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Although the conference of Dark Magic Region had ended, many Spell Casters were still waiting. They had set their gaze upon the tall tower standing mighty in the far away sky.

Everyone knew that the Seventh-level Spell Casters had watched the event here. If they fancied any of them, the person would be accepted into their tower. Once they became the student of a Seventh-level Spell Caster, it would be a sudden rise of life for them.

Of course, it was not that the Seventh-level Spell Casters would take students in every single conference. Only those they had taken a liking to would be taken in as a student.

Thus, everyone was still waiting silently.

"It's here!"

Wizard Leo said in a calm tone as the b.l.o.o.d.y-colored vertical eye on his forehead shone a faint red light.

Wizard Nasha and the others did not sense anything in particular, but they all knew that Wizard Leo's Darkness Eye had a special power. Thus, they set their eyes upon the faraway tower.

As expected, strings of light slowly appeared from the tower. After that, a gust of fierce wind showed up, bringing a silhouette towards the high platform.

"It's Wizard Arveis. He was Wizard Robia's servant. He actually came this time. It seems Wizard Robia has taken a liking to someone."

Upon seeing this Spell Caster, the crowd murmured amongst themselves. Wizard Arveis was already a Fourth-level Spell Caster.

Although servants enjoyed all sorts of resources in Dark Magic Region, they could not build a tower for themselves. Thus, Arveis still followed Wizard Robia and stayed in his tower.

Wizard Arveis bowed slightly towards the Fourth-level Spell Casters and those who were above Fourth-level beside him.

Wizard Leo suddenly asked, "Wizard Arveis, may I ask who Wizard Robia has taken a liking to?"

Seeing that it was Wizard Leo, Arveis quickly bowed, seemingly respectful. In the Dark Magic Region, except for those superior Seventh-level Spell Casters, Wizard Leo was the strongest amongst the others.

Even Wizard Robia, a Seventh-level Spell Caster, had mentioned unintentionally that he had no absolute confidence to deal with Wizard Leo's Darkness Eye. Thus, even though Arveis was the servant of a Seventh-level Spell Caster, he dared not be rude to Wizard Leo.

"Wizard Leo, Wizard Robia has taken a liking to only one person this time, so he ordered me to bring him to the tower."

After saying that, Wizard Arveis turned around and set his gaze upon the many Spell Casters below him.

No matter if it was Merlin, Wizard Loan, Wizard Abril, Wizard Cecil or even Wizard Neil who was defeated by Merlin without a chance of casting his spells, they all gazed at Arveis expectingly.

Arveis shifted his gaze after that and stared hard at Wizard Cecil. With a little smile, he said, "Wizard Cecil, follow me."


At this moment, Merlin, Abril, Neil, Loan and many other Spell Casters' faces went pale. Merlin even held his own hand tightly.

"Why Cecil?"

Many Spell Casters cast their gaze towards Merlin. Some were confused, some were full of remorse. Some were, instead, delighted in his misfortune. In their opinion, even if Wizard Abril had attained the final victory, but he simply relied on his powerful casting tools. Merlin was nonetheless the most excellent Spell Caster in this conference.

Six-Elemental Spell Caster. No matter where he went, he would be the prodigy that caught everyone's attention.

However, Wizard Robia had chosen Wizard Cecil for he had constructed Four-Elemental spells. Moreover, these Four-Elemental spells were all complicated. Every spell required five contribution points to be exchanged in the Resource Tower.

On top of that, Cecil had constructed a First-level spell. However, even so, he was still not as excellent as Merlin, a Six-Elemental Spell Caster.

As compared to the puzzled Entrance-level Spell Casters below the high platform, those superior Fourth-level Spell Casters and above were not that surprised.

If it was not that Wizard Robia had asked for Wizard Cecil himself, they would have fought over him as well. After all, Cecil was completely equipped with the quality needed to become a First-level Spell Caster. Moreover, his chance to successfully break through was high.

Above that, he was able to construct four extremely complicated spells. In constructing spells, he must be excellent as well. With proper guidance, a powerful Four-Elemental Spell Caster of Fourth-level and above might appear again in Dark Magic Region in the future.

Thus, these stable Spell Casters that could smoothly move onto the next level were the type of people most strong Spell Casters favored.

As for Merlin, when he displayed his talent as a Four-Elemental Spell Caster, some were already considering to take him. After showing that he was a Five-Elemental Spell Caster, the people showed even greater interest in him. They were even discussing whether Merlin would be yet another genius Five-Elemental Spell Caster in Dark Magic Region after Kleis.

However, until Merlin presented his ident.i.ty as Six-Elemental Spell Caster, these strong Spell Caster simply felt bad for him. Six-Elemental Spell Caster was indeed strong, but it was simply too difficult to move on to First-level Spell Caster. Moreover, they had received some information about Merlin. When Merlin was still a roaming wizard, he had already constructed three Spell Models.

