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The netizens couldn't sit still anymore. Initially, they hadn't known what the situation was like but after seeing Master Lin say that the artificial limbs would be sold for three thousand dollars, they were completely dumbfounded.

In their minds, there was no way it could be so cheap.

Three thousand dollars? What kind of f*cking artificial limbs would that be able to buy? Is this a scam?

"Haha. I'm dying of laughter. I feel that this Master Lin has completely lost his mind."

"I think so too. A three thousand dollar artificial limb? Why not three hundred dollars?"

"I'm prostrating in admiration. I don't even know how to describe Master Lin anymore. I can only say that he is truly f*cking awesome."

"It's clear that he doesn't know anything about artificial limbs. Three thousand dollars? That wouldn't even be enough to buy the materials needed for an artificial limb. I've given up on him."

In an instant, the people on the internet had been riled up.

Regarding this matter, they didn't want to say much. To them, it seemed that Master Lin was just boasting.

Cloud Street.

Zhao Zhong Yang looked helpless. "Brother Lin, look at the situation on the Internet. They don't believe you at all!"

Lin Fan looked helpless as well. "That's troubling me as well. What do you think I should do?"

"Hahaha," Fraud Tian chuckled. "Kid, you're too treacherous. If you release those products, I can guarantee that it would shut all of them up."

"Hehe," Lin Fan laughed and looked at the comments on Weibo. Right now, he was very calm. He was going to take things slow. He was in no hurry. This matter would be left to w.a.n.g Ming Yang to handle.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang and Secretary Chen had already reached an agreement.

And Lin Fan didn't bother about this at all. He just wanted the patent to be registered to his name and the rest could be left to w.a.n.g Ming Yang.

At that moment, the surrounding shop owners gathered around.

"Little Boss, why aren't you taking care of the matter on the Internet?" asked Elder Liang. He already knew about the situation at Nanshan Children's Welfare Inst.i.tute. He was very moved by it. He had not expected that such a day would really come.

"Soon. Not long from now, I will be able to take care of it," said Lin Fan with a smile.

However, there was something giving him a headache right now. Why hadn't the task completion notification come from the Encyclopedia yet? Could it be that he would have to wait until the very end for it to be completed?

If that was the case, he would probably have to wait for quite a long time.

In the afternoon.

As Lin Fan was looking at the situation on Weibo, something that he hadn't expected happened.

Reporters charged towards him from all corners. They were very curious since Master Lin had come out from the research lab. They were wondering what the final outcome was.

Master Lin had disappeared for a long time and they had been waiting the whole time as well. They were also wondering how those perfect artificial limbs would turn out.

Before getting an answer, they wouldn't be able to relax.

"Master Lin, could you answer some questions from us?" the reporters shouted from outside the shop as they held their cameras. They were genuinely curious about this matter.

They had all seen the situation on Weibo. To them, it was difficult to make any comments before the final product came out.

Lin Fan looked at the reporters outside and sighed. They really are crazy. I just came out and they've already come here. That's really insane.

But it looks like I have no choice but to give them some answers.

"Alright. Ask me whatever you want," said Lin Fan.

A male reporter raised his hand and said excitedly, "Master lin, may I ask if they perfect artificial limbs have been developed?"

At that moment, all the reporters were in antic.i.p.ation. This was the question that they were most concerned about. They were all wondering how the situation was.

Lin Fan nodded." It's been developed."

Another reporter yelled, "Master Lin, since it's been developed, can you let us take a look at the product?"

Lin Fan waved his hand helplessly. "The products are already being used. I don't have any more at the moment."


The reporters were stunned. They were clearly in disbelief. To them, it seemed to unreal.

However, they had an exceptional relationship with Master Lin. They definitely wouldn't think that Master Lin was lying just because of that.

"Master Lin, then when will the products be shown to the public?" asked the reporters.

Lin Fan replied, "Very soon."

A reporter asked, "Master Lin, is it true that these perfect artificial limbs will only be sold for three thousand dollars? According to those artificial limb companies, this is not even enough to cover the manufacturing cost."

Lin Fan shook his head. "I don't know if it's enough for their manufacturing costs but it's definitely enough to cover my manufacturing cost. My manufacturing cost is only about two thousand dollars per unit. As for why I'm selling it at three thousand dollars, that's because we need a bit of income to keep the production going. Otherwise, I would sell it at the manufacturing cost."

When the reporters heard that from Master Lin, they were momentarily stunned. They believed what Master Lin was saying. Master Lin probably really wasn't concerned about earning money.

But were these perfect artificial limbs really that amazing?

"Master Lin, how do you think your perfect artificial limbs compares to those artificial limbs on the market?" asked a reporter.

However, when this reporter asked this question, the other reporters suddenly looked at him and seemed a little angry.

"F*ck. Where is this guy from? What kind of question is that?"

"Are you here to cause trouble? You're actually asking how Master Lin's perfect artificial limbs compare to those on the market? Are you trying to make things difficult for Master Lin?"

The reporters knew Master Lin very well now. Moreover, they really liked Master Lin. Now that a reporter had actually asked such a question, it seemed as if that reporter was trying to make things hard for Master Lin.

If Master Lin were to say that his perfect artificial limbs were better, he would be offending the artificial limb companies.

If he were to say that they were not as good as those on the market, he would be admitting that he was inferior.

The reporters were very displeased about that question. They felt that that reporter was just looking for trouble.

Who does he think he's interviewing?

When the reporter who asked that question saw the glares from the other reporters, his heart started thumping furiously. This is just a normal question, isn't it? Why is everyone so angry?

Although he was new to this job, he really put his best efforts into his work.

"Why did you ask that question?" A senior reporter pulled him from behind and glared at him. Then, the senior reporter said hastily, "Everyone, this kid is new and he doesn't know the rules. Please excuse him."

When Master Lin saw that, he waved his hand and said, "Alright, alright. There's nothing wrong with that question. I can tell you outright that my artificial limbs are much better than those on the market."

"Moreover, you can all publish articles to tell those artificial limb companies to quickly lower their prices. Tell them to stop selling at ridiculous prices."

When the reporters heard this reply, they were instantly dumbfounded.

This Master Lin is way too domineering.

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