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Qiu ChangFeng had imprisoned Bai YueSheng for twenty years and done various things. From many perspectives, he was really terrible through and through. However as long as Qiu ChangFeng wasn't being crazy then he was actually very good at taking care of Bai YueSheng, spoiling him to the heavens.

In the days the two of them had spent together, Qiu ChangFeng had taken care of everything. From eating, what to wear and where to live, as well the trivial matters of the Sect management, all of these things he did perfectly, Bai YueSheng didn't need to worry about a thing. He was more pampered than a Princess.

However Jeremy wasn't like this at all.

There was no question that his Majesty the Emperor was deeply in love with Bai YueSheng, but he wasn't sick in the head like Qiu ChangFeng.

Jeremy had once been turned into a killing machine, he didn't even know the meaning of being alive, and so of course he had no requirements when it came to what he eat or what he wore. Bai YueSheng was the one who had personally taught him what it meant to be human but because both of them were too powerful, they had never lacked for money.

They had many servants, both of the high tech and human kind. The warship "Sin" came with numerous five star chefs, whatever Bai YueSheng wanted to eat he could order and Jeremy never once thought about it.

So don't even think him personally cooking like Qiu ChangFeng, just asking him to understand Earth's "antique" kitchen utensils was already a big ask.

So after Jeremy had been living there for half a month, Bai YueSheng started to…. miss the Demon King.

Although he was sc.u.m villain, but his technique of making dessert was unparalleled, even thinking about it made him drool.

Bai YueSheng's heart was very itchy. He had pulled up his sleeve and personally made a coconut cake and the result was it tasted so terrible he didn't even want to eat it himself.

Jeremy's frowned very slightly, "The taste of the food here is somewhat poor. Next time I'll bring you some Zhen Liang cake."

This was a delicacy of the Interstellar world. It was called this because it was made in a place called Zhen Liang Star.

Back in the day Bai YueSheng loved the Zhen Liang cake to death. It was the size of the palm, soft and sweet inside, with a crispy outer layer! Because it was so difficult to make and tasted so wonderful it made you want to question your existence. What was the meaning of living if you had never tried it?

Bi YueSheng moved to Jeremy's side. "I want to eat it!" How many years since he had last had it? He really wanted to die!

Jeremy smiled slightly "Okay."

Bai YueSheng's belly was already growling. He couldn't help but say, "I want to eat it now."

Jeremy paused.

Bai YueSheng hesitated a moment before saying, "Jamie…"

{T/N: I previously translated the nickname as "Jerry" but looking at the Chinese, Jamie seems to be closer to the author's intention. In English it kind of not quite right as a nickname for Jeremy but it makes sense in Chinese. "Jie Li Mi" = Jeremy, "Jie Mi" = Jamie. I've decided to go with this one and will change it in the previous chapters.}

Jeremy looked at him. "Yes?"

Bai YueSheng said softly, "… If we make love, that means you'll go back right?"

This half a month they had maintained a perfect distance, Jeremy was very restrained even during kissing.

That Bai YueSheng would realize this didn't surprise Jeremy but he didn't confirm it straight away. With a flash in his eyes he replied, "Do you want to do it?"

As he asked he tilted his head slightly, his beautiful eyes carried a metallic brilliance. Combined with his perfect appearance and magnetic voice… truly, Jeremy had the facial features that could make any outward-appearance-a.s.sociation member lose control.

Bai YueSheng felt a little hot.

Jeremy came closer to him and lightly kissed Bai YueSheng's ear. "If you want to make love just tell me. As long as we don't do it to the end, then I won't disappear."

Bai YueSheng's ear trembled and a flush rose across his face. He felt slightly guilty but Teacher Bai could only say with his eyes open and in a soft voice, "But I…"

His voice was so soft, Jeremy almost couldn't hear it. "What?"

"I want…" Bai YueSheng's eyelids drooped, his thick black eyelashes curled up in a tempting manner and at this moment his voice like fire, the sound of it burned through his Majesty the Emperor.

Jeremy didn't blink. "What do you want?"

Bai YueSheng whispered, "…. to eat little Jamie."

Although Jeremy had claimed he wasn't going to do it to end, the result was… it was definitely done beyond the end.

After sending away Jeremy, Bai YueSheng lay inside the soft blankets, so exhausted he couldn't even muster the energy to take a shower.

He felt extremely satiated, but also G.o.dd.a.m.n tired.

Bai YueSheng wrapped himself up like a sticky rice dumpling, slowly calming down his overstimulated heart…

Ah Jiu's voice came floating over, "Don't you have some lower limit for your tempo?"

