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Huang Hao was stunned.

He knew that his dad went to Cloud Street to look for someone to read his fortune and he got rejected. Furthermore, he didn't give him any face.

As one of the Internet flame war starters, he had to do something about it.

He researched about Lin Fan.

The Vice-President of the Martial Arts a.s.sociation.

He immediately ignored that. He felt that he couldn't have beaten him to death.

Member of the Chinese Arts a.s.sociation.

He worried even less about that. It was just drawing. It was a stup*d skill to have and it was useless.

After researching, he confirmed that Lin Fan wasn't as rich as him and Huang Hao immediately started flaming him.

However, he didn't expect to be flamed by his own supporters after he posted it on Weibo. It was as if n.o.body had supported him.

At Cloud Street!

Zhao Zhong Yang was playing with Weibo and when he saw the Weibo post, he was in disbelief. He took a look at it and verified that it was true.

"Brother Lin, some wealthy youngster is flaming you on Weibo."

Lin Fan was curious, "Why is he flaming me? I don't think I messed with any wealthy youngsters recently."

"No, it's Huang Guo Hui's son. He is really arrogant on Weibo. He flames anyone that he dislikes. He probably did it after finding out what had happened here," Zhao Zhong Yang said.

Lin Fan opened Weibo and saw the post. He wasn't really interested in reading it. "It's his mouth anyway. Let him scold me then."

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at Lin Fan and realized that Brother Lin somehow became wiser. He was different from the past.

If he was the same Lin Fan, he would've started flaming the other party to death. However, he didn't care about it this time.

Fraud Tian didn't believe that this fella would change. "What is it? This doesn't seem like your usual style."

Lin Fan replied, "Can't you see that there are many kind netizens flaming him for me? Do they still need me to do so?"

Indeed, Zhao Zhong Yang looked at the comments on Huang Hao's Weibo and realized that a few thousand hateful messages were being posted. It was terrifying.

Lin Fan was more concerned with the Weibo news about his new song.

His seventeenth page of knowledge should be completed soon.

On several international charts, two of his songs were in the top few places. They were climbing to the top rapidly. They literally jumped a few places in the blink of an eye.


Lin Fan smiled. He finally heard what he wanted to hear.

"Task of convincing the public is complete, Encyclopedic Points +20."

"Unlocking the eighteenth page of knowledge. As it is the eighteenth page of knowledge task, it will be unlocking a relevant knowledge."

"Unlocking xianxia [immortality heroics], a minor cla.s.s of animal training knowledge. This includes the Encyclopedia's Mystical Boost."

"Task: Train Elder Dog Nicholas to become a majestic rural dog."

"Task Reward: Encyclopedic Points +20. The chances of the nineteenth page of knowledge unlocking a major cla.s.s of knowledge would be increased to 60%."

"Note: As it is a minor cla.s.s of knowledge, there is no need to involve previous knowledge."

"Current Encyclopedic Points: 5000."

"Huh?" Lin Fan was stunned. What was going on? He was really ecstatic.

He didn't expect to receive another xianxia minor cla.s.s of knowledge again after the past experience with the Little Intelligence Pills. Although it didn't seem to be very useful, 'xianxia' was really incredible.

At that instant.

Elder Dog Nicholas, who was lying on the floor raised his head and looked at Lin Fan. He felt a different aura.

Lin Fan looked at Elder Dog Nicholas and Elder Dog Nicholas lowered his head.

He didn't know why but he felt a little anxious, especially after seeing that fella's smile. He felt that something bad was about to happen. It was as if he was being watched.

"Elder Dog?" Lin Fan shouted. The smile on his face became wider. He was prepared to conquer the Elder Dog in one night.


Elder Dog felt that the way Lin Fan was looking at him wasn't friendly. As the king of the dogs of Cloud Street, he had to protect his dignity and status. He immediately showed a defensive and stern expression.

"Haha," Lin Fan smiled. He felt happy with what he got for the eighteenth page of knowledge.

There were a lot of new knowledge in his head and he had the Encyclopedia's Mystical Boost.

Every time he had a Mystical Boost, he would become incredibly G.o.dly.

Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and felt that he was laughing so cunningly. He thought that something must have happened. Every time this fella smiled that way, something bad would happen.

At night.

Huang Hao was furious. He had been flamed by the netizens for an entire day and he was in a bad mood.

It would be impossible for him to delete his Weibo account. Even if he was getting flamed, he had to persevere and finish the other fella first.

In Beijing.

In two different luxurious villas, two youngsters were chatting on WeChat.

Jiang Hao Hao said, "Huang Hao is so stupid. He actually dared to flame Master Lin of Cloud Street. Doesn't he know how powerful Master Lin is?"

Shen Liang Cong replied, "Haha, this id*ot just returned from overseas. He wanted to join the Weibo groups and flourish like us. He should have taken a look at himself first. It's humiliating to be compared to him by the netizens."

Jiang Hao Hao replied, "Hey, I feel like something is wrong. Why isn't Master Lin doing anything to Huang Hao? According to what I know, Master Lin isn't such a kind man."

Shen Liang Cong replied, "He's just a useless troublemaker. Perhaps Master Lin doesn't even give a d*mn about him. Oh, right, did you hear any news recently? Is G.o.dfather Liu of the Northeast going to do anything to Master Lin?"

Jiang Hao Hao replied, "My *ss. According to what I know, the G.o.dfather Liu has been warned. I think it was because Master Lin has a good relationship with some notable leader. I don't know the details but I guess that should tell the story."

"That's incredible," Shen Liang Cong gasped.

"Yeah, he's that incredible. Alright, let's not talk about that. Recently, I've been preparing to film a movie and I would like to contact Master Lin to build a good relationship," Jiang Hao Hao said.

Shen Liang Cong replied, "D*mn, did you use my Chinese dragon costumes?"

"Get lost, they're so ugly. If they were to appear in my movie, everyone would be frightened. Alright, I'll hang up now."

Jiang Hao Hao was the son of the richest man in China and Shen Liang Cong was the son of one of the top ten biggest entrepreneurs. Although they were really arrogant online, they still had some brains.

When they saw Huang Hao flaming Master Lin, they knew that Huang Hao was an id*ot.

Although Master Lin didn't have any legitimate status, he couldn't have been an ordinary figure after surviving so many trials.

The most recent one being the Ma Qing Zhou incident.

If people had a conflict with Ma Qing Zhou, they definitely wouldn't dare to go over to Qingzhou. After all, they'd be beaten up even if the person was the son of the richest man in China.

However, Master Lin went there alone and finished Ma Qing Zhou. Wasn't that impressive?

Anyway, they didn't really care about what others thought of it.

They were really impressed by what he did.

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