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"How did Wizard Merlin win?"

Many Spell Casters below the high platform were confused after Merlin left the high platform.

Since most of the Spell Casters' Mind Power was not strong, they were not able to see the situation in the Dark Mist properly. Thus, they seemed very perplexed. However, the Fourth-level Spell Casters and above had witnessed everything that transpired in the Dark Mist clearly.

Wizard Nasha frowned and swept her gaze towards Wizard Leo. With a heavy tone, she said, "Wizard Leo, have you understood anything from that? The Dark Mist Wizard Merlin has cast at last seemed to be a little different."

Wizard Leo replied without much emotion, "It is indeed different. Maybe he has some mysterious casting tools with him just like my Darkness Eye. But these are all his secrets. He can construct six Spell Models. How can he not have some secrets?"

Wizard Nasha nodded knowingly. She knew that Wizard Leo was protecting Merlin. With Wizard Leo's words, no matter how curious those Fourth-level Spell Casters were, they would not bother Merlin with questions.

After all, Merlin's tutor was Wizard Leo. In Dark Magic Region, Wizard Leo's students were the bunch of people with the least potential and talent. They were despised by all Spell Casters from other towers.

However, the Spell Casters of Fourth-level and above would not dare to belittle Wizard Leo.

In Dark Magic Region, Wizard Leo had developed his Darkness Eye and he had been officially recognized as the strongest person below Seventh-level. In so many years, Wizard Leo had not once shown his skill. Some even guessed that the legendary Darkness Eye that Wizard Leo had developed had, in fact, come close to a Seventh-level Spell Caster.

Despite the rumors, the people could still understand how strong Wizard Leo truly was. With his protection over Merlin, there would not be anyone in Dark Magic Region, other than the Seventh-level Spell Casters, who was willing to go on Wizard Leo's bad side because of Merlin.

Half an hour later, Merlin was suddenly woken up by Elena.

Elena quickly said to him, "Merlin, your opponent has shown up. It's Wizard Abril."

"Wizard Abril?"

Merlin frowned. He had thought that Cecil would win. After all, Wizard Cecil was way stronger than Wizard Abril in terms of pure strength.

If he had to say it, in this conference, the only opponent whom Merlin felt was hard to deal with was Cecil. He did not expect Cecil would actually lose.

"How did Cecil lose?"

Merlin suddenly regretted his decision. He only focused on recovering his Magic Power with the elemental crystal stones instead of watching the battle between Cecil and Abril.

A strange look came across Elena's face. She shook her head and replied, "Wizard Abril won because he has too many casting tools… Wizard Cecil was defeated completely by those casting tools."

"Casting tools?"

Merlin recalled the Spell Casters he had met before. They had utilized casting tools like spell books and scrolls, but most of them only had one or two casting tools. Moreover, those were mostly First-level Spell Scrolls. After all, even a First-level Spell Scroll was a large expense for the Entrance-level Spell Caster in Dark Magic Region.

Just when Elena was about to explain in detail, the grey-robed wizard suddenly announced Merlin's name.

"The final battle, Wizard Merlin versus Wizard Abril!"

Merlin waved his hands and stopped Elena from speaking further. His gaze was already set upon Wizard Abril as he said in a cool voice, "Say no further. It's the final battle. I will know once I get up there!"

After that, Merlin walked slowly towards the high platform. It was the final battle and all eyes were on it!

Merlin and Abril stood silently on the high platform. However, Merlin did not overly observe Wizard Abril. Instead, he placed his gaze towards the tall towers far away. Merlin acutely noticed that the Seventh-level Spell Casters in the towers had already retrieved their gaze. They were no longer watching the final battle.

"Could it be there's already a decision? Or is it that they don't have anyone they favor?"

In his mind, Merlin was guessing the reason those Seventh-level Spell Caster had stopped watching the last battle. At the same time, Wizard Abril in front of him had begun his preparation.

The Runic Magic Circle on the high platform slowly engulfed the whole platform. Until this moment only did Merlin turned his gaze towards Wizard Abril in front of him.



Both slightly bowed to each other. After expressing the most basic courtesy, Abril's expression drastically changed. He appeared to be extremely serious and rapidly retreated to the back, seemingly cautious against Merlin.

Merlin frowned. Wizard Abril was simply a normal Four-Elemental Spell Caster and his Mind Power was not extraordinarily strong as well. It was not even comparable to Wizard Holmes. Nor did he construct a First-level spell. How did he defeat Cecil?

Although he was full of questions, Merlin still quickly took action. With Wizard Abril's Mind Power, he had no need to cast the strengthened version of Dark Mist. Only a normal Dark Mist could render Abril falling into his hallucination.

"Dark Mist!"

A cloud of mist immediately engulfed Wizard Abril.

Wizard Abril had been watching Merlin carefully then. After he saw the Dark Mist, a Spell Scroll immediately appeared in his hand and his Mind Power directly initiated the scroll.


