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There weren't any surveillance cameras or guards in the bathroom.

Free activity period was the most common period when inmates resolved their feuds. At times, the feud might be resolved during meal time as well. Surprisingly, the bathroom which didn't have any surveillance cameras or guards had the least amount of fights. The reason for it was actually quite complex.

First, it was compulsory for everyone to partic.i.p.ate in free activity period. Everyone would have gathered on the recreation field since it's impossible for the inmates to not partic.i.p.ate.

The same was true of meal time. Although partic.i.p.ating in meal time was not compulsory, no one could skip more than two meals at a time. There was no way an inmate could withstand the hunger by the third or fourth meal. Thus the canteen was another place everyone gathered.

Not only was taking a shower not mandatory, the inmates had to shower in turns since the bathroom had limited s.p.a.ce. Moreover, an inmate could always avoid taking a shower if they were worried about getting ambushed. At worse, the inmate would be repulsive but still alive.

Thus, the numbers of conflicts in the bathroom were very few.

Yang Yi had been warily monitoring and waiting for the Boxing King to take revenge in the canteen and on the recreation field, yet he had never expected the Boxing King would take his revenge in the bathroom instead.

Ultimately, Yang Yi had relied on his quick-thinking and the things he had learned before being sent to prison to escape.

Although Yang Yi lacked fighting experience, he had been taught how to attack efficiently. Thus, he had gone straight for his opponents most vulnerable spots.

Yang Yi had managed to slaughter out a path of escape as a result. In fact, just Yang Yi's bellow had scared away the other two men.

Those two men must have been left outside the doorway by the Boxing King to keep watch. Although the size of the two of them wasn't exactly small, both of them were still scared away by Yang Yi's b.l.o.o.d.y mouth.

Right outside the bathroom was the locker room where the inmates changed their clothes. The few inmates who were changing there were shocked when they saw Yang Yi.

Yang Yi slowed down and started to gasp for air. He immediately went towards a locker to retrieve his clothes when he saw the other inmates looking at him.

Yang Yi wanted to put on his clothes before he left out of the locker room but a man stumbled out of the bathroom and started shouting, "Catch him! Catch him!"

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