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Lin Fan said, "Director Huang, since Master Wu had read your fortune ten years ago and said that it will be good, what else do you want to find out?"

Huang Guo Hui sighed, "Master Lin, you don't know how much difference ten years can make. I haven't been successful in the past two years. Hence, I would like Master Lin's guidance."

Lin Fan shook his head, "I'm sorry, I have really stopped reading fortunes."

Huang Guo Hui didn't expect Lin Fan to say that he had stopped fortune telling. He couldn't understand why someone like him with such powerful capabilities would stop reading fortunes. It was probably because he hadn't offered him any welfare benefits.

He may be lacking in some things but he definitely didn't lack money.

If he could use a sum of money to read the fortune of his future, he would definitely still be making a hefty profit in the long run.

Many people believed that fortune-telling is a myth. However, he really believed in it. Even when he was renovating his office, he would hire famous Fengshui masters to look at the placement of his furniture. Also, he would look at the time whenever he needed to sign a major contract or agreement.

He was really into these things and there weren't many that believed in it as much as he did.

Although a lot of wealthy people wouldn't say that they believe in these things, they secretly believed in it.

After all, if they were to tell this to the public, it wouldn't do any good to their reputation and status.

Huang Guo Hui wasn't anxious after Master Lin had rejected him. "Master Lin, could you take some time to consider it first? There will definitely be no problems with the reward. I will definitely satisfy you."

Lin Fan replied, "It isn't about the reward. Although my fortune-telling ability is 100% accurate, I have stopped reading fortunes. Therefore, please leave."

Zhao Zhong Yang was stunned.

He didn't expect Brother Lin to be so arrogant. Huang Guo Hui was a big shot that wanted him to read his fortune. If he were to approach any other fortune tellers, they would probably have gone crazy.

However, Brother Lin immediately waved his hand and said that he wasn't going to read his fortune. It seemed a little unbelievable.

If he was still live streaming the scenes in the shop, the netizens would definitely be shocked by it too.

Wealthy people were definitely not stingy. They would probably give at least a few million dollars. Furthermore, Brother Lin's fortune telling ability was accurate. They would probably think that it was worthy of spending over ten million dollars on such things.

However, Brother Lin rejected him. He didn't even give him an opportunity to quote a price.

He couldn't understand why.

Actually, Lin Fan's reasoning was simple.

He was a total stranger, why would he want to read his fortune?

Furthermore, what did the other party think of him?

He had become close to the townsfolk there but didn't even read their fortunes. Meanwhile, Huang Guo Hui didn't even know Lin Fan but he asked him to read his fortune for money. Wasn't he humiliating him with money?

It was incorrigible, really incorrigible.

It was just money. He had money too. Of course, he didn't have so much money with him. They were all with w.a.n.g Ming Yang.

Wu Tian He furrowed his brows. It wasn't because Lin Fan didn't want to read Huang Guo Hui's fortune. It was because his fortune-telling ten years ago allowed him to realize that Huang Guo Hui was someone that would haggle over every cent. He was good at pretending to be friendly but he almost always had ulterior motives and he disliked people disrespecting him.

Today, Master Lin actually rejected his request and this definitely caused him to be unhappy. With Huang Guo Hui's personality, he would probably not let him off so easily.

He was probably going to offend someone.

After Huang Guo Hui heard that Lin Fan said that his fortune telling was 100% accurate, he really believed it. However, the words that he said made him a little unhappy.

He still maintained his smile, "Master Lin, don't reject me first. Listen to my sincere request."

Then, Huang Guo Hui raised a finger.

"$10 million. I just need Master Lin to help me read my fortune for the next ten years. Also, I will give you a card. You can use it to get free electrical appliances in any SAIC Motor store. Are you satisfied with the offer?"

Zhao Zhong Yang's mouth widened. That was insane.

Firstly, ten million dollars was already considered to be a lot. It was an amount that an average person would never be able to earn in his or her entire lifetime.

However, the main thing was with the free electrical appliances.

SAIC Motor Corporation had many chain outlets. Did that mean that he could go to any shop and get free electrical appliance?

There were cars, etc…

If he were to go out with this card, he would definitely gain a lot of respect.

Wu Tian He looked at Huang Guo Hui. He knew that Huang Guo Hui wanted to have it his way.

When he read his fortune ten years ago, he received the most amount of money ever. He gave him three million dollars. He had never received any amount that was higher than that.

Lin Fan was calm, it was just ten million dollars. He could have asked w.a.n.g Ming Yang for a few hundred million dollars. Why would he be moved by ten million dollars?

As for the card, there was no need for that.

How many appliances would he need in his lifetime? Furthermore, he didn't lack money.

"Director Huang, it's okay. I really stopped reading fortunes already. If you really would like to have your fortune read, you can look for Wu Tian He. My main profession is to sell scallion pancakes," Lin Fan said.

Huang Guo Hui was a little unhappy but he still smiled, "Master Lin, don't be anxious. We can discuss it. Although I, Huang Guo Hui, am not the richest man in the country, I am still pretty reputable in the nation. As long as Master Lin would help to read my fortune, I would definitely not reject any of your requests in future."

Lin Fan was a little frustrated, "Director Huang, I have really stopped reading fortunes. Changing someone's life would cause my life to be shortened."

Huang Guo Hui smiled, "Master Lin, you're saying complete nonsense. I'm just asking for a session of fortune telling."

Then, Lin Fan was infuriated. Even though he was one of the top fifty wealthiest men in the nation, he wasn't going to give him any face, "Do you have a problem? I have already said I don't want to read your fortune. Do you not understand human language?"

"I said it. I'm not going to read your fortune."

After he said that, the shop became silent.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. He had been holding that in for some time. This man was so frustrating. He had already said that he wouldn't read his fortune but he was still trying to force him to do so.

Did he really think that he was easy to be bullied?

Zhao Zhong Yang stared at Brother Lin in shock. He was gasping internally.

That was insane. He literally didn't give him any face at all.

The bodyguards behind Huang Guo Hui were shocked. They didn't expect someone to have rejected Director Huang.

It was the first time they witnessed something like this.

They had seen people rejecting Director Huang before but they had never seen someone give him such little face.

Huang Guo Hui's eyes were filled with rage but he soon calmed himself down. He smiled awkwardly, "Master Lin, you must be kidding."

Lin Fan replied, "I'm not kidding. I have really stopped reading fortunes. Alright, let me tell you why. I don't read the fortunes of strangers."

Huang Guo Hui replied, "Master Lin, we can gradually become friends if that's okay."

Lin Fan waved his hand, "Director Huang, it's okay. Just go back. With your current status and reputation, you don't have to believe in such things."

"Furthermore, I choose my friends and it is not dependent on whether the other party would like to be my friend. It depends on whether I would like to be their friend."

After Lin Fan said that, someone called him from outside the shop.

"Little Boss, is it convenient to speak to you right now?" A shop owner was blocked by the bodyguards and he shouted at Master Lin.

Lin Fan said, "Why are you blocking people? This is my shop, not yours. Elder Liang, please come in."

Elder Liang was holding a piece of paper and he stared at those people curiously. He smiled, "Little Boss, my nephew is going to get married. I took both of their eight birth characters and would like Elder Wu to see if the date is auspicious."

Lin Fan replied, "Let me have a look."

When Elder Liang heard that Lin Fan was going to look at it personally, he jumped in joy. "Wow, Little Boss, you must be in a good mood to look at it personally."


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