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Xia Yi Mo and Huang Miao Miao returned to their hostel. Their two hostel mates avoided them as if they didn't want anything to do with them. Otherwise, they might run into bad luck.

It was actually a common occurrence but their case was a special one and it was rare.

One of the hostel mates laughed sarcastically at them, "The cla.s.s chairman just came and the fact that the two of you have created false rumors has affected the school. Therefore, you must move out by today."

Xia Yi Mo turned to her, "What do you mean?"

"It's the cla.s.s chairman's idea, not ours. If you have a problem with that, you can go look for him."

Then, these two students avoided them like a plague. They took their bags and left. As they reached the entrance, they said in disbelief, "To be spread by an Internet celebrity? They must be dreaming. Perhaps they don't know that the Internet celebrities on Weibo are forbidden from posting such things."

Huang Miao Miao remained silent. This issue was destined to end this way. It had been a few days since it happened but she didn't have any evidence. Even the reporters didn't care about this because what Jiang Li and Chen Juan could do with their capabilities was unimaginable.

Xia Mo Yi looked at her phone and exclaimed, "Miao Miao, look. There's an Internet celebrity that posted!"

Huang Miao Miao looked at the phone and started to tear up. She had been waiting for this for the past few days. It was as if years had pa.s.sed. She felt like she had been under all the pressure in the world.


Cloud Street.

Wu You Lan gave Lin Fan a thumbs up and said, "Master Lin, you're too awesome. We should help them in situations like this."

Lin Fan smiled, "I did what I could."

A simple post could be a form of immense motivation for some people.

Lin Fan's Weibo had at least a million followers and these fans were all active ones. There weren't any ghost accounts. Therefore, a simple post made by him could have a great impact.

"Two old and inhumane beasts, indeed."

That was the caption for the cropped picture. Then, he casually mentioned Jiang Li and Chen Juan by '@-ing' their profiles.

When the post was uploaded, online discussions went wild.

"Hey, where did Master Lin get this news from? It's so infuriating."

"After reading the content, I feel like Master Lin was right. They are indeed old and inhumane beasts."

"Let's help to repost it."

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