guardian Monument' in Merlin's hands, she showed a hint of surprise. Now, Merlin's name was almost known throughout the whole Dark Magic Region.

Almost everyone knew that he was a Six-Elemental Spell Caster. Once Merlin had leveled up and become a First-level Spell Caster, he would be the most excellent genius in the history of Dark Magic Region, surpa.s.sing even Kleis!

However, even Seventh-level Spell Casters did not take Merlin as their student. This showed that they were not confident in Merlin becoming a First-level Spell Caster. Thus, many people were sure that Merlin would leave Dark Magic Region in dismay after two years.

Merlin naturally knew what Ryllis meant, but he shook his head slightly. He said in a cool tone. "I'm only here to take a look at the First-level spells as preparation for my future. Oh right, didn't you receive a First-level Fire-type spell Furious Flame when we carried out the mission in Donglin City back them? Why are you here to choose First-level spell again?"

Merlin glanced at the First-level spell book in Ryllis' hands, so he asked her.

Wizard Ryllis nodded knowingly. She also thought that Merlin had no way of constructing First-level spell. For a Six-Elemental Spell Caster like Merlin to do so, he'd have to prepare for it for a long time, so she did not ask further. Instead, she grinned. "When I returned to Dark Magic Region last time, I was fortunate to have successfully constructed Furious Flame. So I'm here to choose another First-level spell this time."

"Oh? You've successfully constructed the Furious Flame spell?"

A strange look flashed in Merlin's eyes. When Holmes was with Ryllis, Merlin did not think too much of her. Out of his expectation, Wizard Holmes failed to construct the spell, but Ryllis had successfully constructed Furious Flame.

"I was just lucky."

Wizard Ryllis gave a light smile. It could be seen that she was also elated because of her success in constructing Furious Flame.

"Oh right. Wizard Holmes asked me to inform you. He said you should be careful of Wizard Neil!"

Wizard Ryllis lowered her voice and said, with a serious look.

"Wizard Neil?"

Merlin frowned. In his mind, he recalled Wizard Neil's eyes that were filled with hatred. Wizard Neil was a narrow-minded man.

"He dares to take action in Dark Magic Region?"

Merlin was not afraid of Wizard Neil since the latter had lost to him before. Wizard Neil was only an Entrance-level Spell Caster now. Even if he had become a First-level Spell Caster, Merlin would still not be afraid of him.

"Of course he won't do anything in Dark Magic Region, but, Wizard Merlin, you should still be cautious. Wizard Neil is too narrow-minded. The Spell Caster family he's in is also quite powerful, albeit not as strong as Wizard Holmes' family. Thus, even if he resents Wizard Holmes, he dare not do anything to him."

Ryllis explained Wizard Neil's situation briefly. Merlin also understood the meaning behind her words. Wizard Neil feared Wizard Holmes, but not Merlin who had no background and was just a roaming wizard.

Although Merlin was not afraid of Wizard Neil, he still thanked Wizard Ryllis. "Thank you for conveying Wizard Holmes' warning to me. I will take note."

Even though Wizard Holmes was a proud person, but that was the pride he possessed as a genius in his Spell Caster family since he was young. He was completely different from narrow-minded people like Wizard Neil.

Following that, Wizard Ryllis chatted briefly for a while, then excused herself and left the Resource Tower. Seeing how excited she was, she must be going back to construct her second First-level spell.

"Time's a little tight. I should be faster!"

Seeing Ryllis' back, Merlin felt a slight sense of urgency in his heart. He used to think that he had The Matrix, so his speed of constructing spell was fairly quick. In a year, it would not be difficult for him to become a First-level Spell Caster.

However, after he had constructed six spells, the Mind Power needed to maintain six Spell Models had already taken a toll on Merlin who possessed Mind Power comparable to top First-level Spell Caster. The last time he barely constructed Furious Flame also ended with failure.

Thus, Merlin only had two years left in Dark Magic Region. This was already a dire situation.

However, luckily he had received the advanced Mind Meditation Spell from Wizard Leo. The speed at which his Mind Power grew at was increased greatly. Once his Mind Power was large enough in the future, Merlin would not hesitate to construct First-level spell.

After he had chosen Earth-type spell Guardian Monument, Merlin began to pick Wind-type spell.

Currently, Merlin's Zero-level Wind-type spell was Gale. The speed was quick, but it was not flexible enough. This time, Merlin wanted to consider both speed and flexibility, so he had to choose wisely.

