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"I'd like to recommend a very nice song. It's called 'Kiss Goodbye' and it's on every single major music station."

"This is the song that Master Lin sang on the 'Strongest Heavenly Voice'. However, he sang it without any accompanying instrumentals that time. Now that it's out with the accompaniment, it is simply out of this world."

"You definitely should not listen to it unless you want to embarra.s.s yourself. If you want to listen to it, you better listen to it alone. Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Now that this G.o.dly song has appeared, I realized that the songs I listened to in the past are like a pile of s.h.i.t."

"I'm on my knees looking for other songs by Master Lin. It can't be that he has only released this song."

"Master Lin has composed quite a few songs. However, he has only personally sung this song."

"Don't talk to me about this song. I've already blacklisted it. Motherf*cker, the one and only time I listened to this song, I was destroyed by it. I really hate him."

"^, what kind of sh*t did you go through to have such a huge grievance towards this song?"

The discussions about this topic were red hot. Everyone had a very high a.s.sessment of the song.

On Weibo.

"Once the G.o.dly song 'Kiss Goodbye' came out, every other song lost its flavor."

The headlines of the front page were overbearing. When some of the famous singers saw this, they felt very uncomfortable. However, they did not dare to say anything.

They had already heard the song, and when they were finished with listening to it, they were filled with tears. To them, this song had some magical powers. Also, the magical powers were pretty strong. It was practically taking over their life.

QQ Music.

Netease Music.


'Kiss Goodbye' was one of the top songs on their lists of music, and it was continuously rising. In a single night of work, it had reached over twenty million downloads.

It could be said that this was exceptionally scary.

Also, the number of times it had been listened to was even scarier. It had reached 160 million.

When talking about a song, these numbers were out of this world. It was really very scary.

At the Eastern Han Group.

When w.a.n.g Ming Yang saw the results of his song, he immediately gave his brother a call.

"h.e.l.lo, big brother. A big loss, really a big loss."

"What's up? What did you lose?"

"Just look at the rankings yourself. If we made an alb.u.m, we would have been rich a long time ago."

"Don't keep thinking about getting rich. Why are your eyes always fixed on money?"

"If I don't earn money, then how am I going to get the money for you to squander? Do you have any idea how much pressure is on me now?"

"My f*cking one billion dollars have been wasted by you. Return it to me."

"I was wrong."

He had already antic.i.p.ated these sort of results. If this song was still not able to reach that sort of level, then he would have wasted his life already.

Furthermore, the results were not even high enough. Given his target, it had to reach an even higher ranking.

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan saw the news online and then gave a huge and bright smile. Although it was just for his own amus.e.m.e.nt, but to be able to succeed like this made him feel very satisfied inside.

Wu Huan Yue called him.

"Brother Lin, congratulations."

"Hehe. How is it? Is it cool or not?"

"Cool. It is really too cool. I never thought that Brother Lin could sing so well. In the past, I sang the lyrics that you gave to me but now I feel so inferior. I'm afraid that I couldn't show the true essence of your songs and yet I still felt so satisfied with myself back then. No, I have to work even harder from now on," Wu Yuan Yue said.

When she heard the 'Kiss Goodbye', the song filled her mind.

Initially, she thought that she had shown the essence of the songs Brother Lin had given her to the finest of details. However, looking at it now, her singing was a pile of sh*t compared to it. Wait no, not even a pile of sh*t could compare to it.

Lin Fan said, "Actually, your singing is already very good. Don't compare yourself to me. I'm an insurmountable mountain. Do you understand?"

"Brother Lin, when you put it like that, it's extremely hurtful. Can you at least give me some encouragement?"


Lin Fan laughed. Afterward, they talked for a while before hanging up.

Thereafter, he took a quick browse on the Internet and he realized that he already had a music fan base.

To have such a status made him feel pretty awesome inside.

However, he wondered why this task was still not finished. This was simply impossible.

He had already done so well and yet he still hasn't completed the task. It was really too disgusting.

"Teacher," at this moment, he had Zhao Ming Qing's voice from afar.

Lin Fan was stunned. He felt happy inside, "Ming Qing, when did you get back?"

Zhao Ming Qing laughed and said, "Teacher, your student just came back today. I just came from the airport to report to my teacher."

Lin Fan looked at the appearance of Zhao Ming Qing and said, "You've become a lot skinnier and darker. Looks like it was pretty tough there."

Zhao Ming Qing said, "It wasn't that tough, it was just that the mountainous paths were not easy to walk on," then he rushed to introduce his friend, "Teacher, this is the mute uncle. He followed me to Shanghai to find his daughter."

Lin Fan looked at the old man next to Zhao Ming Qing. He looked like he was at least seventy. Then he said, "h.e.l.lo mute uncle."

The mute uncle waved his hand and was gesturing. An 'ah ah' sound came from his mouth. It was like he was trying to say h.e.l.lo to Lin Fan.

"After coming back this time you're probably not going to go back right?" Lin Fan asked.

Zhao Ming Qing said, "I won't be going back this year but I'm preparing to go next year. The standards of medical treatment are very poor over there. I'm thinking of getting help from the people on Weibo and then when I go down again next year, I'd bring some medical equipment for them."

Lin Fan patted Zhao Ming Qing on the shoulder and said, "Yes. However, you have to pay attention to your own body. Don't push yourself."

To be able to get the concern of his teacher, it made Zhao Ming Qing very happy. He nodded and said, "Got it, Teacher."

Then, Lin Fan looked at the mute uncle and said, "Where is his daughter?"

Zhao Ming Qing said, "I heard some of the villagers say that his daughter has a position at a company in Shanghai. I think she's a host at Shanghai TV."

Lin Fan was dumbfounded. Working at Shanghai TV. They definitely would not have too much discrepancy on that.

The only thing was that looking at the mute uncle's clothing, it was really very old.

If he had a daughter like that, he could not possibly be in this situation.

It was like Zhao Ming Qing had seen the suspicions that his teacher had and said, "Teacher, I've asked the villagers already. His daughter has been in Shanghai all the while. However, the last time they made contact was two years ago. After that, they had no contact at all. The mute uncle didn't feel a.s.sured, so when he heard that I was from Shanghai, he followed me back."

"Ah, I don't know what is the situation is with his daughter. Even if she is very busy, she can't just go two years without even giving him a call. If it were my child, I would break his leg if he did that."

Lin Fan whispered, "Ming Qing, I don't think that the girl is the mute uncle's real daughter. Looking at him just now, he didn't have a son or daughter in his whole life. I think she was adopted."

Zhao Ming Qing knew that his teacher was very powerful and had no suspicions as well. He said, "Teacher, I heard from the villagers that the mute uncle's daughter was a girl that he picked up from the streets twenty over years ago and raised her himself. He raised her like she was his own. I'm a little concerned that since she did not contact him in the past two years that something could have happened to her."

Lin Fan looked at the mute uncle and then shook his head. He said, "Judging by his appearance, it doesn't demonstrate the appearance that something happened to her. But since the mute uncle has already come here with you, we should send him to Shanghai TV, then send you home."

Zhao Ming Qing nodded and said, "Okay Teacher."

Then, Zhao Ming Qing looked at the mute uncle and said, "Mute uncle, we'll bring you to find your daughter."

The mute uncle waved them off. He took out tens of dollars from his pocket and then let out a voice from his throat. It was like he was telling them that he could go himself and did not want to trouble them.

Lin Fan did not say anything and said, "Let's go."


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