Such information about Merlin had caused the worry of many Spell Casters. They would not choose somebody with ninety percent chance in not becoming a First-level Spell Caster as a student.

Meanwhile, Seventh-level Spell Caster like Wizard Robia might share the same concern, so he did not choose Merlin. After all, if Seventh-level Spell Caster like them had taken a student who could never be a First-level Spell Caster, that would be the joke of the town.

Arveis took a glance at the pale-faced Merlin and felt bad for him as well. In the tower, a few Seventh-level Spell Caster had mentioned Merlin.

However, all of them had similar thoughts: bold, courageous and he had his own system of constructing Spell Model. If he was a Five-Elemental Spell Caster, they would have taken Merlin in as a student.

However, Six-Elemental Spell Caster was even rare in large-scaled Spell Caster organization, not to mention Dark Magic Region. No one had ever heard about these people becoming First-level Spell Caster.

With such concern, these Seventh-level Spell Caster finally decided to choose the steady Wizard Cecil.

Wizard Arveis waved his hands and a gust of light wind appeared in his hands. He actually pulled Wizard Cecil from the crowd directly. The ability to control the spell so accurately was not anything comparable to a normal Fourth-level Spell Caster. It was enough to prove that Wizard Arveis was extraordinary as well after following Wizard Robia for so many years.

"Wizard Leo, congratulations on getting an excellent student. If Wizard Merlin is able to become a First-level Spell Caster, it will definitely shock the whole Dark Magic Region. At that time, Wizard Robia will come and congratulate you himself!"

Upon saying that, Arveis utilized the gust of wind and carried Wizard Cecil. Then, he rapidly flew upwards and left the high platform. A Wind-type spell that could make a person fly was at least a Fourth-level spell. Moreover, he used a spell to carry a person. The difficulty of doing that made many Fourth-level Spell Casters present ashamed of their own inability.

"Nothing less expected of the servant following Wizard Robia. Truly extraordinary!"

A weird light shone in Wizard Nasha's eyes as she muttered softly.

"Alright, the Seventh-level Spell Casters has finished their pick. The rest will be left to us!"

Very quickly, a Sixth-level Spell Caster said rather rushingly. It seemed he already had a choice in his heart. He was afraid that someone might s.n.a.t.c.h the person away.

"Wizard Shari, who's your pick?"

Wizard Leo asked with a hint of smile.

Wizard Shari then turned his gaze towards Wizard Loan. In his best friendly tone, he said, "Wizard Loan, are you willing to become my student? I notice that your Earth-type Spell Earth Cage is Binding spell. I specialize in Earth-type Binding spell. If you become my student, you will definitely strengthen rapidly in this area. What do you think? Will you consider?"

Wizard Loan did not expect Wizard Shari to think so highly of him, but his teacher was Wizard Hottor who was also a Sixth-level Spell Caster and no less than Wizard Shari. Thus, Wizard Loan simply shook his head. "Thank you, Wizard Shari, but I'm more willing to follow Teacher Hottor!"


Wizard Shari did not think he would be rejected by Loan. He took a glance at Wizard Hottor who seemed full of himself now and lowered his tone. "Wizard Loan, you must think this through carefully. Wizard Hottor specializes in Wind-type spell. On top of that, he is best at Offensive Wind-type Spell. If you follow him, I'm afraid you will take a long journey to learn and improve…"

Before he finished his words, Wizard Hottor stood up and shouted loudly at Wizard Shari. "Wizard Shari, are you saying that I don't know how to teach?"

Upon seeing two Sixth-level Spell Casters were about to fight over this matter, Wizard Leo shook his head slightly. After that, he said in a cold tone, "Wizard Shari, you must be clear of the rules of the conference. If the Spell Caster is not willing to, you can't force it."

Wizard Shari took a glance at Wizard Leo. Although they were both Sixth-level Spell Caster, he felt a powerful condescending aura from Wizard Leo. It made him feel as if he was facing those Seventh-level Spell Caster.

At last, Wizard Shari did not continue to fight with Wizard Hottor for Wizard Loan.

Having this small incident did not bother other Spell Casters from choosing the students they favored. Soon, there were some Fourth-level, Fifth-level and Sixth-level Spell Casters that managed to pick the Spell Casters they favored. Some were willing, some were not; some were happy, some were full of worries.

Until almost all Spell Casters had taken their picks, Wizard Leo frowned. This was because no one had asked to choose Merlin until now.

He promised Merlin that if he was chosen by any Spell Caster that was good at teaching, he would let him go. After all, it was known to all that he did not have the patience to teach his students.

However, this situation was something that Wizard Leo and Merlin had not expected.

Wizard Leo glanced at the Spell Casters and suddenly said, "Wizards, anyone of you wants to pick Merlin? If there is, I won't stop it as long as Merlin agrees to it!"

After he said that, these strong Spell Casters seemed to freeze in an instant. The whole place suddenly appeared very quiet. Even the sounds of needles dropping could be heard.

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