There were not many Wind-type Speed spells available. On the other hand, there was a large selection of Offensive and Binding spells, especially Offensive spells such as Bright Wind, Windstorm and more.

"Ring of Wind! Wind-type First-level spell. Excellent speed. Can be used on any object and increases its speed. Fifty contribution points."

"Wind of Freedom! Wind-type First-level spell. Can only be used on the Spell Caster himself. Can freely control the Wind Element that covers the surface of the Spell Caster. Quick moving speed. Can easily change direction. Requires the Mind Power of a Second-level Spell Caster and above! Eighty contribution points."

When Merlin saw the second spell 'Wind of Freedom', he then knew that he did not need to look at other spells. He wished to have this spell 'Wind of Freedom'. This spell gave a quick speed and also ensured the flexibility of the body. As for the Mind Power of Second-level Spell Caster that was needed, this might be a large limitation to other Spell Caster, but this was nothing to Merlin.

Merlin's Mind Power was already comparable to the peak of First-level Spell Caster now. On top of that, he had already constructed too many spells. Thus, if he wanted to construct First-level spell, he should at least possess the Mind Power of a Second-level Spell Caster. Without that, it would be as forced as the time he had constructed Furious Flame and finally failed in constructing the spell.

Thus, for the Mind Power of a Second-level Spell Caster Wind of Freedom required, Merlin could fit the condition in due time.

After choosing 'Guardian Monument' and 'Wind of Freedom', Merlin continued to pick Ice-type spell.

Merlin's Zero-level Ice-type spell, Frost had been one of his favorite spells. Most of all, when he utilized Dark Mist, Frost and Fireball together, the effect of the spell enlarged.

Thus, when he chose Ice-type spell, Merlin appeared most serious. No matter what, a Binding spell was always the key to win for Spell Casters.

Any strong Spell Caster would not give up Binding spell.

There were quite a lot of Binding Ice-type spell in the Resource Tower. Merlin looked around and all over the place were Ice-type Binding spells.

However, since there were so many of them, it was extremely difficult for Merlin to find one that suited him the best.

Merlin examined them closely. After spending about three hours, he finally picked a few Binding spells he was more satisfied with.

"Ice Bind. Quickly freeze the target. One of the most common Binding spells. Thirty contribution points."

Merlin shook his head. The effect of Ice Bind could not satisfy his needs. At most, it was only slightly stronger than Frost.

"Ice Trap. Form a large pit under the target. Freeze the target within a small area. Fifty contribution points."

Merlin was still thinking about this spell. It was an Ice-type Binding spell within a small area, but its strength was still lacking. Merlin hoped it was an Ice-type spell that had a stronger binding ability.

"Frigid Ice. Cause strong binding force towards the target. Comes with ice poison that can rapidly infiltrate any living being and cause irrecoverable damage. Requires rich knowledge about spell construction. Spell Model extremely complicated. Requires a large amount of Mind Power, at least Mind Power of Second-level and above Spell Caster. One hundred and twenty contribution points!"

Studying the introduction of 'Frigid Ice', Merlin was amazed. Frigid Ice did not only have a terrifyingly strong binding power, but it also had ice poison that could infiltrate the target's body.

Ice poison was extremely terrifying. Once it had infiltrated the body, even the intermediate Elemental Swordsman with good physical attribute would not hold against the ice poison, not to mention those Spell Casters with a weak body.

Thus, Frigid Ice was not only a Binding spell, but it also came with strong offensive power. Even if it was Frost or Large Frost in Merlin's Awareness, they did not possess ice poison, albeit their binding power was not weak. Thus, they did not have any offensive abilities. Once the spell was retrieved, the opponent could recover immediately.

However, if it was Frigid Ice, it would be a different story. Once the person could not defend against it and got frozen, even if he did not die, he would be tortured by ice poison for a long time in the future.

Moreover, Frigid Ice actually needed one hundred and twenty contribution points. This price was almost insanely high amongst the First-level spells.

Merlin had searched for First-level spells here for so long, he had only seen spells that required one hundred contribution points. However, those spells could not be compared to Frigid Ice that required one hundred and twenty contribution points.

Regarding the complexity of Frigid Ice's Spell Model, Merlin would not worry about it at all. With the help of The Matrix, he could reconstruct even the most complicated Spell Model. Meanwhile, about the requirement of Mind Power like Wind of Freedom, once Merlin meditated for a period, his Mind Power could readily reach that of a Second-level Spell Caster.

Thus, without any hesitation, Merlin chose Frigid Ice!

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