A fierce wind showed up. As it whistled, it released a series of thundering roars.

"Wind Twister?"

Merlin was a little surprised. This was a First-level spell that was deemed as a useless spell. It was a large-area Offensive spell. However, its attack was not powerful. It simply relied on the powerful twisting ability of the wind to kill the enemy.

Since its power was not too great, no many people were willing to construct this spell at all. This directly created a situation where no one wanted to exchange for the Spell Scroll of Wind Twister.

However, the Spell Scroll of Wind Twister Wizard Abril cast now was utilized at just the right timing. Before Merlin's Dark Mist had gotten close to Wizard Abril, it was directly blown away by the whistling wind. There was no way to get close to Wizard Abril at all.

"Hmm? There's actually a spell that works against Dark Mist?"

Merlin was shocked. Lately, he was beginning to feel that Dark Mist was too strong. It was as if no Zero-level spell could compare to it.

It was actually defeated by a useless First-level Wind Twister now.

"More. Dark Mist!"

Merlin kept casting Dark Mist. Once, twice, thrice…

Until he had cast it for more than a dozen times, Merlin noticed that his opponent's Spell Scrolls seemed to be endless. No matter how many times he had cast Dark Mist, it was always blown away.

Merlin finally stopped. Following that, strong fluctuation of Thunder Element appeared around him.

"Thunderbolt Net!"

A huge net directly fell from upwards. A hint of hesitation escaped Wizard Abril's face, but soon a Spell Scroll that gleamed a soft glow of gold appeared in his hands.


Once this Spell Scroll cast the spell, an unimaginable, intense fluctuation of Element immediately appeared. Even with the protection of the Runic Magic Circle, a chilly air still appeared in the sky. Even the crowd that was below the platform could feel the cold.

"Extreme Ice Realm!"

In a five-meter radius about Wizard Abril, a strange vacuum region was formed. Anything in this region was immediately frozen and broken into smithereens on the floor.

Even Merlin's Thunderbolt Net, the violent thunder, disappeared as soon as it entered the region around Wizard Abril.

"Fireball, go!"

Merlin directly waved his hands and more than ten fist-sized fireb.a.l.l.s instantly flew towards Wizard Abril. However, as soon as they entered the strange region, they were frozen instantaneously. They fell to the ground and broke.


Merlin could not help but took a deep breath. He could see that this spell was a Defensive spell. On top of that, this was definitely not a First-level Spell, not even a Second-level Spell.

With a high chance, it would be a Third-level or even a higher-level spell!

Right after that, Merlin continuously cast Large Fireball, the strengthened version of Thunderbolt Net and more. However, he still did not cause any damage to Wizard Abril. At this moment, Merlin finally understood the reason why Cecil would lose to Wizard Abril who was not that strong to begin with.

Wizard Abril had too many casting tools indeed. His Spell Scrolls were too powerful. After using so many Spell Scrolls, the little contribution points he would get if he won first place still could not make up to this Spell Scroll he had used.

"It's fine. I admit defeat!"

Merlin did not continue to waste his Magic Power. He knew that no matter how much he attacked, he could not defeat his opponent's 'Extreme Ice Realm'. Even if he still had his Bell Pendant, there was still nothing that he could do.

Wizard Abril obviously relaxed after that. It seemed he was still rather cautious against Merlin.

"Wizard Abril, do you mind if I ask what level is this 'Extreme Ice Realm' on this Spell Scroll is?"

Merlin could not stand not asking this. He could sense that this 'Extreme Ice Realm' was something else. He was curious about it, that was why he asked this.

Wizard Abril did not carry a condescending aura around him. Instead, he gave a small smile. "This is a Fourth-level Spell Scroll my family gave it to me to protect my life."

"Fourth-level spell…"

Merlin shook his head helplessly. Even with his ability now, it would not be a problem to defeat some First-level Spell Caster. However, a Fourth-level spell was something out of reach for him.

Wizard Abril actually possessed such a Fourth-level Spell Scroll. Moreover, it was specially made by his family to protect his life. His family was most likely an extremely strong Spell Caster family.

"Wizard Abril, congratulations on obtaining the victory in Dark Magic Region's conference!"

After Merlin said that, he directly walked down from the high platform. Elena and a few other Spell Casters in Wizard Leo's tower came towards him quickly.

Elena was still a little unsatisfied as she exclaimed, "Wizard Merlin, you should be the victor of this conference. Wizard Abril only relied on his casting tool."

Merlin smiled slightly but did not say anything. Even though Wizard Abril had won, the main point of this conference was to pick out the talented Spell Caster with incredible potential.

Thus, Merlin did not feel wrong in losing against Wizard Abril. All his spells had been displayed during his previous rounds.

After that, Merlin gazed towards the tall tower far away in sight. Those strong Seventh-level Spell Casters surely had their decision already. At this moment, all Merlin could do was to wait in silence.

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