{T/N: This is translated literally because I don't know how to say it elegantly haha. Basically I think Ah Jiu is referring to Bai YueSheng's somewhat cliched/sudden manner of seducing Jeremy, sort of making fun of him for not having a good "tempo" or keeping with the mood. *Shrugs*, but hey whatever works right!}

Bai YueSheng: What does a thousand year old virgin like you know about anything? This is called seduction, seduction!"

Ah Jiu: "Heh."

Bai YueSheng rolled over laughing. "If you're so picky then don't ever think about touching your little loli in your lifetime."

Ah Jiu: "…."

Bai YueSheng said: "Lord Jiu, dating online is dangerous. Are you sure the person sitting behind the screen is really a little loli and not some two metre tall bodybuilder?"

Ah Jiu's face went black. "…. Get lost!"

Bai YueSheng felt very comfortable. "Good luck and wish you success!" Even without an emoticons pack, this old man call be very meng!

Actually Bai YueSheng didn't seriously want to seduce Jeremy. In actuality Ah Jiu had sent him a timely report saying that there was a disturbance in the s.p.a.ce-time barrier and he suspected that Qiu ChangFeng was coming back.

In order to prevent these two people from meeting, Bai YueSheng had no choice but to change the tempo and satisfy himself.

Of course he also very much antic.i.p.ated the Zhen Liang cake Jeremy would bring back for him. So delicious, the most delicious!

The next two days was very peaceful. Bai Yuesheng had already cleaned up the battle zone and the apartment had completely resumed its original appearance but strangely enough no one appeared.

Was Ah Jiu's report wrong? Qiu ChangFeng wasn't coming back?

Well that was fine too. Bai YueSheng really enjoyed these days of living quietly by himself.

Because Sat.u.r.day was a day off, after finishing work on Friday, the teachers in the department hosted a dinner. Bai YueSheng's peaceful life needed a certain amount of social interaction, so he decided to go together with Xiao Gao.

They had booked quite a nice private club. Among the teachers there was one who was the daughter of a rich man. She was very generous and if she decided the location she would often pay for everyone.  If she was in a good mood she would bring out an expensive bottle of liquor from her dad's collection and let these peasants taste a little bit of the good life.

Everybody was in a good mood that day. The rich daughter's family's business was going very well, the other teachers were experiencing various successes, and even the school's student enrollment rate had been trending upward exponentially!

Everyone kept saying how it was a fortunate year. A fortune G.o.d must have smiled upon them for all the good things to keep happening one after another.

Xiao Bai who had just returned from the Maldives firmly agreed with this. Just drinking a soft drink could result in a romantic holiday, his luck was so good he could hardly believe it.

Everybody was so overjoyed they were just about to start a drinking contest when the hidden fortune G.o.d Bai YueSheng made the excuse that he had poor alcohol tolerance and escaped to the toilet.

Fate was a strange thing, Bai YueSheng could not have expected after half a month to meet Third Master Jiang in a bathroom.

Jiang Ming's complexion was much better. Probably because he had had a few drinks so his face was quite ruddy, actually looking quite adorable.

Bai YueSheng waved to him in a natural manner. "Ah Ming."

Jiang Ming's expression was very complicated. To this day he had not accepted the fact that Bai YueSheng was already married.

Bai YueSheng didn't want to bother him and seeing that he didn't speak, thought it was probably better to stay silent and so he walked towards the toilet cubicle.

Unluckily some careless cleaning Auntie had left a puddle of water on the ground. Bai YueSheng did notice until he slipped on it and began falling backwards…

Actually Bai YueSheng could just a slight bit of his power and immediately righten himself but because Jiang Ming was standing behind him, he couldn't expose his "superpowers". If he did Jiang Ming might go crazy!

It was rare for Bai YueSheng to be so considerate of others. And his concern wasn't misplaced either as Jiang Ming leapt forward and caught the falling Bai YueSheng.

Because there was a height difference between the two this was equivalent of Jiang Ming embracing him from behind.

Bai YueSheng said, "… thanks."

He tried to get up but Jiang Ming didn't loosen his arms. He bowed his head and looked at Bai YueSheng with eyes full of yearning, "Ah Sheng…"

It was clear he was about confess again. Bai YueSheng suddenly had a bad premonition.

It wasn't his fault. Third Master Jiang really was cursed!

Was this a coincidence, how come every time it happened Jiang Ming would be present?!

As a dazzling ray of light flashed around them, Bai YueSheng turned his neck stiffly. He saw within the light a luxuriously elegant, resplendent figure bathed in a glow of light….

A s.e.xy male voice said in a seemingly careless manner, "What… are you two doing?"

(End Chapter)


T/N: Small spoiler – It’s not Qiu ChangFeng! Next chapter in 2 days.


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