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With a resolute air, Peranos rushed up high into the air vertically while dragging Glenn behind him with tractive force.

"Master, the further we go up, the more violent the strong winds will become. Do we need to pa.s.s through the chaotic boundary above the clouds to fly over the mountain range?" Glenn asked in astonishment. Currently, Glenn was still unaffected in Peranos's defensive protection. But even Peranos would use a lot of energy if the void's power above the clouds began to pervasively erode the protection.

(With regards to the void, there isn't any distance in the s.p.a.ce rifts between material boundaries. It's part of the material boundary's shadow and a non-traditional three-dimensional system. I.e: material boundaries can immediately cross other material boundaries by means of s.p.a.ce rifts. There are void boundaries in material boundaries and between material boundaries. And void boundaries were endlessly vast.)

Peranos shook his head slightly.

While continuing with flying upward while dragging Glenn, Peranos sneeringly said, "You'll know when we arrive at the top that the sorcerer world is not a simple proto-world. The oceanic creatures in ancient times, for the purpose of rooting out humans, certainly wouldn't have considered this mountain range generally isolated from the ocean and continent."

Underneath the Ashen Mask, Glenn's eyes flashed.

Less than half an hourgla.s.s of time later, after piercing through the thick and dense cloud bank, a strangely serene s.p.a.ce appeared.

"What? How can it be possible?" Glenn cried out in surprise.

According to the common knowledge of sorcerers and the majority of the rules of the Endless World regarding the normal world recorded in sorcery books, above the clouds, there must be a chaotic world filled with elemental and void turbulent currents. And in this chaos world, every world's particular rules will be influenced by the void power of the void World. This creates a miraculous "stability" in the midst of the "chaos."

Every single world of the endless world all had rules and regulations that were distinct. However, in the chaotic boundary, they all had the same chaos. The energy being in a volatile state contrarily creates a common feature in the endless world: a relatively stable s.p.a.ce.

Peranos pointed further up into a distance in the sky. "Look above."

Underneath the Ashen Mask, Glenn's eyes looked up. Faint traces of bright crystal needles glittered in even higher s.p.a.ce who know many tens of thousands of meters away, like countless intersecting rivers surging forward with a roar.

He got the impression this was just like the majestic boundlessness of water in an ocean!

This was…

Glenn trembled and mumbled, "This is just like the sky river rainbow fish lives in mentioned within ?"

Peranos said indifferently, "During ancient times, in order for oceanic creatures to cross this Human Will mountain range, the powerful Sea King Altar was put to use to control the capabilities of seawater. An unimaginably tremendous quant.i.ty of seawater inverted to the top-most chaotic boundary above the sorcerer world's clouds. It was stopped in the void turbulent current of the void world and then thoroughly altered the foundational rules of the sorcerer world, forming the nothingness layer above the sorcerer continent of today."

"Bringing the ocean to flip over!" Glenn was somewhat incapable of comprehending this capability. This type of ability capable of changing world laws indeed transcended a low-level sorcerer's understanding too much.

Even to the extent that he was unable to imagine how he'd obtain such an ability.

Were it not for Glenn previously being aware the civilization the sorcerer world fought in the second war actually possessed an ability to completely change world laws, Glenn would absolutely not have imagined living things would be capable to the extent of being able to change a world's law.

To be able to achieve this level of world alteration, the terror of oceanic creatures in ancient times was obvious.

Glenn thought about it. Reacting to the absolutely empty nothingness of s.p.a.ce all around, it was not hard to understand why elemental sorcerers could not stay within this stratosphere for a long time, with elemental energy actually being pitifully spa.r.s.e.

Certainly, it may be a.s.sumed that Peranos as a level-three sorcerer could fly to this height, but the average level-one sorcerer presumably wouldn't be able to reach this alt.i.tude.

"Let's hurry and leave here. The sorcerer world's nothingness layer causes elemental sorcerers to consume many times the magic power compared to normal. On the other hand, those lianti sorcerers are able to save a lot of physical power." Peranos carried Glenn to rapidly sweep past the Human Will mountain range's summit, which pierced through the clouds.

Looking at the clouds' mountain peak underneath him, Glenn suddenly recalled a matter.

"Master, you mentioned that the Human Will mountain range was the dividing line between the continent and the ocean during ancient times. Now the line of the ocean has dropped so much, even falling to the Black Isotta School's Black Shackles mountain range. Is it precisely because of the torrential currents of the sky river?"

Peranos took Glenn along in his high-speed flight while he pondered. "There certainly ought to be a relation. Only the present sorcerer world was even more fond of calling this inverted ocean as heavenly water screen."

Heavenly water screen?

Flying in nothingness for a greater part of half an hourgla.s.s, Peranos then used the repulsive and attractive forces to drag Glenn down to thick clouds.

A moment of rapidly falling downwards, the strong winds and cold current gradually faded and warm sunshine lit up the two people. Peranos softly exhaled. "Now, we've arrived at the sorcerer continent's Seven Rings Holy Tower's human hinterland. The level of activity in the outer region of schools can't remotely compare to here."

"Yes." Glenn nodded his head.

Not far away from the two, a flock of gigantic birds flew in the shape of a "V." On top of the birds were goods being transported. It seemed they were "domesticated animals" sorcerers tamed as a means to carry goods.

