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Xiao Fung wanted to say something, but blood gushed out of his mouth when he tried to speak.

Yang Yi tried his best to put pressure on Xiao Fung's wound. "His arm! It's bleeding out fast," Yang Yi shouted to Danny,  "You need to bandage his arm!"

Danny unstrapped his belt and using his left arm, he tightened the belt around Xiao Fung's arm. His right hand still gripped the gun firmly.

"Xiao Fung! What were you saying just then?" Danny asked loudly since Xiao Fung was about to fade out.

"K3, it was a K3…," the injured subordinate murmured.

"Alright, got it! K3!"

With a quick signal from Danny, five armed men rushed into the hallway towards him. Ah Yao, who had treated Kate's wounds earlier, was the first one among them to come close to Xiao Fung. With just one glance at Xiao Fung's injury, Ah Yao's face quickly became troubled. He said to Danny, "Let me take care of this."

Danny released the belt from around Xiao Fung's arm and asked, "Anything to report?"

One of the men, Ah Jian, responded in a frustrated tone, "There should be three of them. They escaped using the back door. Ah Cong was guarding it, but they got him as well."

"How's Ah Cong?"

"He'll live. Whoever did this went easy on him. But on a serious note, he got hit on the head. We'll have to hospitalize him."

"Da Bing! You were with Ah Cong! How could you let this happen?"

"I'm sorry, Captain, I was in the toilet..." one man replied shamefully. Danny inhaled deeply and rolled his eyes.

"Don't apologize. I am the one to blame for being so careless," Danny shook his head as he rejected the apology, "G.o.d d.a.m.n it! Having just two men on one team was a bad idea. One more could've prevented this from happening."

Danny waved his hands and said in a quieter voice, "Close the doors and be careful not to bring the hotel into this. We don't want to disturb the staff or interrupt the business."

As one of the subordinates closed the door, Danny looked at Ah Yao, who was treating Xiao Fung's wound and asked, "Ah Yao, how's Xiao Fung doing?"

"Hard to say, but he's in a really dangerous state right now. With a knife wound like this, we should send himself to the hospital as soon as possible. His lungs could be punctured."

Danny nodded his head and commanded the other men, "Ah Jiang, Da Bing, you two will send Xiao Fung to Old Mike's clinic with Ah Yao. Go to Old Mike's clinic. Jia An, Rick, you two stay here and protect them."

Under Ah Yao's command, the men carried Xiao Fung away from Danny and Yang Yi. As Danny and Yang Yi were the only ones left in the room, Danny walked into another room. As he sat down quietly with a solemn grimace on his face, Yang Yi thought now was the right time to ask some questions.

"The Destroyers did this?" Yang Yi asked uneasily as he followed Danny to the other room.

"Yeah, K3. That's the codename of one of three Destroyers who has been spying on this place. They've got b.a.l.l.s, I tell you. They really do. "

Danny had quite a cool expression on his face, but his voice was shaking with an immense rage which seemed as if it would erupt at any time. "I'm sorry for what happened," Yang Yi apologized since Danny's temper was scaring him.

"Nothing to do with you, it's those Destroyers, having the b.a.l.l.s to step on our turf," Danny said in a mocking tone, then quickly made a call on his phone.

"How is it?.... Come back as fast you can then."

As Danny hung up, he sat in his chair and said nothing at all. Yang Yi, who wasn't sure if he should leave or stay, decided to sit in the chair in front of where Danny was sitting.

Kate was safe enough where she was. As for Danny, Yang Yi wanted to at least stay and show that he was willing to help, even if there was not really much that he could do.

After around five minutes of the two men sitting in silence, Ah Ming brought along six men and rushed into Danny's room. "They got away," he reported in frustration.

"Chasing them down would be too difficult at this point. They planned this thoroughly," Danny said in an unwavering voice, then cleared his throat to indicate that he had something to tell everyone present.

"This is my fault. I didn't expect the Destroyers would try to kill them even while under our protection, Danny announced as his eyes scanned across everyone in the room, then continued with a louder voice. "Furthermore, I didn't antic.i.p.ate that they would lay hands on our brothers. If it wasn't for my negligence, nothing would've happened to Xiao Fung and the rest."

"It's a losing deal for us. Just one million to get rid of the Destroyers! What a rip-off deal this is!" someone suddenly said with a mocking laugh.

"Watch your mouth, Fat Bird!" Ah Ming glared at a slightly obese young man behind him. However, Fat Bird, which seemed to be his nickname, didn't back down at all. Instead, Ah Ming's warning only seemed to make him laugh louder.

"Like I said, it's a losing deal. But I guess that's what doing business is all about. Sometimes you make some, and sometimes you lose some."

"Fat Bird's right," Danny nodded as he agreed with Fat Bird's remark, "We're losing too much for too little gain."

"See?" Fat Bird opened his arms, "Even the captain agrees! Look, I understand that there's no avoiding a fight this time, but let me just mention the fact that there isn't anything for us to gain at all."

Ah Ming was looking quite displeased with Fat Bird and his comments. Danny continued his announcement, "It doesn't matter if we receive a million or a hundred, an attack on someone under our protection is a declaration of war against us. If someone paid us, that someone ought to remain untouched by anyone, is that clear?"

"Of Course! Captain, we haven't had a serious fight in a while. I say we drop these punks and show them how bad we bite!" Fat Bird cheered as he once again interrupted Danny's speech. Ironically, the person complaining about the costliness of waging warfare was also the one most pa.s.sionate about it.

Danny stated coolly, "I guess we are becoming content. After all, it has been a while since anyone dared to provoke us. All this peace has made people forget how the Dark Knights do things."

"We are going to handle this to the full extent, right captain?" Ah Ming asked.

"I want a full extermination of the Destroyers."

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Show no mercy! No mercy!" Fat Bird chanted as he gave a loud clap with his palms.

Danny raised his fist and shouted stridently, "a.s.semble everyone! Put up a bounty for any information on the Destroyers. I repeat I want any information I can get! Chase down any member of the Destroyers you can find and end them before they can leave the country!"

"A bounty?" Fat Bird laughed, "Ha! Talk about losing big! No worries, though, Captain! Anything for those who dare to provoke the Dark Knights! I'll be off to put up the bounties now!"

"Be quick," Danny said as he shooed Fat Bird away.

Ah Ming took out his phone and quickly made a call.

"Get every man. We are waging war," he said, then quickly hung up. Ah Ming then turned to Danny. "Captain, the Destroyers are most likely overseas. What do we do if they aren't in Britain?"

Danny responded grimly, "I said exterminate them all. I don't care where they are. If we don't teach them about us this time, pretty soon there will be a second or third Destroyers knocking on our front door. Be sure to send a clear message to anyone watching. We don't want to create more trouble than there already is."

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