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"How can this be..."

The big screen showed the latest data. Before the celebration, the leader had prepared a script.

Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Doors was presumed to get good reviews on the market and attract ma.s.sive attention from the public. But now...

"The Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door functions badly. It collapses when one hits it a few times."

"The Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door markets itself well, however, it does reflect in its


"If the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door claims to be the first in the market, no other door will dare to claim second."

"Whether you are a supreme tiger or a just a cat, when Master Lin strikes, all will fall."

"Can the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door even withstand ten minutes?"

"The myth of ten blows breaking an electronic fingerprint door."

"I am an listed celebrity and I really did not know that the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door was so weak."

The initial celebration party which was supposed to be joyous became serious. Everyone could not speak

a word upon the reveal of the data.

The leader of Supreme Tiger was shocked. The preparation of the speech was now useless as

everything had failed. The reality was so different from what they had predicted, and the leader could not believe what had happened.

There was an uproar.

The workers resented, "There's definitely someone behind this."

"That's right, our Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Doors are the best. All these reviews are wrong."

"This doing is definitely by our compet.i.tors. They left these reviews online to threaten us. We must sue them for cyberbullying."

The director of the Marketing Department furiously said, "President, this was done by someone who wants to frame us. Everyone knows that the quality of our fingerprint doors is top-notch. These people have slandered us."

The President was stunned and could not believe what had happened.

When he scrolled down, there was another review which was highly read by others. It was also about the Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Doors.

The review was clicked on.

"I am the owner of the Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Door in the video. I am very angry and disappointed in this door. Yue Ma Lock's door was supposed to require 300 minutes to unlock. However, within ten to twenty seconds, it was unlocked. I can forgive that as the door was still intact. I understand that the door is not perfect, however, I spent $10,000 to buy this Supreme Tiger door and it couldn't even withstand twenty seconds before being knocked down. It was said that the Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Door is the best in the market and is very safe, with it being unbreakable. As you can see, someone broke open this door, resulting in this state. What else can I say?"

As they say, ''If there's no picture, it didn't happen."

The President was confused and did not know where else to click.

Below the stage.

One employee said, "President, hurry search for the online broadcast. I just saw on my phone that there is an online video about our electronic door."

The President immediately searched for the video. Indeed, there were some news and online video regarding the electronic doors.

The President clicked on the video.

n.o.body made a sound, and they just looked at the big screen intently.

The video started playing.

The video showed the Yue Ma Lock being unlocked within seconds. It was shameful. Then, the Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Door appeared. One after another, thunderous. .h.i.tting sounds rang out. It was frightening. Everyone's faces turned pale.

The President felt like his body lost strength, especially when he saw the door being destroyed.

How could this be? Who was that person in the video? How could he be so sick?

A particular sentence in the broadcast led everyone to feel embarra.s.sed.

"It will take ten minutes to unlock this lock…"

The President was very upset. Ten minutes your sister! How could it take ten minutes to unlock when it was unlockable.

The President calmed down and looked at the employees, "This matter will affect our company greatly. Please find a way to solve this issue quickly."

The employees were speechless, "…"

On Weibo.

The comment section of Yue Ma Lock's official Weibo.

"Haha, this is so funny. This was only recently launched, yet it was badly reviewed already."

"Our locks are very powerful. If you wish to unlock our first-generation locks, it would require 300 minutes. For second-generation locks, I can a.s.sure you it will require at least 500 minutes."

"To the one above, with a click sound, the lock was unlocked within 10 seconds."

"Ha ha..."

"Yue Ma Lock and Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Doors must really hate the person in the video If you wish to show off, you can. However, please at least warn somebody or they will be frightened."

All employees of Yue Ma Lock became lifeless and shamed upon viewing the video. The initial

claim of taking 300 minutes unlocking became ten to twenty seconds. They even said the second-generation locks would take 500 minutes. That was even more of a joke.

Eventually, the headquarters of Yue Ma Lock deleted the Weibo post about the second-generation lock and issued an announcement.

"The headquarters of Yue Ma Lock is currently investigating this issue. Please do not be alarmed and continue having your trust in us."

Supreme Tiger Fingerprint Electronic Doors also clarified, "The man in the video used force to destroy the door. The lock itself is definitely flawless, please rest a.s.sured."

Even though a clarification was posted, to the netizens, it was a joke.

"The lock has no problems, but if we can open the door by hitting it, what's the point of the lock?"

"The truth is exposed with one remark."

"Today was really amusing."

This matter led both companies confused and shattered. Where did this person come from? This was so unreal; their doors weren't that weak.

Could it have been due to manufacturing faults?

Or could it have been a replica?

The next day!

Lin Fan slept and visited the store after. The bosses of the stores nearby saw Lin Fan and complimented him enthusiastically on his heroic deeds, claiming that he remained calm through this ordeal.

"Small matter!"

Even though he said it was a small matter, his swollen hand betrayed him. If he was better, his hand would not have been broken. He could no longer fight against the copper door. Hitting it once was enough, there could no longer be a second time.

"Master Lin is so powerful..."

"Master Lin is formidable and deserves all respect."

"I cannot believe we are neighbors with Master Lin, I'm so lucky."

Lin Fan smiled and nodded his head in response. This matter had elevated Lin Fan's status in everyone's hearts.

Lin Fan reached the shop.

Fraud Tian laughed, "How was your rest yesterday?"

Lin Fan laughed and replied, "Not bad. I walked around and bought some things."

Wu Tian He and Wu You Lan also came by and spoke a few words.

The people were surrounding the entrance outside.

"Master Lin, I did not imagine you were so brave. Please rest properly."

"Yes, Master Lin. I watched the video many times. If it was not for you, that child might not be alive


"Please rest and recover soon. We are still waiting to eat the scallion pancakes."

Lin Fan laughed, "Thank you, everyone, for your concern. My hand still has a long way to recover."

At that moment, some people approached from afar…

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