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"If Wizard Leo doesn't mind, Wizard Merlin can come to my tower."

Suddenly, Wizard Nasha stood up and said to Wizard Leo with a smile.

"Wizard Nasha?"

Wizard Leo shot a complicated gaze at Wizard Nasha. Then, he nodded. "The rule of the conference is that you need to have the agreement of the Spell Caster. Let me call Merlin here. If he agrees to it, I won't stop it."

Wizard Nasha nodded, then waited silently.

Wizard Leo let a gray-robed wizard call for Merlin. When Merlin saw so many Spell Casters, he bowed slightly and asked, "Teacher Leo, may I know why have I been called?"

Merlin wore a calm expression as if what just transpired did not affect him at all.

Wizard Leo pointed at Wizard Nasha and said to Merlin, "Merlin, Wizard Nasha wants to take you in as her student. Are you willing to follow her?"

Upon hearing that, Merlin raised his head and looked at Wizard Nasha. He was rather familiar with Wizard Nasha. Back then, he used to listen to the free course Wizard Nasha gave about knowledge regarding construction of Spell Model.

Although Wizard Nasha had just become Fourth-level Spell Caster not long ago, she had taken in many excellent Spell Casters. Moreover, amongst these Spell Casters, many had become First-level Spell Casters. This was sufficient to show that Wizard Nasha was suitable in teaching. It was not something Wizard Leo could compare to.

Wizard Nasha said to Merlin, "Wizard Merlin, you have constructed Six-Elemental spells. Although that can increase your strength very quickly, it will be difficult for you to level up and become a First-level Spell Caster… However, if you come to my tower, I will try my best to a.s.sist you in constructing Spell Model and become a First-level Spell Caster!"

Wizard Nasha's tone was warm. It was clear she was sincere in her words.

However, Merlin had already made a decision in his mind. Since those Seventh-level Spell Caster did not choose him, then it would be best if he stayed in Wizard Leo's tower.

Although Wizard Nasha could help some Spell Casters in constructing Spell Model, Merlin had the help from 'The Matrix'. Constructing Spell Model was not the aspect he cared about the most. Merlin needed stronger Mind Power and more Spell Model. These were something that Wizard Nasha, a Fourth-level Spell Caster, could not provide.

Thus, Merlin bowed respectfully to Wizard Nasha and replied calmly. "Wizard Nasha, thank you for choosing me, but I still prefer to stay in Teacher Leo's tower."

Upon hearing Merlin's rejection, Wizard Nasha showed a hint of disappointment, but she recovered from it soon. The reason she asked to take Merlin was that of his talent. If he was defeated from this. .h.i.t this time, it would be completely hopeless for him to become First-level Spell Caster.

Since Merlin had rejected, she did not force it as well. Instead, she turned around and said to Wizard Leo, "Wizard Leo, Wizard Merlin is an excellent Spell Caster. If you can teach him to become First-level Spell Caster, it will truly turn the whole Dark Magic Region around."

Wizard Leo was emotionless. He waved his hands and said to Merlin, "Stand down. The conference has ended. Bring everyone else back to the tower."

Merlin nodded, then turned around and returned to where Elena and others were at.

Elena quickly stood up and asked anxiously, "How was it? Did any Wizard pick you?"

The other Spell Casters also wore a serious look as they stared at Merlin.

Merlin shook his head, "It's Wizard Nasha, but I didn't say yes."

"Wizard Nasha?"

Elena was stunned. She looked at Merlin then and exclaimed with regret. "Merlin, it's actually not bad to be Wizard Nasha's student. Even though she just became Fourth-level Spell Caster, but her ability to teach is top notch in Dark Magic Region."

After a pause, Elena sneaked a careful glance at Merlin, then muttered in a soft voice, "What are those Seventh-level Spell Casters thinking? Why will they choose Wizard Cecil, but not you?"

Merlin appeared collected, but he still felt something in his heart. In fact, Wizard Nasha had already told him the reason why those Seventh-level Spell Caster did not choose him. It was because they did not expect him to become First-level Spell Caster!

"Alright, let's go. Go back to the tower first."

Merlin said monotonously to Elena and others. Then, he gazed towards the few towers standing tall in the faraway sky.

"Without anyone's teaching, I can still become a powerful Spell Caster!"

Merlin's expression was full of determination.

"Merlin, come here for a bit!"

Not long after he was back at the tower, Merlin received a message from Wizard Leo. His heart shook a little. Merlin had done excellent work in the conference this time and attained second place. This had gone far beyond Wizard Leo's expectation. He should receive the First-level spell Wizard Leo had promised him now.

Upon thinking that, Merlin quickly came to the top floor of the tower and knocked on Wizard Leo's door.

"Come in."

Merlin directly pushed the door open and saw Wizard Leo sitting on his chair, emotionlessly.

