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Elder Liang stood beside him and waited as he looked at the wealthy looking man.

Then, he smiled, "Bro, you must be here to get your fortune read. Little Boss' fortune-telling skills are second to none. They're 100% accurate. If he says that you have a problem, you definitely have one. As long as you listen to him, you'll be able to resolve all your problems."

"However, it's a pity that Little Boss doesn't read anyone's fortunes anymore. I'm in luck today to have Little Boss look at the date and time for me."

Elder Liang was praising Lin Fan but he didn't notice that Huang Guo Hui's face turned as black as thunder.

Huang Guo Hui felt that it was as if Master Lin was smacking his face after rejecting his request and agreeing to look at the eight birth characters of another person.

He had a high status in the country and he had never been so humiliated before.

Wu Tian He looked at Lin Fan in shock. Then, he sighed. It was good to be young. The youth were always fearless.

He didn't even give Huang Guo Hui any face. Who knew what was going to happen next?

Lin Fan looked at the piece of paper and after a while, he asked, "When are they going to get engaged?"

"3rd of March."

"Push it to the fourth. By looking at their eight birth characters, they're suitable to get married on 4th of March."

Elder Liang was curious, "Little Boss, what's the difference by shifting it to the 4th of March?"

"It's really different. If they get married on the 4th of March, their lives would be better in the future. They would have two children, one boy, and one girl. They'd live in happiness. As for the details, you can ask your relatives. If you'd listen to me, shift it to the 4th of March. If not, let them do whatever they want. It won't be as good as the 4th of March."

Elder Liang was stunned after hearing that, "Little Boss, you could tell that they will have a boy and a girl? If they were to get married on 3rd of March, does that mean they wouldn't have a boy and a girl?"

Lin Fan smiled, "I can't say. You can make a guess."

Elder Liang trusted Little Boss a lot. He didn't have any doubts at all. He happily took the piece of paper from him, "Little Boss, I'll listen to you. Even if I were to lose my life, I would get them to change it to 4th of March. If they really have a boy and a girl, I will give you a big red packet."

Thereafter, Elder Liang left happily.

Lin Fan looked at Huang Guo Hui, "Director Huang, please leave."

Huang Guo Hui looked at Lin Fan with rage, "I came from such a far place, are you really not going to give me any face?"

Lin Fan smiled, "It's not that I don't want to give you face. I just don't read fortunes of strangers. Fraud, please send him out."

Fraud Tian felt a little reluctant. It was difficult for a wealthy man to come by. He wanted to take an advantage of him.

However, Lin Fan didn't want to do it and he had no choice.

"Director Huang, please leave. In future, if you would like to eat scallion pancakes, you can come and queue for it. Our scallion pancakes are cheap and absolutely delicious. You'd definitely want to eat it again if you were to try it. You'd probably want to live in Shanghai after that," Fraud Tian bragged and tried to advertise the scallion pancakes.

Since he didn't manage to get a hefty sum, he wanted to get some money from him.

$50 for a scallion pancake wasn't expensive.

If he could get a loyal customer, it would also feel good.

"Hmph," Huang Guo Hui said as he left unhappily.

"Hey, Master Lin, you didn't have to offend him," Wu Tian He said.

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't offend him. I just told him the truth. I don't read fortunes anymore. How can he force me to do so?"

Wu Tian He replied, "But you shouldn't have helped Elder Liang right in front of him. He'd definitely be furious with that."

Lin Fan smiled, "Elder Wu, it was on purpose. I just wanted him to see that you can't just do everything with money."

Wu Tian He shook his head and smiled bittersweetly.

"When I saw him for the first time, I felt that he wasn't a good person. What are the G.o.ds thinking? How can someone as evil as him become a wealthy man? Sigh…" Lin Fan said.

Wu Tian He looked at Lin Fan. If he didn't know the answer, how would Wu Tian He know it?

With Huang Guo Hui's personality, he would definitely come back again. However, n.o.body knew what he was going to do.

Zhao Zhong Yang said, "Brother Lin, I admire you so much. If I were you, I wouldn't have dared to do that."

Fraud Tian looked at him, "And that is why you can only do live streams."

"D*mn you, Fraud. I realized that you've been going against me recently. Is it because I showed you the picture of the pretty lady that time and didn't give you her number? If I had given it to you, wouldn't you be destroying her life? Don't think I don't know that you've been using my picture as your WeChat profile picture to talk to other girls," Zhao Zhong Yang said.

Fraud Tian was furious after hearing that, "D*mn you, you looked at my phone?"

Zhao Zhong Yang replied, "Who looked at your phone? Don't accuse me."

Lin Fan laughed as he watched them argue with each other.

He didn't really care about Huang Guo Hui. He was a powerful individual and there would definitely be more people coming to look for him in the future. He wasn't afraid of offending him at all.

If they dared, they could come and settle scores with him.

Huang Guo Hui sat in his car in rage. He didn't expect the outcome to turn out this way.

Master Lin made him really angry. He really didn't give him any face.

He was one of the top fifty most wealthy men in the country and his net worth was thirty billion dollars. People treated him like a G.o.d. He didn't expect to be treated like dirt in a small shop here.

"Director Huang, Master Lin really doesn't know who he is dealing with," the chauffeur said furiously.

Huang Guo Hui sneered, "He doesn't know what he is doing. I'll finish him."

It was normal for a person with status and power to be able to mess with the owner of a small shop.

He could easily crush him.

However, Lin Fan was different. Although he was the owner of a small shop, his status and power were really different.

Huang Guo Hui's son, Huang Hao, found out about what had happened.

Huang Hao was quite famous on Weibo. In his Weibo group, he was one of the top three most popular men with females.

The other two were some of the richest men in the country.

This time, Huang Hao had just returned from overseas and he had been seeing the younger generation of wealthy men becoming famous after scolding people on Weibo. He wanted to be famous too and he also joined in the war to attract females.

Of course, he couldn't match up to the other two popular men.

When he scolded people, he would see first if the other party was a powerful individual. If the person was too powerful, he would stop flaming.

Hence, he always chose those backup actors and some of the directors of web films.

He also flamed those people whose net worth were under ten billion dollars.

Anyway, those people weren't as wealthy as his dad. Hence, he wasn't afraid.

Huang Guo Hui didn't even respect those people that tried to look for him after messing with his son. After all, they weren't on the same level.

Huang Hao started a discussion on a website and he was happily waiting to read the comments. However, he realized that something was wrong.

In the past, he would receive generally positive comments whenever he flamed people, with some negative ones.

However, it was different this time.

What was happening?

He read the comments and was stunned at how negative they were.

"F*ck your mom. You're a f*cking id*ot for daring to flame Master Lin. If not for your dad, you're nothing at all."

"F*ck you for flaming Master Lin. Are you trying to die?"

"F*ck your mom."

"You must be an id*ot for flaming Master Lin. Does your skull only contain sh*t?"


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