Glenn felt somewhat amazed inside. There was absolutely no chance of witnessing such a scene in the Black Isotta school's human area. It was rare even if there occasionally was only one or two.

Apparently, as far as the hinterlands of the seven rings holy tower were concerned, the district schools' outer regions really could be considered as desolate lands.

As for Glenn's hometown, East Coral Island…

"What? Our luck isn't that bad. Let us go. Go over there to take advantage of this opportunity and rest a bit." Peranos unexpectedly said happily. While Glenn didn't have the time to respond as he carried Glenn along and flew into the distance at great speeds.

A moment later, a huge balloon airship over a hundred meters long came into Glenn's sight.

There was a huge balloon shaped like a shark above the airship and below it was a seventy-to-eighty meters-long wooden boat that dangled from metal mooring rope. It slowly drifted in the sky. There even was a student holding a collapsible telescope at the bow, startled at the sight of Peranos and Glenn.


Peranos and Glenn stepped onto the wooden deck. The student holding the collapsible telescope ran over, fl.u.s.tered. Respectfully asking, "I don't know how I can be of service to you, sir?"

From time to time, this student covertly glanced toward Glenn.

Glenn knew the other was staring at the halo on top of his head.

Peranos threw out two middle-level magic stones in pa.s.sing as he indifferently said, "This balloon airship of yours ought to be pa.s.sing by the area near the moonlake, right? Call me on arrival. Right now we want two clean rooms with hot water."

The student caught the magic stones, face all smiles. "Of course we'll pa.s.s by. It just so happens the airship also has several rooms and hot water is prepared at all times. Sir Sorcerer, please follow me."


Peranos nodded his head, voluntarily following behind the student. Glenn silently followed from even further behind.

A moment later, all of a sudden, Peranos reacted to something—abruptly stopping his steps and looking at a wooden door next to him. In the wake of the wooden door opening with a creaking sound, a trembling and swaying old sorcerer leaning on a black magic staff came out. The creased face of the sorcerer had the features of a woman.

This old sorcerer revealed bright eyes after responding to Peranos's magic undulations.

"Hm? You're a district school sorcerer?" After catching sight of the halo on top of Glenn's head, this old sorceress spoke to Peranos. Moreover, from seeing Glenn's general response, it was extremely possible the other party was also a level-three great sorcerer.

Peranos's sinister face showed a smile of courtesy, only this smile made him look even more malevolent.

"12th District Black Isotta School's Peranos," was Peranos's simple self-introduction.

"Oh… the 12th?" this old sorceress's words were somewhat inarticulate due to loss of teeth. She sounded somewhat regretful. "I am the 19th District Avaisaiakira Parterre School's Bailian."

"From the 19th District?" Peranos also regretfully murmured.

As it turned out, both sides were from different sorcerer factions. If it were like this, it was generally unlikely to have some in-depth conversation or else it was incredibly likely to have conflicting views because both sides had certain distinct philosophies.

When Glenn reasonably thought this unexpected chance encounter was going to come to an end, a green-eyed female student wearing a garland at her crown appeared from behind this old sorceress. And when this female sorcerer-apprentice caught sight of Glenn in a split second, she instinctively cried out in fear, "It's you!"


Glenn looked at this female student in astonishment. As coincidence would have it, wasn't this the female student who had exposed him the second time he used the dissimilation spell to disguise himself to sneak into enemy supply sources during the district school wars?


To actually be able to meet her here. Moreover, she actually also had a transparent halo above her head, clearly showing that she also had the qualifications to be a reserve demon-hunter.

The green-eyed female student stared at Glenn for a moment before abruptly saying, "Hmph! You're so strong; in your area's holy tower single-elimination open tournament, where did you finally place?"

Holy Tower single-elimination open tournament? What thing is that? Not a compet.i.tion stage?

Glenn stared at the other, flabbergasted. Then he doubtfully said, "Apart from first place, are the other rankings still useful?"

"Julni, don't say so much. The rules of the dark sorcerer faction and our bright sorcerers are different," the old sorceress abruptly interrupted what the green-eyed female student might have said. Facing Peranos, she politely nodded her head before bringing the green-eyed female student back into the room.

Peranos saw Glenn's misgivings and dully said, "Bright sorcerers and our regulations are different. Besides formal demon-hunters, there still are numerous subsidiary demon-hunters. If not, who do you believe the enormous bright sorcerer legion depends on? Rely on a group of merely two hundred bright sorcerers after each qualifications war?"

Glenn was stunned for a moment before his internal misgivings were resolved.

The dark sorcerers had no worries. Stubbornly pursuing strong individual ent.i.ty to carry out the task of sweeping scattered forces during otherworld campaign. However, bright sorcerers were the true main force troops after the sorcerer world's huge volume of familiar cannon fodder. If they just relied on every period's two hundred bright demon-hunter, how can they form a large-scale group to fight?

Apparently, the subsidiary demon-hunters were the supplementary force outside the bright sorcerer's core power.

Furthermore, it appeared the ougi sorcerer clans in the central regions also ought to have a certain system to select the best in order to join the bright sorcerer faction's "technology department" and subsidiary demon-hunter?

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