"Teacher Leo!"

Merlin called out softly. At this moment, the blood-red vertical eye on Wizard Leo's forehead did not open. Without knowing why, every single time he saw Wizard Leo's vertical eye, Merlin had a strange feeling in his heart.

"Merlin, I am very satisfied with your performance during the conference this time. As your wish, I will provide the First-level spell you need in the future to you!"

Wizard Leo said in a cool tone. This was the promise he gave Merlin before.

After a pause, Wizard Leo continued. "You don't have to care about those old stuff not taking you as a student. Those guys were so sure that I was not able to develop Darkness Eye. Hehe. How about now?"

Wizard Leo stood up suddenly and that horrifying red vertical eye on his forehead immediately flexed open. At the same time, the eye let out a thick b.l.o.o.d.y red light. The light imposed great pressure on Merlin.

Merlin asked many people, but he still did not know the use of Wizard Leo's Darkness Eye. He only knew that this Darkness Eye was not something to belittle.

It was most probably only Wizard Leo who could call those superior Seventh-level Spell Casters as 'old stuff' in Dark Magic Region.

Merlin suddenly recalled that Wizard Leo seemed to be a rather strong Spell Caster amongst the Sixth-level Spell Caster. However, why had he not become a Seventh-level Spell Caster after so long?

Upon thinking that, Merlin then asked in a low voice, "Teacher Leo, there are only a few Seventh-level Spell Casters in Dark Magic Region, why hasn't Teacher become a Seventh-level Spell Caster yet?"

After hearing Merlin's words, Teacher Leo stiffened a little. Then, he sat down slowly and said in a calm tone, "Seventh-level Spell Caster. Do you know what is a Seventh-level Spell Caster?"

Merlin shook his head. Merlin did not even understand much about those Second-level and Third-level Spell Casters, not to mention Seventh-level Spell Caster. He only knew that Seventh-level Spell Casters had a special status in Dark Magic Region. They were the most superior existences in Dark Magic Region.

Wizard Leo said, "Sixth-level Spell Model is already the limit. Some geniuses don't even need to rely on Spell Model constructed by others at Sixth-level then."

"The reason First-level, Second-level, Third-level, and more Spell Models exist is to let Spell Casters grasp the spell more easily. And for those Spell Casters that started it all, where have their spells come from?"

Merlin was quite shocked by this. He had never thought about this.

Wizard Leo continued. "Spell Casters should be knowledgeable, powerful, courageous and creative. This is a true Spell Caster! Many spells that we have today were actually created and improved step by step by generations of Spell Casters. After countless trials and errors, we now have so many spells today."

"But, once you become a Sixth-level Spell Caster and want to construct Seventh-level spell, you will find that you can't simulate any spell constructed by other Seventh-level Spell Caster in your Awareness. You should know about the compatibility between Spell Model now, right? The Spell model constructed by other Seventh-level Spell Caster can't be used widely. Even after reconstruction by other Spell Casters, it's no use at all. The compatibility is almost zero."

"Thus, to become a Seventh-level Spell Caster, you must combine all spells you have constructed in your Awareness, go through a large number of complicated calculation and testing, and construct a whole new spell by yourself. Once you successfully simulate in your Awareness, you can become a Seventh-level Spell Caster!"

"You now know how difficult it is to become Seventh-level Spell Caster, right? Even if I developed Darkness Eye, I still can't construct a whole new spell suitable for myself, so I haven't become a Seventh-level Spell Caster after such a long time!"

Wizard Leo carefully explained to Merlin about some basic information regarding Seventh-level Spell Caster. Merlin could even sense a deep feeling of fatigue in Wizard Leo's tone.

Maybe Wizard Leo had tried countless times for countless years and yet had not constructed a whole new Seventh-level spell that was suitable for him.

"Seventh-level Spell Caster must construct a whole new spell according to his actual situation!"

Merlin was still shocked. Many Spell Casters even had difficulty in constructing Spell Model according to existing Spell Models now, not to mention creating a brand new one completely. It might be a whole new theory as well. All spells did not come from thin air. They must be supported by a large number of data.

Only those Seventh-level Spell Caster could be said as true masters. They could create a whole new spell themselves. Merlin could not even achieve it now even with the help of The Matrix.

Maybe after The Matrix had collected millions of spells and saved a large number of data, he could create a brand new spell through data integration. However, whether if this was possible, he would have to wait for countless years and satisfy The Matrix's condition to know.

"Alright, Merlin. I will provide you the First-level Spell you need. But other than spells, you can voice out if you have other requests. If it helps you to become a First-level Spell Caster, I will promise you accordingly!"

The weird vertical eye of red color on Wizard Leo's forehead blinked slowly. It was as if it was staring tightly at Merlin. His mouth also curled into a playful smile.

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