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Lin Fan sat in his car and frowned.

With his current ability, he could hear what the people were talking about.

He didn't expect things to have turned out this way. He didn't expect He Xiao Li to be someone like that.

"Teacher, what's the situation like now?" Zhao Ming Qing couldn't hear what they were saying but he could tell that the situation wasn't good.

He was infuriated when he saw those things brought by the mute uncle being thrown on the floor.

He wanted to beat the fella up but was stopped by his teacher.

"Get off the car," Lin Fan said.

In the distance.

The mute uncle looked at his daughter until her silhouette disappeared. He was still waving goodbye to her. It was as if he could tell that his daughter was living a happy life and he wasn't worried at all.

In the building.

"Xiao Li, who is that uncle?" Her colleague asked curiously.

He Xiao Li hesitated for a moment, "A relative from my hometown."

Her colleague asked, "Why would you have a relative like him? He's dressed like a beggar. He must be here to depend on you. Let me tell you, there are a lot of relatives like this and you can't be too nice to them. You're still nice. You gave him so much money. It's not worth it!"

He Xiao Li remained silent. She just lowered her head in sadness. However, when she thought of her current situation, she knew that she couldn't admit it.

Because she didn't want people to make fun of her.

She turned around and wanted to see the situation outside but she was blocked by a wall. Then, she took a deep breath and didn't think too much about it.


The mute uncle saw that the silhouette had disappeared and looked at the melon seeds on the floor. Then, he bent down to pick them up before blowing the dust off the seeds.

"Old man, who the h.e.l.l are you? Do you know that I've been trying to chase He Xiao Li for a long time? It was all ruined by you," said a man that was holding a bouquet of flowers as he walked towards the mute uncle.

The mute uncle looked at him and shook his head in anger when he heard that this man was trying to win the heart of his daughter. It was as if he disapproved it.

"What kind of expression are you making? You better not appear here in the future. If not, I'll teach you a lesson. Do you hear me?" The man said angrily.

"Ah… Ah," The mute uncle said unhappily but he still lowered his head and picked up the seeds.

"Why are you picking them up? It's just rubbish." The man started stepping on the melon seeds and the seeds became powder.

"Ah." The mute uncle grabbed the man's leg and wanted him to stop stepping on the melon seeds.

"Ha, you're such a joke," the man laughed. He didn't expect someone like him to exist. He treated a bag of melon seeds like precious gold. Then, he continued stepping on them in rage.

If not for the appearance of this old man, he wouldn't have failed.

"I'll destroy all your melon seeds and then I'm going to see how you're going to pick them up," the man laughed as he stomped on the seeds.



The man got slapped and he collapsed to the ground.

"Which blind man dared to slap me?!" The man shouted as he looked at the person in front of him.

However, when he saw who the person was, he was stunned.

"Master Lin…" He didn't expect the person that slapped him to be Master Lin.

In Shanghai, most people knew who Master Lin was.

Especially the wealthy younger generation knew about the power of Master Lin.

When they were bragging about things, they would definitely talk about Master Lin. An average citizen would only know that Master Lin was a just and happy person.

However, they knew how incredible Master Lin was.

The Qingzhou incident was just a talking point for most citizens.

However, they understood how significant it was. Especially when Ma Qingzhou was a terrifying figure.

Furthermore, Master Lin was popular in the groups of the wealthy youngsters in Shanghai. He had a lot of friends and even their fathers wanted to join the groups to befriend Master Lin.

However, the groups weren't easy to enter as the foundation had already been fixed.

For example, He Cheng Han who used to be an ordinary wealthy man had a totally different status now.

Their group had become really famous.

According to the people in the group, they treated each other like family and wanted to earn money together.

The trustworthiness of the group made a lot of wealthy youngsters really envious of it.

"So, you know me, right?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes, yes." The man was in fear.

Lin Fan didn't want to say anything much, "Pick them all up."

"Master Lin, I'll pick them up now." The arrogant man became really obedient.

Lin Fan didn't need to do anything. His mere presence was sufficient to make the man move.

Zhao Ming Qing tried to console the mute uncle but he didn't know what to say.

Meanwhile, the man was trembling with fear. He didn't know how he managed to infuriate Master Lin.

If his dad were to find out about it, he would definitely skin him alive. Especially if he were to find out that his son bullied someone. It would be disastrous.

After a moment.

"Master Lin, I've picked them up," the man said.

Lin Fan looked at him, "Why did you bully him?"

The man was about to cry, "Master Lin, I really didn't know that you know him. If I had known, I wouldn't have dared to do so."

"So, you're saying that you'd have dared to bully him if I didn't know him?" Lin Fan asked.

"That… That." w.a.n.g Chen didn't know how to reply. He was at a loss and he looked remorseful.

He was exceptionally unlucky that day.

He encountered an annoying old man and Master Lin.

Furthermore, he didn't dare to do anything else.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore. You stepped on these seeds. Now, just lick the floor clean and get lost," Lin Fan said calmly.

It was as if he was making a normal request.

"Huh?" w.a.n.g Chen looked at Lin Fan in shock. He didn't expect Master Lin to have asked him to lick the floor clean. How could that be?

He was clearly trying to bully him.

"What is it? Do you have something to say? I'll give you three seconds to consider. I don't mind speaking to your dad about this. If he agrees, you don't have to lick it. I don't mind you cycling every day. Furthermore, you might not even have a bicycle," Lin Fan said calmly. However, when w.a.n.g Chen heard that, he was deeply affected.

If someone else had said that, he definitely wouldn't have believed it.

However, since Master Lin was the one who said it, he believed it.

He didn't doubt anything that he said.

If Master Lin really wanted to make things difficult for him, he would really be unable to handle it.

"I'll lick it." w.a.n.g Chen didn't hesitate at all. He immediately closed his eyes and ignored the surroundings. He started to lick the floor.

He licked the floor really quickly and the speed was frightening.

"Master Lin, I've licked the floor clean." w.a.n.g Chen felt as if his tongue was numb. His mouth was probably filled with dust.

"Get lost."

w.a.n.g Chen heaved a sigh of relief and ran towards his car without any hesitation.

He disappeared in an instant.

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